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  • Firewall + IPS UpdateBruno Pedersoli, System Engineer | Comstor
  • Agenda Cisco ASA 5500-X Overview Hardware Software Management Q&A
  • ASA 5500-X Series(Saleen)Overview
  • Ciscos Current Mid-range ASA ProductPortfolio (Benetton) ASA 5510 300 Mbps Firewall Throughput Shipping since 2005 ASA 5520 450 Mbps Firewall Throughput Firewalls of choice for ASA 5540 small businesses and 650 Mbps Firewall Throughput large enterprises alike ASA 5550 1.2 Gbps Firewall Throughput
  • Next-Generation Security ServicesPlatforms5 new models to meet varied throughput demandsASA 5512-X 1. Multi-Gig Performance1 Gbps Firewall Throughput To meet growing throughput requirementsASA 5515-X 2. Accelerated Integrated1.2 Gbps Firewall Throughput Services (no extra hardwareASA 5525-X required)2 Gbps Firewall Throughput To support changing business needsASA 5545-X 3. Next-gen services enabled3 Gbps Firewall Throughput platform To provide investment protectionASA 5555-X4 Gbps Firewall Throughput
  • Cisco ASA 5500 Series Portfolio Comprehensive Solutions from SOHO to the Data Center ASA 5585-X SSP-60 (40 Gbps, 350K cps) ASA 5585-X SSP-40 (20 Gbps, 200K cps) ASA 5585-X SSP-20 (10 Gbps, 125K cps) Multi-ServicePerformance and Scalability (Firewall/VPN and IPS) ASA 5585-X SSP-10 ASA 5555-X (4 Gbps, 50K cps) (4 Gbps,50K cps) ASA 5545-X NEW (3 Gbps,30K cps) ASA 5525-X (2 Gbps,20K cps) NEW ASA 5550 ASA 5515-X (1.2 Gbps,15K cps) (1.2 Gbps, 36K cps) NEW ASA 5512-X (1 Gbps, 10K cps) ASA 5540 Firewall/VPN Only NEW (650 Mbps, 25K cps) ASA 5520 NEW (450 Mbps, 12K cps) ASA 5510 + ASA 5510 (300 Mbps, 9K cps) (300 Mbps, 9K cps) ASA 5505 (150 Mbps, 4K cps) SOHO Branch Office Internet Edge Campus Data Center
  • Next Generation ASA Mid-Range AppliancesAt-A-Glance ASA 5500-X H/W Features Customer Benefits 64Bit Multi-Core Processor Up to 16GB of Memory Performance Built-In Multi-Core Crypto Accelerator Density Hardware Flexibility Dedicated IPS Hardware Acceleration Card Integrated Services Up to 14 1GE Ports Management Consolidation Copper & Fiber I/O options Firewall, VPN & IPS Services Dedicated OOB Management Port
  • Hardware Short Chassis (5512-X, 5515-X & 5525-X) -- Fixed Single Power Supply 14 Hot-Swappable Hard-Disk drive bays 19Long Chassis (5545-X & 5555-X) Fan vent for front-to-back -- Hot-Swappable redundant dual power-supply airflow
  • ASA 5512-X/ASA 5515-X Back Panel Dedicated Mgmt Port (1GE) Status LEDsI/O Expansion Slot Serial Console Fixed Power Supply 6 x 1GE Cu Ports USB Port
  • ASA 5525-X/ASA 5545-X Back Panel Dedicated Mgmt Port (1GE) Serial Console 8 x 1GE Cu Ports Fixed Power Supply Status LEDs USB PortI/O Expansion Slot Dedicated Mgmt Port (1GE) Redundant Status LEDs 8 x 1GE Cu Ports Serial Console Hot Swappable PSUI/O Expansion Slot USB Port
  • Back-View Summary ASA 5512-X ASA 5515-X ASA 5525-X ASA 5545-X ASA 5555-X
  • Physical Specifications Height Width Depth Weight 5512-X 5515-X 1.67 16.7 15.6 13.38 Kg 5525-X 5525-X 1.67 16.7 15.6 14.92 Kg 5545-X 1.67 16.7 19.1 16.82 Kg 5555-X
  • Environmental Specifications Operating: 0C - +40C Temperature Non-Operating: -30C to +70C Non-Operating: 5% to 95% Humidity Range RH(non-condensing) Operating: 0 to 3024M Altitude Non-Operating: Up to 4572M Airflow Front to Back
  • Optional AccessoriesRedundant Power Supply Works in load-sharing mode when both PSUs are present. Power Supply Specifications Input Rating: 100 ~ 120V / 5A 200 ~ 240V / 2.5A Leakage Current: 3.5mA Operating Power: 382 W Power Cord Rating: 10 A Models Power Supply ASA 5545-X ASA-PWR-AC ASA-PWR-AC= ASA 5555-X
  • ASA 5500-X I/O Module Options Available on all 5500-XI/O expansion card are available in two flavors platforms 6 Port 10/100/1000 Base T , RJ45 Connector I/O NIC Card 6 Port 1GbE SFP Connector I/O NIC Card
  • Interface Options Platform I/O CARD GbE (Cu) I/O CARD SFP Total Data Ports5512-X,5515-X ASA-IC-6GE-C