EPIPHANY MAR THOMA CH July 26, 2016. Funeral service was held on July 31st at Chunakara Mar Thoma...

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Transcript of EPIPHANY MAR THOMA CH July 26, 2016. Funeral service was held on July 31st at Chunakara Mar Thoma...

  • *****************************



    SEPTEMBER 2016


    OF GOD !


    36th Year

  • Executive Committee 2016

    President / Vicar Rev. Jogy Thomas [email protected]

    718.845.2920 718.612.1891

    Vice President Mr. Mathew K. Lukose [email protected]


    Secretary Mr. George C Abraham [email protected]


    Treasurer Mr. Cherukara P Philipose [email protected]


    Accountant Mr. Shibu John

    [email protected] 718.336.0849

    Lay Leader (Malayalam) Mr. M.V. Varghese 516-673-4583

    Lay Leader (English) Mr. Roshan T Varughese 516.326.9138

    Mandalam/Sabha Council Rep: Mrs. Mariamma Abraham 516.812.9148

    Diocesan Assembly Rep. Mr. James Alex 516.640.5588

    Diocesan Assembly Rep. Mr. Jason Thomas 917.414.8924

    Representatives of Organizations

    Sunday School Mr. Oommen K. Varghese 516.285.9142 Edavaka Mission Mr. M.C. Varughese 516.825.3895 Sevika Sanghom Mrs. Sosamma Kurian 516.596.7514 Yuvajana Sakhyam Mr. Roshan Alexander 516.808.7116 Youth Fellowship Ms. Ancy Rose Oommen 516.616.4599 Choir Mr. Shibu S Baby 347.623.1324

    Representatives of Area Prayer Groups

    Astoria/Jackson Hts./Flushing Mr. Anil T Thomas 973.659.3414 Coney Island Mr. Saji K Varughese 718.332.2751 Ridgewood/Wyckoff Mr. Eapen Mathew 718-381-4549 Bellerose/Queens Village Mr. Thomas Vadakedathu 718.464.0695 Floral Park Mr. Mathew Varughese 718.347.7165 Elmont/Rosedale/Valley Stream Mr. Mathew N Varughese 516.285.5753 New Hyde Park Mr. Rinu Varughese 516.673.4583 Garden City Park Mr. John Mani 516.414.4986 Long Island Mr. Biju M. Varughese 516.750.5474


    Mr. Abraham Thomas 717.343.7622 Mr. George Kuruvilla 516.616.4576

  • Vicar’s message:

    Greetings to you all in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus

    Christ. It gives me immense pleasure to address you all through this month

    News Letter. We have entered the last quarter of this financial year and let

    us thank God for His innumerable blessing, which are beyond our

    description and measure. The family retreat and the parish picnic of our

    Church were arranged in a meaningful way. Once again I would like to

    congrats all office bearers, the subcommittee members and the Church

    committee members for your timely effort and leadership. Most of the

    families have participated Good Samaritan fund collection and the new

    academic year collection. The Good Samaritan collection will be utilized

    for the home for homeless project (Snehadhanam) of the Church. I express

    my sincere thanks to all those who have contributed sincerely.

    “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” (Psalms 111: 10a). We have

    been blessed with a large number of students in our church. I hope that all

    have enjoyed the summer vacation. Congratulations for your good

    performance during the last academic year. A new academic year is going

    to start shortly. This is the time to rededicate ourselves before God, the

    source of all wisdom and knowledge. The new academic year service and

    the honoring of the new graduate were conducted meaningfully. The

    special offertory collected through this service will be utilized for providing

    financial assistance to the economically backward student. The new

    academic year Sunday school classes begin in the first week of September.

    May I request all children to attend the classes promptly and

    systematically. The new Sunday school academic year dedication will be

    held on September 11, 2016. The Sunday school teacher’s dedication will

    be held on 4th September, 2016.

    Epiphany MTC family retreat 2016 was held on August 5th to August 7th at

    the Eddy Farm Retreat Center, Sparrow Bush, New York. The theme was

    “Celebrating the Pilgrimage” based on Genesis 12:1. Rev. Denny Philip,

    Diocesan Secretary, Rev. P.M.Thomas, Rev. Jogy Thomas, Mr. Shibu

    Mathew and Mrs. Betsy Mathew were the leaders. Nearly 100 parish

    members participated. Sessions were arranged in two tracks – one for the

  • youth and young families and the other track for the general participants.

