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P/NO : MMBB0375301 (1.1) www.lg.com


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Bluetooth QD ID B015953

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GS205 USER GUIDEThis manual may differ from the phone depending on the phone software version and service provider used.

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Installing the SIM card and the handset battery 3

Installing the SIM Card 3Illustrations 3

Phone Components 4

Turning Your Phone On and Off 5

Making a call 5

Making an international call 5

Answering a call 5

Selecting functions and options 6

Entering Text 7

T9 Mode 7ABC Mode 7123 Mode (Numbers Mode) 7Symbol Mode 7

Anti Theft Mobile Tracker (ATMT) 8

Menu tree 9

Quick feature reference 10

Browser 10Call history 10Tools 11Multimedia 12Messaging 13My stuff 14 Profi les 15Contacts 15Settings 16

Guidelines for safe and efficient use 19

Accessories 23

Technical Data 24


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1 2 3

4 5 6

Installing the SIM card and the handset battery

Installing the SIM Card

When you subscribe to a cellular network, you are provided with a plug-in SIM card loaded with your subscription details, such as your PIN, any optional services available and many others.Important! › The plug-in SIM card and its contacts can be easily damaged by

scratches or bending, so be careful when handling, inserting or removing the card. Keep all SIM cards out of the reach of small children.

› USIM is not supported in this phone.Illustrations

Always switch the device off and disconnect the charger before removing the battery.1 Remove the back cover.2 Lift battery away.3 Insert the SIM card.4 Insert the battery pack.5 Attach the back cover.6 Charge the battery.Note: Fully charge the battery before using it for the first time.

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Phone Components

Soft keys(Left soft key / Right soft key)These keys perform the function Indicated in the bottom of the display.

End key- Switch on/off (hold

down)- End or reject a call.

Display screen

Send key - Dial a phone number

and answer a call.- In standby mode:

Shows a history of calls. Navigation keysUse for quick access to phone functions.Alphanumeric keys

These keys are used to dial

a number in standby mode and to enter

numbers or characters in edit mode.

# keyLong press to enter silent mode

* Key(Symbol key)Insert symbol when

writing a message.


Micro USB Port /Earjack /

Charger port

SD card slot Camera key

Side volume key

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Turning Your Phone On and Off

1. Press and hold the End key until the power comes on.2. Press and hold the End key until the power goes off.

Making a call

1. Enter a phone number including the area code.2. Press the key to call the number.3. To end the call, press the key or the right soft key.

Making an international call

1. Press and hold the key for the international prefix. The ‘+’ character automatically selects the international access code.

2. Enter the country code, area code, and the phone number.3. Press [Send] key to call the number.

Answering a call

1. press the [send] key to answer the call when the phone rings.2. If the Any key has been set as the answer mode, any key press will

answer a call except for the key.3. To end the call, press the key.

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Selecting functions and options

Your phone offers a set of functions that allow you to customize the phone. These functions are arranged in menus and sub-menus, accessed via the two soft keys marked and . Each menu and sub-menu lets you view and alter the settings of a particular function.The roles of the soft keys vary according to the current context; the label on the bottom line of the screen just above each key indicates its current role.

Press the left soft key to access the available Menu.

Press the right soft key to access the available Contacts.

MenuMenu ContactsContacts

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Entering Text

You can enter alphanumeric characters by using the phone’s keypad. Change the text input mode by pressing the key. Also key is used to change the profile to silent mode in idle screen.

T9 Mode

The T9 predictive text input mode lets you enter words easily with a minimum number of key presses. As you press each key, the phone begins to display the characters that it thinks you are typing based on the built-in dictionary.

ABC Mode

This mode allows you to enter letters by pressing the key labeled with the required letter once, twice, three or four times until the letter is displayed.

123 Mode (Numbers Mode)

Type numbers using one keystroke per number.

Symbol Mode

The symbol mode enables you to enter various symbols or special characters. To enter a symbol, select Options ➞ Insert Symbol. Use the navigation keys to select the desired symbol and press the OK key.

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Anti Theft Mobile Tracker (ATMT)

Anti-theft mobile tracker (ATMT) allows you to track your lost phone. When someone uses your phone without your permission, the tracking service will be activated.You are reminded by a text message sent to the default phone number you have set, without the unauthorized user’s knowledge. You can always activate the ATMT and configure your personal settings.

To activate Anti-theft mobile tracker1. From the main menu, select Settings > Security > Anti theft mobile

tracker and press OK.2. Select Set ATMT and press OK.3. Switch On or Off and press OK.4. Input the ATMT code to enable or disable this function.5. Edit Name, Primary and Secondary numbers and Save the settings.


› The default ATMT code is “0000”. You have to enter the code before configuring the ATMT settings.

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Menu tree

1 Browser

1 Home2 Yahoo!3 Bookmarks4 Enter

address5 Recent

pages6 Service

Inbox7 Settings

2 Call history

1 All calls2 Missed calls3 Dialled calls4 Received

calls5 Call duration6 Call costs7 Data


3 Tools

1 Alarm clock2 Calendar3 Calculator4 Memo5 To do6 Unit

converter7 World clock8 SIM Services

4 Multimedia

1 MP3 player2 Camera3 Video

camera4 FM radio5 Schedule

FM record6 Voice

recorder7 Melody

composer8 Ringtone


5 Messaging

1 New message

2 Inbox3 Drafts4 Outbox5 Sent6 Listen to

voicemail7 Info

message8 Templates9 Settings

6 My stuff

1 Images2 Sounds3 Videos4 Others5 External

memory6 Games &


7 Profiles

1 Normal2 Silent3 Outdoor4 Flight mode

8 Contacts

1 Search2 New contact3 Speed dials4 Groups5 Copy all6 Delete all7 Settings8 Information

9 Settings

1 Date & Time2 Languages3 Display4 Shortcut5 Fake call6 Call7 Security8 Connectivity9 Power save0 Reset* Memory


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Quick feature reference

This section provides brief explanations of features on your phone.

Browser Menu 1

Home Connects to a homepage. The homepage will be the site which is defined in the activated profile. It will be defined by the service provider if you have not defined it in the activated profile.

Yahoo! You can access to your Yahoo! Messenger, email accounts from any major providers, do a quick search, or view latest news on the Web. For more information, you can visit Yahoo!® Mobile for more information.

Bookmarks This menu allows you to store the URL of favorite web pages for easy access at a later time.

Enter address You can connect directly to the site you want. After entering a specific URL, press options then OK key to make the connection Done to connect to the site.

Recent pages This menu shows all lists of recently browsed pages.Service Inbox Service Inbox stored all the Push Message sent from

network like operator/CP/SP etc.Settings You can set the profile, cache and security related to

internet service.

Call history Menu 2

All calls You can view all lists of outgoing or incoming calls.Missed calls You can view the unanswered calls.

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Call history Menu 2 (Continued)

Dialled calls You can view the outgoing calls (called or attempted).

Received calls You can view the Received calls.Call duration Allows you to view the duration of your incoming

and outgoing calls. You can also reset the call timers.Call cost View the charges applied to your dialled numbers

and the call duration of all your received and dialled calls. Also you can do Cost Settings.

