Futuristic Travel Suit

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Futuristic Travel Suit. “Futuristic Travel Suit” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Futuristic Travel Suit

Futuristic Travel SuitFuturistic Travel Suit Armstrong sourced fine worsted Italian wool processed with antiviral/antibacterial silver developed by WT Johnsons and Sons, Bradford. The Suit was trimmed with PU coated nylon and sonically welded together using specialist machinery sourced from Sew Systems, Leicester. The Suit was designed to deflect the bacterial viruses the wearer would encounter in transit.

Exhibition and PublicationMaterials KTN ExhibitionMade in Future, Nuova Accademia Di Bella Arti in Milan December 2009 As a member of the Materials KTN. and at an exhibition celebrating new technologies in Fashion, Armstrong was invited tp exhibit Futuristic Travel Suit alongside a selection of garments and accessories for the exhibition using SMART materials, including electronics, antibacterial and reflective technology.

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