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  • 1.1980 Hip Hop, the black communities of the USA, rap music, graffitiart, sportswear-based dress and other cultural elements.

2. New Romanticswearingflamboyant (flashy)clothes. Most ofthe fashion of thisnew period weretaken andmodified rightfrom punkfashion...thestreaky eyeliner,the spiked hair,etc that was wornand displayed. 3. Graffitiart or vandalism (damage)? 4. Madonna Effect :- Please note Asymmetrical haircut and experiment withcolor 5. Thriller look! The Thriller look was inspired by Michael Jacksons recordbreaking album Thriller. Teenagers would attempt to replicate the look ofJackson, which included matching red/black leatherpants and jackets, one glove, sunglasses, and curl. Leather jackets popularized by Michael Jackson 6. Preppy! Actress Justine Bateman in 1987wearing a cropped bolero-stylejacket over a tight, flesh-coloredLycra dress. Conservative teenagers, especiallyin the United States wore a stylethat came to be known as "preppy. " Preppy fashions are associatedwith classic and conservative styleof dressing. 7. 1980s: The second fashion fad startedwith exercise. Exercise becamea big deal in the 80s andexercise clothes became brightand worn casually. Lycra andspandex was a big materialused, usually coloured inbrilliant greens and pinks andloose knitted T, played animportant role. 8. 1980s fashion tended to berebellious, colorful, andcrazy People used fashion toexpress themselves But to some extentconservative fashiontheory was missing here! Leggings, legwarmers, andanything brightly coloredwas in style Lots of glitz! 9. Power suits emerge Broad shouldered, double-breasted suits! 10. 1980s: Fashion Designer Calvin Richard Klein (bornNovember 19, 1942) is anAmerican fashion designer. In1968, he launched thecompany that would laterbecome Calvin Klein Inc. In addition to clothing,Calvin Klein also gave his nameto a range of perfumes,including and (fragrances forboth genders), now owned byCoty Inc. Swatch Groupmanufactures watches andjewelry under the Calvin Kleinand Calvin Klein Jeans brands 11. Top 10 80s Fashion Trends Shoulder Pads Mini Skirts Leg Warmers Huge Earrings Fingerless Gloves Parachute Pants Members Only Jackets Stretch Pants Oversized Tops UNITS (one size fits all clothing store) 12. 1980s The 1980s brought two verydifferent styles in. One style ruledthe business world especially withthe women. Womens business suitshad broader shoulders, with the helpof shoulder pads, the suitsresembled those of the 30s exceptwith much brighter colours likeyellows, blues and pinks. 13. The reason behind the sudden popularity of shoulderpads for women in the 1980s may be that women inthe workplace were no longer unusual, and wantedto "power dress" to show that they were the equalsof men at the office. Many womens outfits hadVelcro on the inside of the shoulder where varioussized shoulder pads could be attached. 14. The 1980s The power look a uniformstyle of suits and blazers withshoulder pads called Powerdressing. Remained popular throughoutthe 1980s and even the firstthree years of the 1990s. 15. women and girls loved miniskirts. Denim was the most popular, but miniskirtswere made in a number of other materialsincluding knit and leather. These were often paired with leggings. Theonly people who werent wearing miniskirts inthe 80s were men (ok, well some did) andelderly women. 16. Whatever be the reasoning was at the time, at least one or two pairs of leg warmers could be found inLeg Warmersevery girls were not just for dresserexercising in the80s. These wereactually worn as afashion item!Usually inconjunction with ashort mini skirt. 17. Members Only Jacket Chances are, if youwere into 80sfashion, you had aMembers OnlyJacket. Thesejackets were verypopular in the 80s.They were firstintroduced in 1981and came in avariety of colors. 18. Acid Wash Jeans were jeans that were soaked in chlorine orsome other product that removed the toplayer of blue denim and left the jeans lookingwhite with blue undertones. If you were really cool in the 80s you wore thematching acid washed denim coat to matchthe jeans. 19. You know how cute Christmas ornaments look on atree? During the 80s we thought the same wouldapply to our ears. Huge earrings from variouscostume jewelry collections were all the rage and ifyour earrings didnt touch your shoulder, theywerent big enough. 20. Fingerless Gloves Fingerless gloves were another odd 80sfashion fad, and it seems to be coming backinto style. From romance enthusiasts to punk-rock fans,fingerless gloves were popular with quite avariety of 80s genres. The fingerless gloves are foreverinterconnected with Madonnas look in themid-80s in her boy toy phase. 21. Stretch-Stirrup Pants 22. Oversized Tops 80s fashion fad of oversized tops. Big sweaters, sweatshirts andt-shirts were totally hot and wearing them over a miniskirt or apair of leggings made them even hotter. These tops were mostoften belted with big and gaudy, low slung belts with the topbloused over the belt. 23. UNITS A one-size-fits-all clothing store featuring knit skirts, shirts,belts and leggings in coordinating colors. The clothes weresold in UNITS boutiques located in malls throughout theUnited States. You could buy six different pieces of UNITSclothing and create an entire wardrobe from them. It goeswithout saying that UNITS did not make it out of the 80s 24. In the late 1980s, in Italyand most of Europe, it wasthe fashion for teenage girlsand young women to dresscompletely in black. Notethe wide belt with Boldbuckle worn low at thehips! 25. Date : 1981 26. Title : Party Dress 1981 27. 1985! Princess Diana iswearing a pearl choker,1985! Designer jewelry, suchas diamonds and pearlswere popular amongmany women, not onlyfor beauty, but assymbols of wealth andpower. 28. Eighties Fashion 1985 29. Title : Trendy Couple Date : 1985 30. Ray-Ban Wayfarer SunglassesRay-Ban Wayfarers were by far the most popularsunglasses worn in the 80s. Originally designed inthe 1950s, the Wayfarer had declined in popularityby the late 70s. That all changed in 1983 when TomCruise wore them for his break out movie role inthe film Risky Business. Demand for the glasses tookoff with hundreds of thousands being soldimmediately after the release of the movie. Theglasses could be seen on many of the top celebritiesof the 80s, including Michael Jackson, Don Johnson,and Madonna. 31. Jellies were shoes made out ofPVC plastic that, for somereason, were very popularin the 80s. The shoes weretransparent and shiny(hence the Jelly name) andusually had some kind ofglitter on them. You couldusually pick up a pair ofthese "high quality" shoesfor about a dollar!