Employability leadership

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  • Just what is it, and why do we need it???

  • Communication Managing Information Numerical Skills Problem solving

  • Positive attitude and behaviours Taking responsibility Adaptability Continuous learning

  • Communication skills86%Team-working skills85%Integrity83%Intellectual ability81%Confidence80%Character/Personality75%Planning and organisational skills74%Literacy (good writing skills)71%Numeracy (good with numbers)68%Analysis and decision-making skills67%

  • Creativity skills to generate ideas

    Risk taking skills to be entrepreneurial

    Relationship-building skills to develop the relationships that support innovation

    Implementation skills to turn ideas into products

  • There are 3 easy (!) steps

  • The development of ones employability attributes and most importantly mapping examples to the list typically sought by employers

    The development of ones self promotional skills

    The willingness to reflect and LEARN

  • Through good quality work placement and part time work where you can develop the skills alongside theoretical understanding.

  • Reflect on what you achieve and your actionsEvaluation of performance and actions based on sound reflectionLearnDevelop

    Personal Development Planning (PDP)