EN B5A-0628-00 CAMCORDER GZ-R315BE GZ-R315DE cdn. · PDF fileGZ-R315RE GZ-R315WE GZ-R310SE ......

download EN B5A-0628-00 CAMCORDER GZ-R315BE GZ-R315DE cdn. · PDF fileGZ-R315RE GZ-R315WE GZ-R310SE ... The rating plate and safety caution are on ... CAMCORDER GZ-R315BE GZ-R315DE GZ-R315RE

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Transcript of EN B5A-0628-00 CAMCORDER GZ-R315BE GZ-R315DE cdn. · PDF fileGZ-R315RE GZ-R315WE GZ-R310SE ......

  • Basic User GuideCAMCORDERGZ-R315BEGZ-R315DEGZ-R315REGZ-R315WEGZ-R310SE

    Dear CustomersThank you for purchasing this JVC product.Before use, please read the Safety Precautions and Cautions on p. 2 and p. 15 toensure safe use of this product.




    Detailed User Guide

    For more details on operating thisproduct, please refer to the DetailedUser Guide at the following website.

    o http://manual3.jvckenwood.com/index.html/

    . Mobile User Guide

    When you are outside, refer tothe Mobile User Guide.Mobile User Guide can beviewed with standard browserfor Android tablet and iPhone.o http://manual3.jvckenwood.com/mobile/eu/

  • Safety PrecautionsIMPORTANT (for owners in the U.K.)Connection to the mains supply in theUnited Kingdom.DO NOT cut off the mains plug fromthis equipment.If the plug fitted is not suitable for thepower points in your home or the cable istoo short to reach a power point, thenobtain an appropriate safety approvedextension lead or consult your dealer.BE SURE to replace the fuse only with anidentical approved type, as originallyfitted, and to replace the fuse cover.If nonetheless the mains plug is cut off besure to remove the fuse and dispose of theplug immediately, to avoid possible shockhazard by inadvertent connection to themains supply.If this product is not supplied fitted with amains plug then follow the instructionsgiven below:DO NOT make any connection to theLarger Terminal coded E or Green.The wires in the mains lead are colouredin accordance with the following code:

    .Blue to N(Neutral) or BlackBrown to L (Live)or Red

    If these colours do not correspond with theterminal identifications of your plug,connect as follows:Blue wire to terminal coded N (Neutral) orcoloured black.Brown wire to terminal coded L (Live) orcoloured Red.If in doubt consult a competentelectrician.

    CAUTIONS:0 To prevent shock, do not open the

    cabinet. No user serviceable partsinside. Refer servicing to qualifiedpersonnel.

    0 When you are not using the AC adapterfor a long period of time, it isrecommended that you disconnect thepower cord from AC outlet.

    CAUTION:A built-in lithium-ion battery is inside theunit. When discarding the unit,environmental problems must beconsidered and the local rules or lawsgoverning the disposal of these batteriesmust be followed strictly.

    NOTES:0 The rating plate and safety caution are on

    the bottom and/or the back of the main unit.0 The serial number plate is on the bottom

    of the main unit.0 The rating information and safety caution

    of the AC adapter are on its upper and/or lower sides.

    WARNING:The camcorder with battery installedshould not be exposed to excessive heatsuch as direct sunlight, fire or the Iike.

    CAUTION:The mains plug shall remain readilyoperable.0 Remove the mains plug immediately if

    the camcorder functions abnormally.

    CAUTIONS:0 Be sure to use the supplied AC adapter.0 Do not use the supplied AC adapter with

    other devices.

    CAUTION:To avoid electric shock or damage to theunit, first firmly insert the small end of thepower cord into the AC Adapter until it isno longer wobbly, and then plug the largerend of the power cord into an AC outlet.


    2 EN

  • Do not point the lens directly into the sun.This can cause eye injuries, as well aslead to the malfunctioning of internalcircuitry. There is also a risk of fire orelectric shock.CAUTION!The following notes concern possiblephysical damage to this unit and to theuser.Carrying or holding this unit by the LCDmonitor can result in dropping the unit, orin a malfunction.Do not use a tripod on unsteady or unlevelsurfaces. It could tip over, causing seriousdamage to the unit.CAUTION!Connecting cables (Audio/Video, etc.) tothis unit and leaving it on top of the TV isnot recommended, as tripping on thecables will cause this unit to fall, resultingin damage.

    .Information on Disposal of OldElectrical and Electronic Equipmentand Batteries (applicable forcountries that have adopted separatewaste collection systems)Products and batteries with the symbol(crossed-out wheeled bin) cannot bedisposed as household waste.Old electrical and electronic equipmentand batteries should be recycled at afacility capable of handling these itemsand their waste byproducts.Contact your local authority for details inlocating a recycle facility nearest to you.Proper recycling and waste disposal willhelp conserve resources whilstpreventing detrimental effects on ourhealth and the environment.Notice: The sign Pb below the symbolfor batteries indicates that this batterycontains lead.

