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  • 1. Production of film poster

2. This is the first draft of our short film poster. We have published this on our Facebook page. We asked our followers would you make any improvements to it? 3. these are the responses we got... 4. In light in these comments, we made these improvements. I used photoshop to adjust the text, the contrast lighting and the overall main image. 5. I have shifted the title and other text to the left, this is in order to prevent overlap of the main focus which is the image. I have moved the weblink to the right hand side and kept the title and the credits to the left. This gives an even balance and makes the whole thing look a lot neater 6. I adjusted the colour balance levels to make the image more darker and stand out more, this After adjusting the lighting and contrast of the main image, i adjusted the lighting and contrast of the smaller images, i had to make sure that the colour was subtle and suitable for the overall image, so not too bright and not too dark 7. After improving the poster with the feedback we got, This is our final image for our film poster