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Presentation on Engine Assembling and Maintenance of Sedan-class Motorcar (Internship Project)

Internship Evaluation

Engine Assembling and Maintenance of Sedan-class Motorcar

(Internship Project)By,Ishan K PatelB.Tech-AeroA50105513008

Company Profile Cargo motors Pvt Ltd. (Branch- Ahmedabad )

Affiliated to TATA Motors for the last 50 years

Passengers Car Workshop

PERSONAL SAFETYUse personal protective clothing- such as coveralls and steel-capped footwearEye protection- safety glasses and face masksEar protection- earmuffs and earplugsHand protection- rubber gloves and barrier creamRespiratory equipment- face masks valved respirators

OBJECTIVESLabelling and organising all engine parts prior to assembling

Assembling the engine following the correct procedure

Assemble the engine in a safe and methodical manner

Keep parts organized for reassembly

Car Engine SpecificationsCar model TATA Indigo eCSEngine class TDI (Turbocharged Diesel with Intercooler)Model Diesel CR4 (common rail), DOHC (Dual Overhead cam), 16-valve, 1405 cc, 70 PS @ 4000 rpm

Tools Used Wrenches Socket setVariety of pliers Screw drivers Torque wrench Diagnostic equipment Specialty tools Repair manual

Engine AssemblingCleaningMachining Clean all internal and external threadsDetergent hot tankCoat cylinders and valves with clean oil

2. Installing Core Plugs

3. Head gaskets / Sealing

4. OHC assemblychamfered cam bearingsChecking straightnessChecking bearingsGrease Install oil galley plugs Balance shaft bearingsTiming belt is installed

5. Installing pistons and rings

5. Valve adjustment

installing crankshaft

Installing engine head

ImplicationHands on experience upon actual car engine

Learnt to work in heuristic manner

Links with aerospace engineering

Thank You All!