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Ref: EMP/02I2010 Datc: Saturday, May 15,2010 This is to certifl' that Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Lodhi s/oAllah WasavaLodhi working in Future Matrix from October, 2003till date. He is working as a IT & DocumentManagement. He is our Full-timepermanent employee. As a Head of IT, Following are some of the duties he is performing; o Work under broad direction. receive assignments in the form of term andlong term objectives anddirectlyreport to CEO. Full accountability for own work andproject/supervisory Assemble andmanage teams to design, develop, implement, operate and administer computer software, networks andinformation systems. Meet clients to discuss system requirements, specifications, costs andti lines. Plan, organize, direct,controlandevaluate the operations ofIS Develop and implement policies andprocedures for computer systems development, backups andoperations. Analyzerequirements andperformance anddevelop and implement the modified/new system. Controlbudget andexpenditure ofdepartment. Interview, recommend new hire andsupervise computer analysts, and programmers andoversee their professional development andtraining. No. 2C, Bth Zamzama Commercial Lane, Tel No: (92 -21) 5377842,5377843 E-mail: info @ros e tta. com. pk SuiteNo. l, First Floor, Plot D e-5, Karachi.

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Ref: EMP/02I2010Datc: Saturday, May 15,2010

This is to certifl' that Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Lodhi s/o Allah Wasava Lodhiworking in Future Matrix from October, 2003 till date. He is working as aIT & Document Management. He is our Full-time permanent employee.

As a Head of IT, Following are some of the duties he is performing;

o Work under broad direction. receive assignments in the form ofterm and long term objectives and directly report to CEO.Full accountability for own work and project/supervisoryAssemble and manage teams to design, develop, implement, operate andadminister computer software, networks and information systems.Meet clients to discuss system requirements, specifications, costs and ti lines.Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations ofISDevelop and implement policies and procedures for computer systemsdevelopment, backups and operations.Analyze requirements and performance and develop and implement themodified/new system.Control budget and expenditure ofdepartment.Interview, recommend new hire and supervise computer analysts, andprogrammers and oversee their professional development and training.

No. 2C, Bth Zamzama Commercial Lane,Tel No: (92 -21) 5377842,5377843

E-mail: info @ros e tta. c om. pk

S u i t e N o . l , F i r s t F l o o r , P l o t D e-5 , Karach i .

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DEFTOG=----(PW)LTD. May 7 ,2010

To Whom lt Mav Concern

This is to certify that Nadeem Ahmed Lodhi had worked for DEFLOG Pvt'Limited as a Software Engineer, during July 2002 and September 2003' Hehad dernonstrated his professional working ethics and added value with hisprofessional work in our information technology division.

Work activities as a Software Engineer -. Program modifications in supply chain management application from

supplied specifications using agreed standards and tools, to achieve awell engineered result.

. Plan design and conduct tests of programs; corrects errors and re-teststo achieve an error-free result.

. Document all work in accordance with agreed standards'

. Conduct reviews of supplied specifications, with other as necessary'

. Take part in reviews of own work and lead reviews of colleagues work'

. Provide guidance and assistance to colleagues in any aspect ofprogram design, creation, testing and documentation.

. Take part in evaluations and reviews of programming methods, toolsand standards.

. work under general direction within a clear framework of accountabilitysubstantial personal responsibility and autonomy.

. Plan own work, to meet given objectives and processes.

. Select appropriately from applicable standards' methods, tools andapplications and use.

. Demonstrate analytical and systematic approach to problem solving'

. Communicate fluently orally and in writing and an present complextechnical information to both technical and non technical audiences'

. Plan. Schedule and monitor work activities in order to meet time andquality targets.

. Absorb rapidly new technical information and apply it effectively Goodappreciation of wider field of information systems.

. Maintain awareness of developing technologies and their applicationand take some responsibility for personal development.

. Influence team, and specialist peers internally'

Project Worked on Supply Chain Management Software. Order Management and Tracking System (OMTS). Parts cataloging and Management

We look forward success in his future Endeavour.

Arif JafriManager Operations

I I, DOCKYARD ROAD, WEST WHARE KAMCHI.PAKISTAN.Tel: +92-2 1 -23 1 56 ] 8 - 1 9, Fox: +92 -21 -231 5620,

E'moil: de{[email protected] viww.def log.com

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Live with solutions instead

suit 1, Plot 954-955/cG centralcommercialArea Block-2, pE.G.H.s., Karachi.Phone: (92-2114386016 Fax: (92-21) 43860i6

E-mail: [email protected] URL: hitp: / / www.compuwiz.com.pk

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Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Lodhi

It-398, A-One Cottagesl)astagir Rlock-9Itarachi - 75950

2nd Floor, Plot # 21C, 2ls East Street, Phase

I, Defence Housing Authority, MainKorangi Road, Karachi.