Data information You can check the amount of data transferred over the network through the GPRS information option. In addition, you can also view how much time you are online.

Tools Menu 3

Alarm clock You can set the alarm clock to go on at a specified time.

Calendar When you enter this menu, a calendar appears. A square cursor is located on the current date.

Calculator The calculator provides the basic arithmetic functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Memo You can add new memo, view and manage saved memos.

To Do You can view, edit and add tasks to do.Unit converter This converts any measurement into a unit you want.

There are 2 types that can be converted into units: Length, Weight

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Tools Menu 3 (Continued)

World clock The World Clock function provides time information on major cities worldwide. Also you can set any city as your Home city and Make Daylight savings ON/OFF.

Multimedia Menu 4

MP3 player Using the MP3 player in your phone, you can easily enjoy various music.

Camera You can take photos with the built in camera and adjust its settings to suit your needs.

Video camera You can record a video clip through the built-in camera.

FM radio With embedded FM antenna, you can receive FM radio without an external earphone. You can listen to your favourite radio station anytime.

Note: In weak FM radio signal area the sensitivity can degrade with wireless and antenna mode. So it is advisable to insert the ear-mic for better and enhanced FM quality.

Schedule FM record This function allows you to pre-schedule FM radio recordings.

Voice recorder You can record voice memo.Melody composer This function allows you to compose a ring tone or

melody.Ringtone creator This function allows you to create your own

personal ringtones by using this tool.

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Messaging Menu 5

New message This menu includes functions related to SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Message Service).Note: You can send SMS to many users at a time. Simply press Option and select Send to Many. This will open contact list where in user can mark/unmark contacts for sending SMS message.Note: To send the SMS to a particular group of contacts, simply press Options and select Send to Group after composing the SMS.

Inbox You will be alerted when you have received messages. They will be stored in Inbox. You can save SMS up to 150 respectively (summing up all the messages in each folder; inbox, drafts, sent and outbox).

Drafts Using ‘Save to drafts’ menu, you can save the message temporarily in Drafts.

Outbox This is a temporary storage folder for the unsent messages or messages that you have sent but fail to deliver.

Sent After sending out the message, the text message or multimedia message is saved in the Sent folder.

Listen to This menu provides you with a quick way ofvoicemail accessing your voice mailbox (if provided by your

network).Info message Info service messages are text messages delivered

by the network to GSM.Templates There are pre-defined messages in the list. You can

view and edit the template messages or create new messages.

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Messaging Menu 5 (Continued)

Settings This menu allows you to set features of your network service provider.

My stuff Menu 6

Images Shows the list of image files such as JPG, GIF, BMP, etc.

Sounds Plays the list of MP3, AMR, MID, WAV, AAC files in Multimedia memory.

Videos Displays the list of video files.Others Other files except images, sounds are stored in this

folder.External memory When you insert the memory card, you can view

Image, Sounds, Videos and Others menu in memory card.

Games & Apps You can access a great selection of games and applications on your phone.

› Data Wallet: This application where users can safely store important data and personal informations (bank account, credit card, loan, e-mail ID details…etc.).

› LG Help Desk: This application helps users to find the LG Mobile service centre and Call Centre number directory.

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Profi les Menu 7

In Profiles, you can adjust and customize the phone tones for different events, environments, or caller groups. There are four preset profiles: Normal, Silent, Outdoor and Flight mode.

Contacts Menu 8

Search Select Search and enter the name that you want to search from the contact list.

New contact You can register a new contact address. You can enter the name, different phone numbers, email addresses, Groups and images of a new contact.

Speed dials You can assign any of the keys from to with a Name list entry. You can call directly by pressing this key when you are in idle screen.

Groups You can list up to the members per each group. There are 7 groups you can make lists to.

Copy all You can copy entries from SIM card memory to Phone memory and vice versa.

Delete all You can delete all the entries from SIM or Phone. This function requires the security code.

Settings You can set the contact display option.Information › Service dial number: Use this function to access a

particular list of services provided by your network operator (if supported by the SIM card).

› Own number: You can save and check your own number in SIM card.

› My business card: This option allows you to create your own business card featuring Name, any numbers and email.

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Settings Menu 9

Date & Time You can set functions relating to the date and time.Languages You can change the language for the display texts in

your phone. This change will also affect the Language Input mode.

Display You can change settings for the phone display.Shortcut You can set the functions of 4 navigation keys to use

as shortcuts in idle mode.Fake call You can set a fake incoming call which will come

after specific time with name and number you set. Note: To set fake Call, goto Fake call,in under

Settings. Set fake call to ON. Select the Time from the Options,when the set fake Call should Invoke.Give the Name and Number from Whom the Fake call should come and finally Press save to save The settings done.

Call You can set the menu relevant to a call by pressing the left soft key [OK] in the Setting menu.

Security This menu allows you to set the phone’s safety. › PIN code request: You can set the phone to ask for

the PIN code of your SIM card when the phone is switched on.

› Auto key lock: You can make the key pad locked automatically after some time.

› Phone lock: You can use a security code to avoid unauthorized use of the phone.

› Anti Theft Mobile Tracker: The ATMT feature of this phone provides you with the ability to have a tracking system in place for your mobile in case you lose or misplace it.

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Settings Menu 9 (Continued)

› Application lock: To prevent unauthorized use of phone applications, you can enable application lock which requires user to enter a password when accessing applications. Password is the same as the security code (Default password is 0000).

› Secret folder: You can set the password to avoid unauthorized use of My stuff and External Memory folders.You will need a security code to access the data.To activate the secret folder,Go to secret folder in Security Under Settings.Set Secret folder to ON. When secret folder feature is activated, user will be required to enter a password when accessing the selected folder. Default password is 0000.

› Change codes: PIN is an abbreviation of Personal Identification Number to prevent use by unauthorized persons. You can change the access codes: Security code, PIN code, PIN2 code, ATMT code.

Connectivity You can connect between a phone and other devices.

› Bluetooth: This enables wireless connections between electronic devices.

› Network: You can also select a network manually and set a network.

Power save Choose among the followings, Off/Night only/Always On, to change the factory set power saving settings.

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Settings Menu 9 (Continued)

Reset You can initialize all factory defaults. You need Security code to activate this function.

Memory status You can check free space and memory usage of phone, SIM card and external memory (if inserted).

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❏ Guidelines for safe and effi cient use

Please read these simple guidelines. Not following these guidelines may be dangerous or illegal. Further detailed information is given in this manual.


› For your safety, use ONLY specified ORIGINAL batteries and chargers.› Switch off the phone in any area where required by special

regulations, e.g. in a hospital where it may affect medical equipment.› Batteries should be disposed off in accordance with relevant


Product care and maintenance

WARNING! Only use batteries, chargers and accessories approved for use with this particular phone model. The use of any other types may invalidate any approval or warranty applying to the phone, and may be dangerous.› Do not disassemble this unit. Take it to a qualified service technician

when repair work is required.› Repairs under warranty, at LG’s option, may include replacement parts

or boards that are either new or reconditioned, provided that they have functionality equal to that of the parts being replaced.