    SOME DOS AND DONTS ON THE SAFEUSE OF EQUIPMENTThis equipment has been designed andmanufactured to meet international safetystandards but, like any electrical equipment,care must be taken if you are to obtain thebest results and safety is to be assured.DO read the operating instructions beforeyou attempt to use the equipment.DO ensure that all electrical connections(including the mains plug, extension leads andinterconnections between pieces ofequipment) are properly made and inaccordance with the manufacturersinstructions. Switch off and withdraw the mainsplug when making or changing connections.DO consult your dealer if you are ever indoubt about the installation, operation orsafety of your equipment.DO be careful with glass panels or doors onequipment.DONT continue to operate the equipment ifyou are in any doubt about it workingnormally, or if it is damaged in any way switch off, withdraw the mains plug andconsult your dealer.DONT remove any fixed cover as this mayexpose dangerous voltages.DONT leave equipment switched on whenit is unattended unless it is specifically statedthat it is designed for unattended operationor has a standby mode. Switch off using theswitch on the equipment and make sure thatyour family knows how to do this.Special arrangements may need to be madefor infirm or handicapped people.DONT use equipment such as personalstereos or radios so that you are distractedfrom the requirements of road safety. It isillegal to watch television whilst driving.DONT listen to headphones at high volume,as such use can permanently damage yourhearing.DONT obstruct the ventilation of theequipment, for example with curtains or softfurnishings. Overheating will cause damageand shorten the life of the equipment.

    EN 3

  • DONT use makeshift stands and NEVER fixlegs with wood screws to ensure completesafety always fit the manufacturersapproved stand or legs with the fixingsprovided according to the instructions.ABOVE ALL0 NEVER let anyone especially children

    push anything into holes, slots or any otheropening in the case this could result ina fatal electrical shock;

    0 NEVER guess or take chances withelectrical equipment of any kind it isbetter to be safe than sorry!

    This product is licensed under the AVCPatent Portfolio License for the personaluse of a consumer or other uses in whichit does not receive remuneration to (i)encode video in compliance with the AVCstandard (AVC Video) and/or (ii) decodeAVC Video that was encoded by aconsumer engaged in a personal activityand/or was obtained from a video providerlicensed to provide AVC Video. Nolicense is granted or shall be implied forany other use.Additional information may be obtainedfrom MPEG LA, L.L.C.See http://www.mpegla.com

    Make a backup of important recordeddataJVC will not be responsible for any lostdata. It is recommended to copy yourimportant recorded data to a disc or otherrecording media for storage once every 3months.

    M/D on the unit denotes the month andyear of production.


    This unit is equipped with Waterproof, Dust proof, Drop proof andFreeze proof.

    Water proof: Equivalent to IECStandard publication 529 IPX8and IPX6 (30 minutes at depthsup to 5 m (16.4 ft))Dust proof: Equivalent to IECStandard publication 529 IP5XDrop proof: This camera clearscompany testing compliant with"MIL-STD-810F Method; 516.5Shock: dropping onto plywood 3cm thick from a height of 1.5 m"Freeze proof: Allowableoperating temperatures: 10 Cto +40 CNote: Temperatures between10 C and 0 C temporarilylower battery performance,reducing the time available forrecording.

    Precautions for waterproof function0 Malfunction due to misuse by the

    customer is not covered by warranty.0 Before use in water, be sure to read and

    understand the Detailed User Guide.0 Close the terminal cover firmly until it

    clicks and confirm that the red signcompletely goes off.

    0 Make sure that there is no damage to andno foreign material adhered to thepacking inside the cover.

    0 Use the camcorder in marine water andfresh water not deeper than 5 m or for notmore than 30 minutes.

    0 The waterproof cannot be guaranteed ifthe camcorder is subject to impact suchas dropping.

    0 Do not jump or dive into water holding thecamcorder.

    0 Do not use the camcorder in strong waterflows such as in rapids or underwaterfalls. The strong water pressuremay impair the waterproof performance.

    0 Do not soak the camcorder in hot springsor water of 40 C or higher.

    4 EN

  • .

    Fogging inside the LensModels with waterproof function are airtight.When the temperature rises duringrecording, condensation can occur insidethe lens due to the internal humidity.During recordingTo prevent the temperature of this unit fromrising, we recommend that you use the unitin the following ways.A Avoid frequent exposure to direct

    sunlight.Record under the shade or use anumbrella. Best if you could keep a wettowel cover the unit.B The use of a tripod is recommended.

    Long hours of recording while holding theunit in your hands will cause thetemperature of the unit to rise.C It is better to leave the terminal cover open

    while recording.However, the waterproof, dust-proof andsh