T el 5 47 65 | I 5 47 815 I s 47 9 4lFax:92-21-580 3458.

Enrail : : future@cyberaccess. com -pk

SePtembcr 30, 1999

l)ear Mr. Lodhi,

.I'his is with reference to your application and subsequent interview with us' We are

pleasecl to furfclrm yott" of y,rut selection f<rr the ptlsition - of

.Informationtechnologist. Y6gr appgintment will be effective from October 1st, 1999 and

will be strbiect to the following terms and conditions.

Gress-Salag:Y"* gt,;ss salary and allowanccs will am<lunt to lts' 20,000 per month' Annual

increases in salary will be perf<rrmance-based. Other benefits wilt be provided by

the Company as per its rules and regulations'

t{pfrseJeriad :If yJ *ioh t,, terminate your relationship with the Company, you will be required

to,'$ve,ofle m()nth's noiice or fnrfeit a month's salary in lieu of notice. If the

C.r-pu.ry wishes to terminate its relationship with you, at any time during service, it

will irovicle you a month's notice or one month's salary in lieu of notice, as


Welcome to our team! We are conficlent that yor.r will be a valuable addition and

will share the team's dedication and enthusiasm in making the Company grow into

a rnrj<>t player in the field of information technologlr and software development-

Please return a sigrcd copy of this letter to us on the clate of ioining, confirming

)'Our understancting and acceptance.


Shalrzarl f*^#AChief Executive


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To,The Executive DirectorFuture Management Consuhants Pvt. LtdI(arachi.

Sub: M

dynamic pers<lnality oi'Shahzad Mahmood from da51 one and also from mylccUea$id ,rvho are very professioiral and fiiendly in all terms , ti , , ,

" ':r.


. ' . {

- t, ,

i {t . .

\-,t , l: . i


: ' i , r ' , '

I hereby tencler n:'7 resignal.ion r;,rith one month's notice from today (15-03-2002)land ,request Lhat I may be relieved fiom 16il' of April, 2002. Because, I cannoi continue niy I :seruices with Future Marragc;nent due to my personal reasons. However during ;ny last ,.thme ysus tenure at Future Management is unforgettable, I learned many things fi'om thea' , t , i

I tirank you '/ery rnuch fcrr everyf thing this company has offered me, and ;wiflitootl "forwiud ftrr the goocl will of this *o*p*y uu *y nu*e is atso attached to ii i.' l,


Sincerciy y0uisr

, (,(.;n'l \ n r i " ' ' , 2 / -

,r\V,|i:i--.-, \ , r

oI{6?eour'Aiilnecl Lodhi

Sr. intb. Tecllrclogist

g' E ,



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Vital Information Services (Pvt) Ltd.

Atrgust zB, zoog


l2SlC,Jarni Commercial Street 14Phase VII, Defence Housing Authority

Karachi-PakistanTel : (92-21) 5311861-72 (12 Lines)

Fax : (92-21) 53 I 1873E-mail: [email protected]

Website: wwwjcrvis.com.pk


This is to certify that Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Lodhi had been associated with VitalInformation Services (P\t.) Ltd. as an Analyst Programmer/Manager IT for a periodbetween August ;994 andFebruary Lggg.

During the period of his service with the organization the company has enjoyed hisassociation and found him hard working and dedicated. We wish him success in his futureendeavors.

This certificate is being issued on his own request and without any obligation on our part.

n^^tAMuharrffi-Bilht eftabGeneral Manager

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$omplete hard/software solution peoplel

4241, 6th Commercial Street,Phase lV, D.H.S., Karachi 75500, Pakistan.Phone : (2Ll 547739


Certificate of Emplovment

Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Lodhi, was employed with us as a Programmer Business during the

period from Nov 1993 to August 1994. His responsibilities involved in coding the

software in to business applications, he had been active in several projects and completed


He brought a good moral charecter and found dedicated to his assigned jobs. He left the

job for his own interest, and we look forward a better future for him'


USA Office : 631, Howard Avenue, Staten Island, N.Y. 10301 Phone : (718) 390 - 3403