› The unit should be kept away from heat sources such as radiators or cookers.

› Use a dry cloth to clean the exterior of the unit. (Do not use any solvents.)

› Do not keep the phone next to credit cards or transport tickets; it can affect the information on the magnetic strips.

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Electronic devices

All mobile phones may get interference, which could affect performance.› Do not use your mobile phone near medical equipment without

requesting permission. Avoid placing the phone over a pacemaker, i.e. in your breast pocket.

Road safety

Check the laws and regulations on the use of mobile phones in the areas when you drive.› Do not use a hand-held phone while driving.› Use a hands-free kit, if available.› Pull off the road and park before making or answering a call if driving

conditions so require.

Blasting area

Do not use the phone where blasting is in progress. Observe restrictions, and follow any regulations or rules.

Potentially explosive atmospheres

Do not use the phone at a refueling point. Do not use near fuel or chemicals.

In aircraft

Wireless devices can cause interference in aircraft.› Turn off your mobile phone before boarding any aircraft.

❏ Guidelines for safe and effi cient use (Continued)

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Keep the phone in a safe place out of children’s reach. It includes small parts which if detached may cause a choking hazard.

Emergency calls

Emergency calls may not be available under all cellular networks. Therefore, you should never depend solely on the phone for emergency calls. Check with your local service provider.

Battery information and care

› You do not need to completely discharge the battery before recharging. Unlike other battery systems, there is no memory effect that could compromise the battery’s performance.

› Use only LG batteries and chargers. LG chargers are designed to maximize the battery life.

› Do not disassemble or short-circuit the battery pack.

› Replace the battery when it no longer provides acceptable performance. The battery pack may be recharged hundreds of times before it needs to be replaced.

› Do not expose the battery charger to direct sunlight or use it in high humidity, such as the bathroom.

› Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type.

› Dispose off used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

❏ Guidelines for safe and effi cient use (Continued)

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Exposure to radio frequency energy

Radio wave exposure and Specific Absorption Rate

(SAR) information

This mobile phone model GS205 has been designed to comply with applicable safety requirement for exposure to radio waves. This requirement is based on scientific guidelines that include safety margins designed to ensure safety of all persons, regardless of age and health.› The radio wave exposure guidelines employ a unit of measurement

known as the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. Tests for SAR are conducted using standardised methods with the phone transmitting at its highest certified power level in all used frequency bands.

› While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various LG phone models, they are all designed to meet the relevant guidelines for exposure to radio waves.

› The SAR limit recommended by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is 2W/kg averaged over ten (10) gram of tissue.

› The highest SAR value for this model phone tested by DASY4 for use at the ear is 0.582 W/kg (10g) and when worn on the body is 0.539 W/kg (10g).

› SAR data information for residents in countries/regions that have adopted the SAR limit recommended by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is 1.6 W/kg averaged over one (1) gram of tissue (for example USA, Canada, Australia and Taiwan).

❏ Guidelines for safe and effi cient use (Continued)

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❏ Accessories

There are various accessories for your mobile phone. You can select these options according to your personal communication requirements..

Standard Battery


Travel AdapterConnect this and the included USB cable. This allows you to charge the battery.

USB cable and CD You can connect your phone to PC to exchange the data between them.

Note› Always use genuine LG accessories.

Failure to do this may invalidate your warranty.

› Accessories may be different in different regions; please check with our regional service company or agent for further enquires.

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❏ Technical Data


Product name: GS205System: E-GSM 900 / DCS 1800

Ambient Temperatures

› Max. : +55°C (discharging) +45°C (charging)

› Min : -10°C

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2. i‚oj ds pys tkus rd lekIr dqath nck dj j[ksa-

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3. d‚y lekIr djus ds fy,] dqath nck,a-

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QaD’kal vkSj fodYiksa dk p;u djukQaD’kal vkSj fodYiksa dk p;u djuk

vkidk Qksu QaD’kal ds lsV dk v‚Qj djrk gS] tks vkidks Qksu dLVekbt+ djus dh vuqefr nsrk gS- ;s QaD’kal esuwt vkSj lcesuwt esa O;ofLFkr fd;s tkrs gSa] vkSj ls fpfàr fd, x, nks l‚¶V dqaft;ksa }kjk ,Dlsl fd;s tkrs gSa- çR;sd esuw vkSj lcesuw vkidks fdlh fo’ks"k QaD’ku dks ns[kus vkSj mldh lsfVaXl ifjofrZr djus nsrk gS-orZeku lanHkZ ds vuqlkj l‚¶V dqaft;ksa ds jkYsl fHkUu gksrs gSa çR;sd dqath ds Bhd Åij LØhu dh fupyh ifaä ij bldk orZeku jksy bafxr djrk gS-

miyC/k esuw ,Dlssl djus ds fy, ckbZa l‚¶V dqath nck,a-

miyC/k lEidksaZ dks ,Dlsl djus ds fy, nkà l‚¶V dqath nck,a-

esuwesuw laidZZlaidZZ

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ikB nt+Z djukikB nt+Z djuk

Q+ksu ds dhiSM dk mi;ksx djds vki vYQkU;wesfjd o.kZ ntZ dj ldrs gSa- dqath nck dj ikB buiqV eksM cnysa- dqath dk mi;ksx vkbMy Ldzhu esa çksQkby dks 'kkar eksM esa ifjofrZr djus ds fy, gksrk gS-

T9 eksM eksM T9 çfsMfDVo ikB buiqV vkidks de ls de dqaft;k¡ nckdj vklkuh ls ’kCnks¡ dks fy[kus nsrk gS- tSls gh vki çR;sd dqath nckrs gSa] rks Qkus v{kjkas dks çnf’kZr djus yxrk gS tks ;g lksprk gS fd vki fcYV&bu ‘'kCndks’k ds vk/kkj ij Vkbi dj jgs gSa +vki 'kCndks’k eas u;s 'kCn Hkh tksM+ ldrs gSa +tSls gh u;s 'kCn tksM+s+ tkrs g]Sa rks kCndks’k eas ls vR;f/kd lHakkfor mEehnokj fn[kkus ds fy, 'kCn cnyrk gSa +

ABC eksMeksM bl ekMs eas vki vius bfPNr v{kj okyh dtqah dks nckdj v{kj Mky ldrs gSa] blds fy, v{kj fn[kkbZ nsus rd vkidks ,d] nks] rhu ;k pkj ckj dqath nckuk iM++ ldrk gS-

123 eksMeksM (uacj eksMuacj eksM)çR;sd vad ds fy, ,d ckj dqath nckdj uacj Vkbi djsa-

çrhd eksMçrhd eksM çrhd eksM vkidks fofHkUu çrhdkas ;k fo’ks"k v{kjkas dks ntZ djus eas l{ke cukrk gS- dksbZZ çrhd ntZ djus ds fy,] ,fMVj fLdzu &fodYi&fpUg Mkfy,as dk p;u dj-as bfPNr çrhd dk p;u djus ds fy, usfoxs’ku dqaft;ksaas dk mi;ksx djas vkSj Bhd dqathnck,a-