    Overall, the retreat was a time for reflection, self assessment,

    transformation and great blessing for all the participants.

    The Edavaka Mission convention was held on August 12t to 14th, 2016 in

    the Church. Dr. Thomas George (St. George MTC, Fort Kochi) was the

    speaker. The theme was “the Characteristics of Christian faiith”. As

    christian believers we need a clear understanding about God's blessing

    and a faithful life. It was a time for contemplation and dedication for all

    the participants. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all members

    and office bearers of the Edavaka Mission for your timely leadership and


    As a called community, we all are the stewards of God's Grace and our

    discipleship is not an expression of a position but it's a disciplined and

    loving life style. To reveal Christ always through his life was a constant

    desire in Paul's heart. In Phil 3:8, Paul says “For his sake I have suffered the

    loss of all things, and I regards them as rubbish” - these words depict the

    depth of Paul's relation to Christ. Paul repeatedly says that Christ is the

    Gospel- there is no other Gospel but Christ. This Gospel renews us daily –

    in fact the renewal of the Church is based on the Gospel. Reformation is

    an ongoing process. It should reflect in our whole life. The Holy Spirit, who

    refreshes us each day, strengthens us to spread the Gospel of Christ – this

    is our great calling.

    Let us become living witness always revealing Christ – the real gospel to

    the world today. May the Almighty Lord be with us and bless our ways and

    ministry in this faith journey.

    With Prayerful Regards,

    Jogyachen, August 23rd, 2016.


    Date Time Program Special Observance


    September 4

    Education-A Ministry

    of the Church 9:30 AM

    Holy Communion



    September 11

    9:00 AM Praise & Worship

    (Malayalam) Women’s Ministry

    Sevika Sanghom Day 10:15 AM

    Holy Communion



    September 18

    9:00 AM

    Praise & Worship

    (English) Caring & Accepting

    the Elderly

    Senior Citizens Day 10:15 AM

    Holy Communion



    September 25

    9:00 AM

    Praise & Worship

    (Malayalam) One true God and

    People of other Faiths.

    10:15 AM Holy Communion



    Date 1 st Lesson 2

    nd Lesson Epistle Gospel

    Sept. 04 Neh:8:1-8 Acts.18:24-28 James.3:13-18 St.Luk.4:16-22

    Sept. 11 Judges.4:4-16 Phil.4:1-7 Rom.16: 6-16 St.Mark.14:3-9

    Sept. 18 Gen.46:1-7 Phile.8-22 2 Tim.1:3-14 St.Luk.2:25-38

    Sept. 25 Amos 9:1-12 Acts.10:34-43 Rom.2:17-29 St.John 12:20-26

    ASSISTANCE & USHERING -2016 Month Prayer Group

    September Long Island

    October Astoria/Jackson Hts/Flushing

    November Coney Island

    December Ridgewood/Wyckoff


    Date & Time Area Residence Sunday

    September 4


    Queens Village




    September 4

    7.00 pm

    Floral Park

    Mr. Thomas C Varghese

    79-07, 267 Street

    Floral Park, NY 11004

    Ph: 718-646-4943


    September 10

    7.00 PM

    Coney Island

    Mr. Chacko K Jacob

    2676 Hubbard St

    Coney Island, NY 11235

    Ph: 718-743-6160


    September 11

    6:00 PM


    Mr. P.V. Abraham

    1884 Willoughby Ave

    Ridgewood, NY 11385

    Ph: 718-366-8703


    September 17

    5:00 PM


    Jackson Hts

    New Jersey

    Mr. Anil T Thomas

    24 Davis Ave

    Randolph, NJ 07869

    Ph: 973-659-3414


    September 18

    7:00 PM

    New Hyde Park

    Mr. Daniel P John

    603 White Ave

    New Hyde Park, NY 11040

    Ph: 516-488-5467


    September 24


    Valley Stream



    September 25

    6:30 PM

    Long Island

    Mr. Mathews Kurien

    942 Maple Lane

    East Meadow, NY 11554

    Ph: 718-974-0496


    SENIOR CITIZENS DAY. – SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18. All senior citizens are requested to attend the meeting on this day. Seniors who just turned 75 Yrs of age will be honored with a “Ponnada”. Please contact Mr. John K Thomas o