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Sales Kit of Giovi Zamora

Transcript of GZ Sales Kit3

  • Say cutting edge, and Giovis already there on the front-line. Having conceptualized ideas and designs for different businesses such as Gandi Skincare and Island Pacific for 12 years, he

    definitely knows his way around the hoops of the business.

    Creative and in-the-now, without sacrificing the preferences of

    his clientele, his designs and ideas mirror the desired images of the companies he creates for while maintaining the aesthetic

    that definitely catch the eyes of prospective customers.

    A creative conceptualist, Giovis work ethic is professional

    yet relaxed, allowing the free flow of ideas from both parties

    to get the most effective result possible. While his ideas are constantly crossing lines set by present advertisers, his ideas are still effective, and work to the desired effect. Preferring to

    start off his work by being a sounding-board for ideas, Giovi is

    dedicated to what he does, and with his eccentric yet uncannily

    in-tune mind to what sells, he makes one of the best marketing

    conceptualist, and even a good partner.

  • Market your business directly.target the right place and get your clients attention!

    Your business depends on how you communicate with your clients. Communication is building relationship, and knowing the right mix- is your best foundation. Giovi Zamora Concept and Designs is here to give your business a tailor fitted email marketing services. With the right amount of graphics and contents, your mail will surely go to your recipients inbox and not the SPAM.

    Avoid landing on the SPAM box. An email composed of too much graphics and contents were filtered and saved in your recipients SPAM box. Once a mail is sent to the SPAM, the chance of it being read is 2 out of 10. Most commonly, the next stop of your mail is- the JUNK. Let our experts do your mail and send your message to your target.

  • Giovi Zamora Concept and Designs offers the following Email Marketing Services on a price most affordable to our clients:

    Highly digitalized and professional looking. We will give your newsletter the right touch of creativity and professionalism that would land your mail on your clients mail box.

    Let us do the encoding for you while you keep yourself busy in soliciting bigger market for your business. Plus, our online database will let you access your files anytime and anywhere.

    Because Giovi Zamora Concept and Designs knows the right mix.

  • Tired of paying different companies and services just to get your brochures, streamers and other marketing collaterals done? Check out the Giovi Zamora Concept and Designs marketing collateral services. With the right crew and technology, well design you the most appealing, artistic and unique marketing collaterals for the price of one.

    The Giovi Zamora Concept and Designs has a group of marketing artists that

  • will help you conceptualize, design and create the best marketing collaterals for your business. They will guide you in choosing the best color, form and design for you collaterals. Our maarketing artists will not only give you their expertise and skills, they will also support your marketing campaign for a whole month.

    Let Giovi Zamora Concept and Designs creates awareness.because social awareness brings prospect.