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pksjh jks/kh eksckby VªSdjpksjh jks/kh eksckby VªSdj (ATMT)

pksjh&jks/kh eksckby VªSdj pksjh&jks/kh eksckby VªSdj ¼ATMT½ vkidks vkids [kks, gq, Qksu dks VªSd djus dh vuqefr nsrk gS- tc dksbZ vkidh vuqefr ds fcuk vkids Qksu dk mi;ksx djrk gS rks VªSfdax lsok lfØ; gks tk,xh-

vkidks vukf/k—r mi;ksxdrkZ dks crk, fcuk vkius tks fMQ‚YV Qksu uacj lsV fd;k gS] mlij ikB lans’k }kjk ;kn fnyk;k tkrk gS- vki ATMT ges’kk lfØ; dj ldrs gSa vkSj viuh O;fäxr lsfVaXl d‚fUQxj dj ldrs gSa-

pksjh&jks/kh eksckby VªSdj lfØ; djus ds fy,

1. eq[; esuw ls lsfVaXl > lqj{kk > ,aVh FksDV eksckby VSªdj dk p;u djsa vkSj Bhd nck,a-

2. ATMT Qhpj lsV djsa pquas vkSj Bhd nck,a-

3. pkyw ;k can djas vkSj Bhd nck,a-

4. bl QaD’ku dks l{ke ;k v{ke djus ds fy, ATMT dksM Mkysa-

5.ATMT uacj lsV djus ds fy, esuq&lsfVaXl&ATMT ds fy, uacj pqu dj uke ] çkFkfed ,ca fnrh;d uacj lEikfnr djs vkSj lsfVaXl dks lgstsa-

uksV› fMQ‚YV ATMT dkM “0000” gS- vkidks ATMT lsfVax d‚fUQxj djus ls igys dksM Mkyuk gksxk-

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esuw Vªhesuw Vªh

1. czkmt+j

1-1 eq[; i"B

1-2 Yahoo !1-3 cqdekdZ1-4 irk ntZ djsa1-5 uohure i"B1-6 lsok buc‚Dl1-7 lsfVaXl

2. d‚y bfrgkld‚y bfrgkl

2-1 LkÒh dkWYl2-2 NwBs dkWYl2-3 Mk;YM dkWYl2-4 ÁkIr dkWYl2-5 d‚y le;2-6 d‚y ykxr2-7 MsVk tkudkjh

3. midj.k

3-1 vykeZ ?kM+h3-2 dSysaMj3-3 x.kd3-4 eseks3-5 Vw Mw3-6 ek=d duoVZj3-7 fo’o ?kMh+

4. eYVhehfM;k

4-1 laxhr Iys;j4-2 dSejk4-3 ohfM;¨ dSejk4-4 FM jsfM;ks4-5 FM fjd‚MZ

’ksM~;qy4-6 /ofu fjd‚MZj4-7 esykWMh cukuk4-8 fjax Vksu jpf;rk

5. lans’k

5-1 lans’k fy[ksa5-2 buc‚Dl5-3 Mªk¶V~l5-4 vkmVc‚Dl5-5 Hksts x,5-6 o‚bl esy lZoj5-7 lans’k czkWMdkLV5-8 VsEiysV~l5-9 lsfVaXl

6. esjk lkekuesjk lkeku

6-1 fpé6-2 /ofu6-3 ohfM;ks6-4 vU;6-5 ckgjh Lefr6-6 [ksy vkSj


7. çksQkbYl

7-1 LkkekU;7-2 e©u7-3 vkmVMksj7-4 ¶ykbV eksM

8. laidZ8-1 [k¨tsa8-2 u;k çfof"V8-3 f’k/kz Mk;Yl8-4 lewg8-5 lHkh dh

çfrfyfi cuk,aa8-6 lHkh gVk,a8-7 lsfVaXl8-8 tkudkjh

9. lsfVaXl

9-1 Lke; o fnukad 9-2 Òk"kk,¡9-3 izn’kZu9-4 'k‚VZdV9-4 QthZ dkWy9-5 dkWy9-6 Lkqj{kk9-7 dusfDVfoVh9-8 ÅtkZ cpr9-9 jhLksV9-0 Lefr fLFkfr

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Rofjr lsok lanHkZ

;g vuqHkkx vkids Qksu ij miyC/k lqfo/kkvksa dh laf{kIr tkudkjh nsrk gS-

czkmt+j esuw 1

eq[k i"B eq[k i"B ls dusDV djrk gS- eq[; i"B og lkbV gksxk tkslfØ; çksQkby esa ifjHkk’khr fd;k x;k gS- ;fn vkius bls lfØ;çksQkby esa ifjHkk’khr ugha fd;k gS] rks ;g lsok çnkrk }kjkifjHkkfkr fd;k tk,xk-

Yahoo! vki fdlh Hkh eq[; çnkrk ls viuk Yahoo! Messenger]bZ&esy [kkrs ,Dlsl dj ldrs gSa] Rofjr [kkst djsa ;k osc ijuohure lekpkj ns[ksa- vf/kd tkudkjh ds fy, vki Yahoo!®Mobile ij foft+V dj ldrs gSa-

cqdekdZ dqN le; ckn vklkuh ls ,Dlssl djus ds fy, ;g esuw vkidksilanhnk osciBksa ds URL laxzfgr djus dh vuqefr nsrk gS-irk ntZ djsa-

irk ntZ djsa vki bfPNr lkbV ls lh/ks dusDV gks ldrs gSa-fufnZ"V URL ntZ djus ds ckn] lkbV ls dusDV djus ds fy,dusD’ku iw.kZ djus ds fodYiksa dks vkSj rc Bhd nck,¡-

uohure i"B ;g esuw gky gh esa czkmt+ fd;s x;s iBksa~ dks fn[kkrk gS-

lsok buc‚Dl lsok buc‚Dl us] v‚ijsVj/lhih/,lih vkfn tSls usVodZ ls Hkstsx, lHkh iq’k lans’kksa dks laxzfgr fd;k-

lsfVaXl vki baVjusV lsok ls lacaf/kr çksQ+kby] dS’k vkSj lqj{kk lsV djldrs gSa-

d‚y bfrgkl esuw 2

lHkh d‚Yl vki NwVs dkWYl] vkmVxksbax vkSj budfeax d‚Yl dh lHkh lwfp;k¡ns[k ldrs gSa-

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d‚y bfrgkld‚y bfrgkl esuw 2 2 ¼fujarj½

NwVs dkWYl NwVs dkWYl vki vuqÙkfjr d‚Yl ns[k ldrs gSa-Mk;YM dkWYlMk;YM dkWYl vki vkmVxksbax d‚Yl ns[k ldrs gSa ¼d‚y ;k ç;kl dh xbZa½-

ÁkIr dkWYlÁkIr dkWYl vki budfeax d‚Yl ns[k ldrs gSa-

d‚y le;d‚y le; vkidks viuh budfeax vkSj vkmVxksbax d‚Yl dh vof/k ns[kus dh vuqefr nsrk gS-

d‚y ykxrd‚y ykxr vkids Mk;y fd, x, uaclZ ij ykxw ‘'kqYd vkSj vkids lHkh çkIr vkSj Mk;y fd, x, d‚Yl dh vof/k ns[ksa-

