From Separation to Unified Consciousness

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This presentation outlines the theory of the Unified Field of Consciousness and how this applies to permanently healing our Wounds of Separation as a means to become fully embodied in Unified Consciousness

Transcript of From Separation to Unified Consciousness

  • Birth the New Era Separation to Unified Consciousness
  • The Wound of Separation
  • Separation to Unified Consciousness From this The wound that never heals to that Continuous healing
  • Separation Consciousness Since the dawn of civilization (6,000 years ?) Fear of scarcity Benefits compete and succeed provide and support control Civilization The grit in the oyster
  • Unified Consciousness Evolutionary imperative Trust in abundance Benefits collaboration more with less flow Deep connection Harmony
  • What is Needed? The means to heal the wound permanently! The answer The energy paradigm
  • The Unified Field of Consciousness
  • The Cosmos - Primary Assumptions Energy-Consciousness All that we experience, physically and metaphysically, is energy and consciousness (ultimately, energy (physical reality) and consciousness (metaphysical reality) are one and the same phenomena). Holographic The whole is present everywhere and can be discerned conceptually even when only parts of the whole are visually apparent. Fractal The same patterns are repeated at all scales from micro to macro. Unified There is a unified field within which all manifestation exists; there is no separation between "things. Dynamic It pulses between equilibrium (the zero-point "vacuum" state) and disequilibrium (the manifest state) continuously. Cosmometry Marshall Lefferts
  • The Cosmos - Primary Assumptions (contd) Centered by Singularities Every manifest entity has a singularity at its center that connects it to the Unified Field. Polarized Energy moves inwardly and outwardly, contractively and expansively, simultaneously. Infinite Energy Potential The unified field has an infinite amount of energy available (or at least a quantity so vast that it might as well be infinite). Synergetic The phenomena of "the behavior of whole systems that are greater than and unpredictable from the behavior of their parts when viewed separately" is inherent in all systems. Cosmometry Marshall Lefferts
  • The Unified Whole Energy and consciousness (the physical and metaphysical experience of reality) are a unified whole, and that all things are entirely and instantly interconnected as one. Cosmometry Marshall Lefferts
  • The Torus Fundamental form of energetic flow It contracts and expands simultaneously The Universe is a seamlessly embedded fractalization of torus energy flow Everything is toroidal in nature Cosmometry Marshall Lefferts
  • Torus Characteristics It is made from the medium in which it exists It is self-generating and self-sustaining It exchanges information and resources throughout itself and with the environment in which it exists It has a continuous feedback loop and is self-reflexive It is both an autonomous entity and integral part of a larger wholeness It is centered by a singularity that connects it with the entire Universe Cosmometry Marshall Lefferts
  • Singularity and Black Hole Black Hole Singularity
  • The Human Dimension Those who are possessed by nothing possess everything. Morihei Ueshiba Cosmometry Marshall Lefferts
  • Healing the Wound
  • Latent Wounds Unconscious beliefs Controlling behavior
  • Unconscious Social Contract Social conditioning Guilt Limiting beliefs Embodied contractions Contracted breathing
  • Activated Wound Thought Belief Endless story
  • Healing the Wound Thought Activate center Connect to Unified Field Accept, acknowl edge, love Belief Separate from trigger
  • Healing the Wound Thought Separated from trigger Connect with feeling Drain into black hole Belief
  • Triggered and Latent Wound Healed Thought The thought has no power Torus energy flowing freely Belief Belief has no power Deepening connection with Unified Field
  • Healing Constellations Shared singularity
  • Raising Vibrations High Vibrations Transforming Low Vibrations to (Unconditional Love)
  • Our Soul Purpose Our purpose is to transform from fear to love scarcity to abundance resistance to flow separation to unification We serve our purpose by transforming ourselves by supporting the transformation of others We fulfil our purpose by permanently healing our collective Wound of Separation
  • Healing Protocols Setup I centre myself (breathing into lower belly) I am acceptance I am sorry I am forgiveness I am (unconditional) love I expand my energy field to include the whole universe I expand my consciousness to include all consciousness
  • Healing Protocols Process I focus on feeling the feelings in my body I test the intensity of the feelings out of 10 I let go of the thoughts, get deeply into my feelings. I dont resist With my in-breath, I connect from my centre, down between my legs, and up my spine to the location of the feelings With my out-breath, I re-connect to my centre I visualize a funnel from my feelings to the black hole and singularity at the centre of my lower belly I allow the feelings to drain away into the black hole and singularity I continue until the intensity reaches 0
  • Healing Protocols Wrap up I am gratitude I am joy I am peace I am enlightenment I am Buddha/Christ consciousness I am Divine consciousness I am pure consciousness I am One I am totally aligned with the co-creative evolutionary impulse of awakening consciousness
  • Summary Unified Field of Consciousness Torus (Expansion and Contraction) Singularity Permanently healing our own Separation Wounds Releasing our limiting beliefs Helping others to heal/release theirs
  • Image from Thrive Movement