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  • SIMONA ROTA, Instant Village I: Tenerife, 2011

  • January 9 th , 2007: Steve Jobs presents the first i-Phone

  • Facebook users in Millions (benphoster.com)

  • zeroundicipiu.wordpress.comportale dell'architettura made in torino

    2009 2010


    ZEROUNDICIPI.itpiattaforma piemontese per l'architettura contemporanea

    2010 2012


    *books**massa critica*


    OII+independent architecture webzine

    2012 now


    massa criticaomissis


    *stings**editor talks**viceversa*

  • Facebook Instant Articles: the future of journalism?

  • Freedom as a consequence of being inorganic

  • SOCIAL MEDIA RESEARCH FOUNDATION, NodeXL Network visualization

  • Alberto Campo Baeza, House of Infinity, 2014 (find the mistake)

  • 100,000 projects published on Divisare: too much information equals no information?

  • Kamishibai

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