MsVk tkudkjhMsVk tkudkjh vki GPRS tkudkjh fodYi usVodZ ij VªkaLQ+j fd;s x;s MsVk ns[k ldrs gSa- blds vykok] vki ;g Hkh ns[k ldrs gSa fd vki fdrus le; v‚uykbu gSa-

midj.kmidj.k esuw 3 3

vykeZ ?kM+hvykeZ ?kM+h fdlh fufnZ"V le; ij tkus ds fy, vki vykeZ ?kM+h lsV dj ldrs gSa-

dSysaMjdSysaMj tc vki ;g esuw ntZ djrs gSa] rks ,d dSysaMj fn[kkbZ nsrk gS- orZeku fnukad ij oxkZdkj dlZj fLFkr gksrk gS-

x.kdx.kd x.kd ewyHkwr xf.krh; dkjZokb;k¡ çnku djrk gS% tksM+] ?kVk] xq.kk vkSj Hkkx-

esekseseks vki u;s eseks tksM+ ldrs gSa] lgsts x;s eseks dks ns[k vkSj O;ofLFkr dj ldrs gSa-

Vw MwVw Mw Vw Mw vki dk;ksaZ dks ns[k] laikfnr vkSj tksM+ ldrs gSa-

ek=d duoVZjek=d duoVZj ;g fdlh bfPNr eki dks ek=d esa duoVZ djrk gS- 2 çdkj gSa ftUgsa bdkbZ;ksa esa duoVZ dj ldrs gSa% yackbZ] Hkkj-

fo’o ?kM+hfo’o ?kM+h fo’o ?kM+h QaD’ku nqfu;kHkj ds eq[; ’kgjksasa dh le; tkudkjh çnku djrh gS-

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eYVhehfM;k esuw 4

laxhr Iys;j vius Qksu esa laxhr Iys;j dk mi;ksx djds] vki vklkuh ls fofHkUu laxhr dk vkuan ys ldrs gSa-

dSejk vki fcYV bu dSejs ls QksVks ys ldrs gSa vkSj viuh vko’;drkuqlkj bldh lsfVaXl lek;ksftr dj ldrs gSa-

ohfM;ks dSejk vki fcYV&bu dSejs ds }kjk dksbZ ohfM;ks fDyi fjd‚MZ dj ldrs gSa-

FM jsfM;ks ,EcsMsM FM ,aVhuk ls] vki fdlh ckgjh bZ;jQksu ds fcuk FMjsfM;ks çkIr dj ldrs gSa- vki fdlh Hkh le; viuk ilanhnk jsfM;ks LVs’ku lqu ldrs gSa- uksV: detksj FM jsfM;ks flXuy okys {ks=ksa esa ok;jysl vkSj ,aVhuk eksM ds lkFk laosnu’khyrk de gks ldrh gS- csgrj vkSj mUur FM xq.koÙkk ds fy, bZ;j&ekbd yxkus dh lykg nh tkrh gS-

FM fjd‚MZ 'ksM~;qy ;g QaD’ku vkidks çh&’ksMîwy FM fjd‚fMaZXl dh vuqefr nsrk gS-

/ofu fjd‚MZj vki /ofu eseks fjdkMZ dj ldrs gSa-

esykWMh cukuk ;g QaD’ku vkidks ,d fjax Vksu ;k esyksMh daikst djus dh vuqefr nsrk gS-

fjax Vksu jpf;rk ;g QaD’ku vkidks bl midj.k dk mi;ksx dj viuh O;Dfrxr fjaxVksal cukus dh vuqefr nsrk gS-

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lans’k lsoklans’k lsok esuw 5 5

lans’k fy[ksalans’k fy[ksa bl esuw es SMS ¼’k‚VZ lans’k lsok½ vkSj MMS ¼eYVhehfM;k lans’k lsok½ ls lacaf/kr QaD’kal kfey gksrs gSa- uksV: vki ,d ckj esa vusd mi;ksxdrkZvksa dks SMS Hkst ldrs gSa- dsoy fodYi nck,a vkSj vusd dks Hkstsa pqusa- blls laidZ lwph [kqy tk,xh ftlesa mi;ksxdrkZ SMS lans’k Hkstus ds fy, laidksaZ dks fpfUgr vkSj vfpfUgr dj ldrk gS- uksV: laidksaZ ds fdlh fo’k"sk lewg dks SMS Hkstus ds fy, SMS fy[kus ds ckn dsoy fodYi nck,a vkSj lewg ls Hkstsa pqusa-

buc‚Dlbuc‚Dl tc vki lans’kksa dks çkIr djrs gSa] rks vkidks vyVZ dj fn;k tk,xk- os buc‚Dl esa laxzfgr gksaxs- vki Øe’k: 150 SMS lgst ldrs gSa ¼lHkh lans’kksa dks çR;sd QksYMj; buc‚Dl] Mªk¶V~l] çsf"kr vkSj vkmVc‚Dl esa bdëk djds½-

Mªk¶V~lMªk¶V~l *Mªk¶V esa lgstsa esuw dk mi;ksx djds] vki lans’k dks Mªk¶V esa vLFkk;h :i ls lgst ldrs gSa-

vkmVc‚DlvkmVc‚Dl ;g vçsf"kr lans’kksa ds fy, ;k ,sls lans’k ftudks vkius Hkstk gS ysfdu çsf"kr gksus esa foQy jgs muds fy, ,d vLFkk;h laxzg Q+ksYMj gS-

Hksts x,Hksts x, lans’k Hkstus ds ckn] ikB lans’k ;k eYVhehfM;k lans’k Hksts x, Q+ksYMj esa lgstrk gS- ;g esuw vkidks vkidh /ofu esyc‚Dl dks Rofjr rjhds ls ,Dlsl djus dk ekxZ çnku djrk gS ¼;fn vkids usVodZ }kjk çnku fd;k tkrk gS½-

o‚bl esy lZojo‚bl esy lZoj tkudkjh lsok lans’k usVodZ }kjk GSM dks çsf"kr fd;s tkus okys ikB lans’k gksrs gSa-

VsEiysV~l lwph esa çh&fMQkbaM lans’k gSa- vki VsEiysV lans’kksa dks ns[k vkSj laikfnr dj ldrs gSa ;k u, lans’kksa dks cuk ldrs gSa-

lsfVaXllsfVaXl ;g esuw vkidks usVodZ lsok çnkrk ds Qhpj lsV djus dh vuqefr nsrk gS-

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esjk lkekuesjk lkeku esuw 6 6

fpéfpé Nfo Qkbyksa dh lwph fn[kkrk gS] tSls JPG, GIF, BMP, vkfn-/ofu/ofu eYVhehfM;k eseksjh esa MP3, AMR, MID, WAV, AAC Qkbyksa dh

lwph pykrk gS-

ohfM;kstohfM;kst ohfM;ks Qkbyksa dh lwph çnf’kZr djrk gS-

vU;vU; Nfo;ksa vkSj /ofu;ksa ds vykok bl QksYMj esa vU; Qkbysa laxzfgr gksrh gSa-

ckgjh Lefrckgjh Lefr tc vki eseksjh dkMZ Mkyrs gSa] rks vki eseksjh dkMZ esa Nfo] vkokt vkSj vU; esuw ns[k ldrs gSa-

