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Facebook Timelines New Facebook Fan Page Layout: Everything You Need To Know About Recent Facebook Changes

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Presentation on the changes with Facebook Pages to Timeline Format. I talk about the new dimensions, the different types of posts and most importantly about your cover image. Use this to help ROCK your Facebook Marketing :)Got questions, Join me at http://facebook.com/socialmediagal

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Page 1: Facebook Timelines

Facebook Timelines

New Facebook Fan Page Layout:

Everything You Need To Know About

Recent Facebook Changes

Page 2: Facebook Timelines

What We’ll Cover Today:

• Timeline Cover Images

• Different Types of Posts

• Applications for Timelines

• Strategies to Get More Fans

• Tools

Page 3: Facebook Timelines

Cover Image

• Should be:

–Eye catching, descriptive visual of your


• Change the Image occasionally

• Dimensions

–851 x 315

Page 4: Facebook Timelines

Brand Fun

Page 5: Facebook Timelines

Could Use More

Page 6: Facebook Timelines


Page 7: Facebook Timelines

Cover Image No,No’s

DO NOT: • Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or

“Download it at our website”.

• Contact information such as a website address, email, mailing address, or information that should go in your Page’s “About” section.

• References to Facebook features or actions, such as “Like” or “Share” or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features.

• Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”.

• Covers must not be false, deceptive or misleading, and must not infringe on third parties’ intellectual property.”

Page 8: Facebook Timelines

Image Dimensions

• Profile Image

– Brand’s Identity

– 180 x 180

– Newsfeed image dimensions 32 x 32

• Custom Applications

– 111 x 74

• Application Pages

– 810 px (before 520px)

Page 9: Facebook Timelines

Cover Image Dimensions

Page 10: Facebook Timelines

Applications Info

• Cannot have a Default Landing Tab

– You Can Guide People to a Specific Tab using:

• Facebook Ads

• Giving them the direct Link (url) to the App

– Can still have Reveal Feature

Page 11: Facebook Timelines

Be Creative

Page 12: Facebook Timelines

Incorporating the Two Images

Page 13: Facebook Timelines


Page 14: Facebook Timelines
Page 15: Facebook Timelines
Page 16: Facebook Timelines

About Section

• Prime Real Estate on your Timeline

• “Reason as to “Why” someone should like

your page”

• Include a url at the begining

• If Local Business, defaults to your location,

hours, etc.

Page 17: Facebook Timelines
Page 18: Facebook Timelines
Page 19: Facebook Timelines


• Major Event Relevant to your Brand– Product Launch

– Personnel Announcement

– Store Opening

– Anniversary

• Automatically “Starred” but you can un-star it

• Use Photos – Normal – 843 x 403

– Un-Starred – 400 x 350

• Include a URL

Page 20: Facebook Timelines

Adding a Milestone

Page 21: Facebook Timelines


Page 22: Facebook Timelines

Pin Posts

• Post that is “Pinned” to the top of the page for

7 days

– Showcase links

– Events

– Contests/Campaigns

• Call attention to a particular phase of

promotion/news related to your business

Page 23: Facebook Timelines

Pinned Post

Page 24: Facebook Timelines

Stars (Highlighted Posts)

• Highlight a post on your timeline by “starring


• Expands to widescreen

• Always visible

• Listed Chronologically

• Hover over the post and click the star icon

Page 25: Facebook Timelines
Page 26: Facebook Timelines

Fans Can Message You

Page 27: Facebook Timelines

Message Feature

• Allows users to send private message to the Page

– Both Fans and Non-Fans

• You can turn off the feature

• Replies to Fans come from Page, not the admin account

• You do NOT receive an email from FB stating you have a message; must be monitored by admins

Page 28: Facebook Timelines

Message Pros/Cons

• Pros:

– Customer Service Channel

– Personalized Service for the User with your Brand

• Cons:

– Messages not getting responded to in timely


Page 29: Facebook Timelines



Page 30: Facebook Timelines

E-commerce on Pages

• Storefront that operates within Facebook

• Integrates with PayPal, Google Checkout,

Authorize.net and several other payment

processing options

• Free and Paid Version


Page 31: Facebook Timelines

Social Media Management

• TweetDeck

• Hootsuite

– 30 Day Free Trial

– www.preasy.com/Hootsuite

Page 32: Facebook Timelines

Post Planner

• Schedule posts with pictures or video

• Cost $4.95 per month

• Increase Engagement with Pictures and Video


Page 33: Facebook Timelines

Best Practices

• Customizing Your Cover Photo

• Managing Your Pinned Posts

• Starring Posts

• Adding Milestones

• Integrating Apps on your Timeline

• Create a Posting Strategy

• Be Consistent and Monitor Frequently

Page 34: Facebook Timelines


Facebook Cover


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Page 35: Facebook Timelines

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Page 37: Facebook Timelines
Page 38: Facebook Timelines
Page 39: Facebook Timelines
Page 40: Facebook Timelines


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Page 42: Facebook Timelines

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Page 44: Facebook Timelines

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