Falconry in Mongolia

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Transcript of Falconry in Mongolia

Mongolian Artificial Nest Project

Falconry in Mongolia www.schoollinksprogramme.org

MongoliaMongolia is in Asia

Mongolia is land locked

The population is approximately 3 million

The blue of the Mongolian flag, symbolizes the colour of the blue sky

The red symbolizes freedom and advancement

The birth of falconry

During Ancient times, people hunted with birds of prey for food & clothing

Evidence suggests that falconry originated in Central Asia

Mongolia is in Central AsiaBirds used in hunting

Records show that in the past Mongolians used eagles to hunt mammals such as wolf, fox, steppe fox, hare and other mammals.Falcons and hawks were used to hunt grouse, duck, goose and other birds. Chinggis Khaan 1162-1227

Chinggis Khaan had a great knowledge of hunting with birds of prey

Chinggis also used falconry as a form of entertainment

A white eagle was used as the coat of arms on the imperial flag

Trading falconsFalcons were given as gifts from foreign countries. It was recorded that a Mongolian holy man received a white falcon from a Russian Tsar as a gift in 1675.

Falcons were used to pay taxes

Falcons were taken from defeated tribes

Kublai Khaan 1215-1294This is an interpretation of Kublai Khans huge hawking excursions with thousands of falconers, and countless falcons, hawks and eagles. As many as 10,000 falconers took part in the hunting excursions.

Kublai Khan (grandson of Chinggis Khaan) hunted for pleasureFalconry in Mongolia today

Hunting with eagles is practised by ethnic Kazakhs in western Mongolia

Female eagles are used for hunting in winter

Fox, rabbit and even wolf are hunted for their fur

Mongolian FalconersNarbek Khasim & Zakyeriya Sailaukhan Mongolian eagle hunters

Otgonsaikhan Dorjsuren is vice chairman of the Mongolian Falconers association

AcknowledgementsMany thanks to the following artists, photographers and falconers for images and text used in this PowerPoint :

Andrew Lopez SanchezLinda WrightNarbek KhasimOtgonsaikhan DorjsurenVadim GorbatovShijirmaa DamdinsurenAlan Gates