[ksy vkSj vuqç;ksx[ksy vkSj vuqç;ksx vki vius Qksu ij [ksyksa vkSj vuqç;ksxksa ds laxzg rd igqap cuk ldrs gSa-

›MsVk okysVMsVk okysV: ;g vuqç;ksx tgka mi;ksxdrkZ egRoiw.kZ MsVk vkSj O;fäxr tkudkjh ¼cSad [kkrk] ØsfMV dkMZ] _.k] bZ&esy IDfooj.k --- vkfn½ dks lqjf{kr :i ls LVksj dj ldrs gSa-›LG gSYi MsLdgSYi MsLd: ;g vuqç;ksx LG eksckby lfoZl lsaVj vkSj d‚y lsaVj uacj Mk;jsDVjh [kkstus esa mi;ksxdrkZvksa dh enn djrh gS-

çksQ+kbyçksQ+kby esuw 7 7

çksQ+kby esa] vki fofHkUu bosaV] okrkoj.k ;k d‚yj lewg ds fy, Qksu Vksu lek;ksftr vkSj dLVekbt dj ldrs gSa- pkj çksQkby igys ls gh lsV gSa lkekU;] ekSu vkmVMksj vkSj ¶ykbV eksM-

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laidZlaidZ esuw 8

[k¨tsa[k¨tsa [kkst dk p;u djsa vkSj og uke ntZ djsa ftldh vki [kkst djuk pkgrs gSa-

u;k çfof"Vu;k çfof"V vki ,d u;k laidZ irk jftLVj dj ldrs gSa- vki fdlh u;s laidZ dk uke] fHkUu Qksu uacj vkSj bZesy irs ntZ dj ldrs gSa-

f’k/kz Mk;Ylf’k/kz Mk;Yl vki fdlh uke lwph çfof"V ds lkFk ls rd dksbZ Hkh dqath vlkbu dj ldrs gSa- tc vki fufØ; LØhu esa gksa] rks vki bl dqath dks nck dj lh/ks d‚y dj ldrs gSa-s

lewglewg vki çR;sd lewg ds eqrkfcd lnL;ksa dks lwphc) dj ldrs gSa-7 lewg gSa vki lwfp;k¡ cuk ldrs gSa-

lHkh dh çfrfyfilHkh dh çfrfyfi vki fle dkMZ eseksjh ls Qksu esekjh ij çfof"V;ksa dh çfrfyficuk,acuk,a cuk ldrs gSa vkSj bldh foijhr dkjZokbZ Hkh dj ldrs gSa-

lHkh gVk,lHkh gVk,a vki fle ;k Qksu ls lHkh çfof"V;k¡ gVk ldrs gSa- bl QaD’ku esa lqj{kk dksM dh vko’;drk gksrh gS-

lsfVaXllsfVaXl vki laidZ fMLIys fodYi lsV dj ldrs gSa-

tkudkjhtkudkjh › lsok Mk;y uacjlsok Mk;y uacj: bl QaD’ku dk mi;ksx vkids usVodZ lapkyd }kjk çnku dh xbZ lsokvksa dh fo’ks"k lwph ,Dlsl djus ds fy, djsa ¼;fn fle dkMZ }kjk lefFkZr gS½-

› Lokeh uacjLokeh uacj: vki fle dkMZ esa viuk uacj lgst vkSj tk¡p ldrs gSa-

› O;olk; dkMZO;olk; dkMZ: ;g fodYi uke] dksbZ uacj vkSj bZesy dh miyC/krk okys vkidks vius Lo;a ds fctusl dkMZ cukus dh vuqefr nsrk gS-

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lsfVaXllsfVaXl esuw 9

Lke; o fnukadLke; o fnukad vki Lke; o fnukad ls lacf/kr QaD’ku lsV dj ldrs gSa-

Òk"kk,¡Òk"kk,¡ vki vius Qksu ea fMLIy ikB ds fy, Hkk"kk cny ldrs gSa- ;g cnyko Hkk"kk buiqV ekMs dks Hkh çHkkfor djxsk-

izn’kZuizn’kZu vki Qku¢ fMLIys ds fy, lfsVXal cny ldrs gSa-

'k‚VZdV'k‚VZdV vki fuf'Ø; ekM¢ eas k‚VZdV ds :i eas mi;kx¢ dju¢ ds fy, 4 ufsox’sku daft;ks ds QDa’ku lVs dj ldrs gSa-

QtÊ dkWyQtÊ dkWy vki Q+t+hZ d‚y lsV dj ldrs gS] tks fu/kkZfjr le; ds ckn vkids }kjk lsV fd, x, uke vkSj uacj ds lkFk miyC/k gksxh-uksV: Q+t+hZ d‚y lsV djus ds fy, lsfVax esa tk,a vkSj Q+t+hZ d‚y dks pkyw djsa Q+t+hZ d‚y dks vki ftl oä ikuk pkgrs gSa og le; vki lsV dj ldrs gSa Qksu esa fn, x, le; dks pqu dj- ftl uacj ls Q+t+hZ d‚y ikuk pkgrs gSa mudk uke vkSj uacj Mkfy,- lgsts dks nck,a vkSj j{k.k djus ds fy, gka dks pqusa-

dkWydkWy vki lsfVax esuw esa ckbZa l‚¶V dq¡th [Bhd] nck dj fdlh d‚y ls laxr esuw lsV dj ldrs gSa-

lqj{kklqj{kk ;g esuw vkidks Qksu lqjf{kr :i ls lsV djus dh vuqefr nsrk gS-

› PIN dksM vuqjks/k dksM vuqjks/k: tc Qksu pkyw gks rks vki vius fle dkMZ dk PIN dksM iwNus ds fy, Qksu lsV dj ldrs gSa-

› Lor% dhiSM ykWdLor% dhiSM ykWd vki dqN le; ckn dqath iSM Lopkfyr :i ls y‚d dj ldrs gSa-

› Qksu y‚dQksu y‚d: Qksu ds vukf/k—r mi;ksx ls cpus ds fy, vki lqj{kk dksM dk mi;ksx dj ldrs gSa-

› ,aVh FksDV eksckby VSªdj,aVh FksDV eksckby VSªdj vkids Qksu ds [kksus ;k xyr txg ij j[k nsus dh fLFkfr esa bl Qksu dh ATMT lsok vkidks {kerk ds lkFk VªSfdax flLVe çnku djrh gS-

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lsfVaXllsfVaXl esuw 9 ¼fujarj½

› vuqç;ksx ykWdvuqç;ksx ykWd: Qksu Qksu ds vuqç;ksx dk vuvf?kÑr bLreky jksdus ds yh,,] vuqç;ksx ykWdvuqç;ksx ykWd lfØ; dj ldrs gS- ,d ckjvuqç;ksx ykWdvuqç;ksx ykWd lfØ; gksus ij flQ± ikloM± ls gÈ vuqç;ksx ykWdvuqç;ksx ykWd eSa ços’k dj ldrs gSa- fMQ‚YV ikloM± 00000000 gSa-

› xqIr QksYMjxqIr QksYMj: esjk lkeku vkSj cká LefÙk dh vupkgs bLrseky dks jksdus ds fy, ikloMZ lsV dj ldrs gSa- mu lkeku dks bLrseky djus ds fy, vki ls ,d lqj{kk dksM iwNk tk,xk- xqIr QksYMj dks lfØ; djus ds fy, lsfVax esuw esa tk,a vkSj lqj{kk esuw ds vanj xqIr QksYMj dks pkyw djsa-xqIr QksYMj lfØ; gksus ds ckn bl QksYMj dks bLrseky djus ds fy, lqj{kk dksM Mkyuk gksxk- fMQ‚YV dksM gS 0000-

› ikloMZ cnyikloMZ cnysa: vukf/k—r O;fDr;ksa }kjk mi;ksx djus ls jksdus ds fy, PIN ,d futh igpku uacj gksrk gS- vki ,Dlsl dksM~l cny ldrs gSa% lqj{kk dksM] PIN dksM] PIN2 dksM-

dusfDVfoVhdusfDVfoVh vki fdlh Qksu vkSj vU; fMokblksa ds chp tqM+ ldrs gSa-

› CywVwFk: ;g bysDVª‚fud fMokblksa ds chp ok;jysl dusD’ku l{ke cukrk gS-

› usVodZ: vki Lo;a fdlh usVodZ dk p;u dj ldrs gSa vkSj ,d usVodZ lsV dj ldrs gSa-

ÅtkZ cprÅtkZ cpr QSDVªh }kjk lsV i‚oj lsfoax lsfVaXl cnyus ds fy, fuEufyf[kr esa ls p;u djsa] can/dsoy jkf=/ges’kk pkyw-

jhlsV (1)lsfVaXl jhlsV djs % Qksu fMQYV lsfVaXl jhlsV djldrs gS. (2)Qksu Lefr jhlsV djs % Qksu Lefr jhlsV djldrs gS. (3)lHkh iqu% lsV djs % vki ds iqjs Qksu dks QSDVªh fMQYVl ij

jhlsV djldrs gS okljks/ku

Lefr fLFkfrLefr fLFkfr vki Qksu ds fjDr LFkku vkSj eseksjh mi;ksx] fle dkMZ vkSj ckgjh eseksjh ¼;fn lfEefyr gS½ tk¡p ldrs gSa-

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lqjf{kr vkSj dq’ky mi;ksx ds fy, fn’kkfunsZ’klqjf{kr vkSj dq’ky mi;ksx ds fy, fn’kkfunsZ’k

—i;k ;s ljy fn’kkfunsZ’k i<+sa- bu fn’kkfunsZ’kksa dk ikyu u djuk [krjukd ;k xSjdkuwuh gks ldrk gS- vU; foLrr tkudkjh bl eSU;qvy esa nh xbZ gS-

psrkouh› viuh lqj{kk ds fy,] fufnZ"V okLrfod cSVfj;k¡ vkSj pktZj gh mi;ksx djsa-

› ftl {ks= fo’ks"k fu;eksa ds varZxr vko’;d gks] ogk¡ Qksu can dj nsa] mnkgj.k ds fy, fpfdRlky; esa tgk¡ blls fpfdRlk laca/kh midj.kksa ij çHkko iM+rk gS-

› cSVfj;k¡ laxr dkuwu ds vuqlkj u"V gksuh pkfg,-

mRikn dh ns[k&Hkky vkSj j[k&j[kkomRikn dh ns[k&Hkky vkSj j[k&j[kkopsrkouh! bl fo’ks"k Qksu e‚My ds lkFk dsoy crkbZ xbZ cSVfj;k¡] pktZlZ vkSj lgk;d midj.kksa dk gh mi;ksx djsa- fdlh eh nwljs çdkj dk mi;ksx djus ij Qksu ij ykxw gksus okys vuqeksnu ;k o‚jaVh vekU; gks ldrs gSa vkSj ;g [krjukd gks ldrk gS-

› bl bdkbZ dks fo;ksftr djsa- lq/kkjus dh vko’;drk gksus ij bls ;ksX; lsok rduhf’k;u ds ikl ys tk,¡-

› bl bdkbZ dks xeZ lzksrksa ls nwj j[kuk pkfg, tSls fofdjd ;k dwdlZ-

› bdkbZ dk ckgjh Hkkx lkQ djus ds fy, fdlh lw[ks diM+s dk mi;ksx djuk pkfg,- ¼fdlh æo inkFkZ dk mi;ksx u djsa-½

› Qksu ØsfMV dkMZ ;k ifjogu fVdV~l ds ikl u j[ksa ;g pqacdh; iêh ij ekStwn tkudkjh dks çHkkfor dj ldrk gS-

bysDVª‚fud fMokblbysDVª‚fud fMokbllHkh eksckby Qksu esa #dkoV vk ldrh gS] tks dk;Z{kerk dks çHkkfor dj ldrh gS-

› vuqefr dk vuqjks/k fd, fcuk fdlh esfMdy midj.k ds utnhd vius eksckby Qksu dk mi;ksx u djsa- fdlh islesdj] tSls vius lhus ds ikl okys tsc esa Qksu u j[ksa-

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lM+d lqj{kklM+d lqj{kk

ftu {ks=ksa esa vki xkM+h pykrs gSa] ogk¡ eksckby Qksu ds mi;ksx ls lacaf/kr dkuwuksa vkSj fu;eksa dh tkudkjh ys ysa-

› Mªkbfoax djrs le; gkFk okys Qksu dk mi;ksx u djsa-

› fdlh gLr&fjDr fdV dk mi;ksx djsa] ;fn miyC/k gks rks-

› ;fn Mªkbfoax dh voLFkk gS rks vko’;drk gS fd dksbZ d‚y djus ;k fdlh d‚y dk mÙkj nsus ls igys lM+d ls fdukjs gks tk,a-

foLQksVd {ks=foLQksVd {ks=

Qksu dk mi;ksx ,sls LFkku ij u djsa tgk¡ foLQksV gks jgs gksa- çfrca/kksa ij /;ku nsa]vkSj fu;e ;k 'krksaZ dk ikyu djsa-

laHkkfor :i ls foLQksV okys okrkoj.klaHkkfor :i ls foLQksV okys okrkoj.k

Qksu dk mi;ksx bZa/ku Hkjus ds LFkku ij u djsa- bZa/ku ;k jlk;uksa ds ikl mi;ksx u djsa-

,;jØk¶V esa,;jØk¶V esa

ok;jysl fMokbl ls ,;jØk¶V esa ck/kk mRiUu gks ldrh gS-zz › fdlh foeku ij p<+us ls igys viuk eksckby Qksu can dj nsa-


Qksu dks cPpksa dh igq¡p ls nwj fdlh lqjf{kr LFkku ij j[ksa- blesa ,sls dbZ Hkkx gksrs gSa] ftUgsa gVkus ij ’okljks/ku gksus dk [krjk gks ldrk gS-

lqjf{kr vkSj dq’ky mi;ksx ds fy, fn’kkfunsZ’k ¼fujarj½lqjf{kr vkSj dq’ky mi;ksx ds fy, fn’kkfunsZ’k ¼fujarj½

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vkikrdkyhu d‚Ylvkikrdkyhu d‚Yl

vkikrdkyhu d‚y lHkh lsY;qyj usVodZ esa miyC/k ugha gksrs gSa- blfy,] vkidks vkikrdkyhu d‚Yl ds fy, dsoy Qksu ij gh fuHkZj ugha jguk pkfg,- vius LFkkuh; lsok çnkrk ls bldh tkudkjh ysa-

cSVjh tkudkjh vkSj ns[kHkkycSVjh tkudkjh vkSj ns[kHkky

› cSVjh iqu%cSVjh iqu% pktZ djus ls igys vkidks bls iw.kZ :i ls fMLpktZ djus dh vko’;drk ugha gS- vU; cSVjh flLVEl ds foijhr] ,slk dksbZ eseksjh çHkko ugha gS ftlls cSVjh ds çn’kZu ij vlj iM+rk gS-

› dsoy LG cSVfj;k¡ vkSj pktZj dk gh mi;ksx djsa- LG ds pktZlZ cSVjh dk thou c<+kus ds fy, cus gksrs gSa-

› cSVjh iSd dks vyx&vyx u djsa ;k mls ’k‚VZ&lfdZV ls cpk,¡-

› tc cSVjh Lohdk;Z dk;Z{kerk çnku ugha djrh gS] rks vki bls cny nsa- cSVjh cnyus dh vko’;drk gksus ds igys] cSVjh dks lSdM+ksa ckj jhpktZ fd;k tk ldrk gS-

› cSVjh pktZj dks lh/ks /kwi esa u j[ksa ;k vf/kd ueh okyh txgksa ij TkSL® fd ckFk:e esa bldk mi;ksx u djsa-

› ;fn cSVjh xyr çdkj ls cnyh gS] rks foLQksV dk [krjk gks ldrk gS-

› fuekZrk ds vuqns’kksa ds vuqlkj mi;ksx dh xbZ cSVjh u"V dj nsa-

lqjf{kr vkSj dq’ky mi;ksx ds fy, fn’kkfunsZ’k ¼fujarj½lqjf{kr vkSj dq’ky mi;ksx ds fy, fn’kkfunsZ’k ¼fujarj½

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jsfM;ks ÝhDosalh ÅtkZ ds laidZ esa vkukjsfM;ks ÝhDosalh ÅtkZ ds laidZ esa vkuk

jsfM;ks rjaxksa ls laidZ vkSj fof’k"V vo’kks"k.k nj ¼LisflfQd ,Ctk’kZu jsV½ ¼sfM;ks rjaxksa ls laidZ vkSj fof’k"V vo’kks"k.k nj ¼LisflfQd ,Ctk’kZu jsV½ ¼SAR½dh tkudkjhdh tkudkjh

;g eksckby Qksu e‚My GS205 jsfM;ks rjaxksa ds ,Dlikstj ds fy, ykxw lqj{kkvko’;drkvksa dk ikyu djus ds fy, fMtkbu fd;k x;k gS- ;g vko’;drk,¡ mu oSKkfud fn’kkfunsZ’kksa ij vk/kkfjr gSa] ftlesa vk;q vkSj LokLF; ij /;ku fn, fcuk lHkh O;fä;ksa dh lqj{kk lqfuf’pr djus ds fy, lqj{kk lhek,¡ kkfey gksa-

› jsfM;ks rjax ,Dlikstj fn’kkfunsZ’k eki dh bdkbZ dk ç;ksx djrk gS ftls LisflfQd ,ClksiZ’ku jsV ;k SAR dgrs gSa- Qksu ij SAR ds ijh{k.k ekud fof/k;ksa ds mi;ksx ls fd, tkrs gSa] blds fy, mi;ksx gksus okys lHkh ÝhDosalh cSaM~l esa Qksu ds mPpre çekf.kr i‚oj Lrj ij laçs"k.k fd;k tkrk gS-

› fofHkUu LG Qksu e‚My ds SAR Lrjksa esa varj gks ldrs gSa] ysfdu mUgsa jsfM;ks rjaxksa ds ,Dlikstj ds fy, laxr fn’kkfunsZ’kksa dks iw.kZ djus ds fy, cuk;k x;k gS-

› varjkZ"Vªh; vk;ksx u‚u&vk;¨ukbÇtx jsfM,’ku Á¨VsD’ku ¼ICNIRP½ }kjk vuq’kaflr SARlhek fV’;w ds nl ¼10½ xzke ds Åij 2W/kg vkSlr gS-

› bl e‚My Qksu ds fy, DASY4 }kjk dku ij mi;ksx djus ds fy, ijh{k.k fd;k x;k mPpre SAR eku 0.582 W/kg ¼10g½ vkSj tc 'kjhj ij iguk tkrk gS] rks 0.539 W/kg ¼10g½ gksrk gS-

› ns’kksa@{ks=ksa ds fuokfl;ksa ds fy, SAR MsVk tkudkjh bysfDVªdy ,oa bysDVª‚fuDl bathfu;lZ laLFkk ¼IEEE½ }kjk vuq’kaflr SAR lhek dks viuk;k gS tks ,d ¼1½ ls Åij 1.6 W/kg vkSlr gS- ¼mnkgj.k ds fy, ;w,l,] dukMk] v‚LVªsfy;k vkSj rkboku½-

lqjf{kr vkSj dq’ky mi;ksx ds fy, fn’kkfunsZ’k ¼fujarj½lqjf{kr vkSj dq’ky mi;ksx ds fy, fn’kkfunsZ’k ¼fujarj½

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vkids eksckby Qksu ds fy, fofHkUu lgk;d midj.k gSa- vki viuh O;fäxr laçs"k.k vko’;drkvksa ds vuqlkj bu fodYiksa dk p;u dj ldrs gSa-

ekud cSVjh


;k=k ,M‚IVj;k=k ,M‚IVjbls dusDV djsa vkSjUSB dscy tksM+sa- ;g vkidks cSVjh pktZ djus dh vuqefr nsrk gS-

USB dscy vkSj CDQksu vkSj ihlh esa MsVk cnyus ds fy, vki vius Qksu dks ihlh ls dusDV dj ldrs gSa-

uksVuksV› ges’kk çkekf.kd LG lgk;d midj.kksa dk

mi;ksx djsa- ,slk ugh djus ij vkidh o‚jaVh vekU; gks tk,xh-

› ,Dlsljht fHkUu {ks=ksa esa fHkUu gks ldrh gSa;—i;k vf/kd iwNrkN ds fy, gekjs {ks=h; lsok daiuh ,tsaV ls laidZ djsa-

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rduhdh MsVkrduhdh MsVk

lkekU;mRikn dk ukemRikn dk uke : GS205flLVe : E-GSM 900 / DCS 1800

ifjos’k dk rkiekuifjos’k dk rkieku› vf/kdre : +55°C (fMLpkftZax)

+45°C (pkftZax)› U;wureU;wure : -10°C

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