ebXML : Future of SOA?

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Presenter: Wei Lu Email: [email protected] Instructor: Dr. Qusay H. Mahmond Guelph University Canada

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ebXML : Future of SOA?. Presenter: Wei Lu Email: [email protected] Instructor: Dr. Qusay H. Mahmond Guelph University Canada. Outline. E-Business and SOA Web Services Issues What is ebXML ebXML Benefits Conclusion. eBusiness Trend. Online Presence E-Commerce Online Product Delivery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of ebXML : Future of SOA?

  • Presenter: Wei LuEmail: [email protected]: Dr. Qusay H. MahmondGuelph UniversityCanada

  • OutlineE-Business and SOAWeb Services IssuesWhat is ebXMLebXML BenefitsConclusion*

  • eBusiness TrendOnline PresenceE-CommerceOnline Product DeliveryOnline Service DeliveryOnline Business-to-Business Service Delivery


  • Web ServicesBottom-up approach to SOAConsists of three main specifications:Web Services Description Language (WSDL)Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI)Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)*

  • Web Services IssuesOnly provide protocols for interoperation, not defining how the business process should be conductedProprietary extensions and vendor-specific add-ons


  • ebXMLElectronic Business using eXtensible Markup LanguageJoint initiative between United Nations Centre for trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) and Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information standards (OASIS)A set of specifications that enable a modular electronic business frameworkebXML.orgfreebXML.org*

  • ebXML in IndustryOntario Government of CanadaCanada Customs and Revenue AgencyUS Dept. of DefenseUS Center for Disease Control (CDC)Aerospace Industries Assoc. BoeingJapanese Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA-Collaborative EDI) and Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM) - Japanese Kasumi ProjectAustralian National Office of the Information EconomyEuropean ParliamentUK Office of e-EnvoyUK Ministry of Defence Technical InformationUK Inland RevenueBelastingdienst, NetherlandsREACH Government of IrelandHong Kong Univ. & Government - Center for E-commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID)Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce (KIEC)Taiwan Ministry of Economic AffairsAnd more


  • ebXML in SoftwareOracle Oracle 9i Application ServerSun Microsystems JAXMIBM - WebSphereSybase Business Process Integration SuiteSterling Commerce - Sterling IntegratorTIBCO Software ActiveExchangeVitria BusinessWare Integration PlatformwebMethods Integration PlatformAnd more*

  • What is ebXMLA SOA aims to provide specifications for:Business processes & collaboration (ebBP)Collaboration protocol profile and agreements (CPPA)Core data components (CCTS)Messaging (ebMS)Registries and repositoriesConsists of five core componentsISO 15000-1: ebXML Collaborative Partner Profile Agreement (CPPA)ISO 15000-2: ebXML Messaging Service Specification (MSG)ISO 15000-3: ebXML Registry Information Model (RIM)ISO 15000-4: ebXML Registry Services Specification (RS)ISO 15000-5: ebXML Core Components Technical Specification (CCTS)*

  • ebXML Collaborative Partner Profile and Agreement (CPPA)Collaboration Protocol ProfileTechnical capabilities to engage in e-business collaborations with other partnersCollaboration Protocol AgreementAgreed configuration of public, shared aspects of the protocols used in the business collaboration protocols*

  • ebXML Messaging ServicesDelivering Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions within XMLEDI transactions can be orders, shipping, invoices, etc.Not restrict to only EDI documentsMessage can contain payloads of any format typeTransfer over HTTP and SMTPBusiness-level headerApplication-level message authorization*

  • ebXML RegistryebXML Registry Information ModelebXML Registry Services SpecificationContains Collaboration Protocol Profiles*

  • How does ebXML workA service client looks up ebXML registry for service providers Collaboration Protocol Profile (CPP)The CPP describes the providers electronic capabilitiesThe service client then matches the CPP description with its own to find commonalities, and creates a Collaborative Partner Agreement (CPA) to send to the service providerThe service provider validates and accepts the CPA, and the transaction begins*

  • ebXML BenefitsIt defines a business processTop-down approach, provides a common framework for vendors to conduct businessBuilt on existing Web services technologies, such as XML, SOAP, etc*

  • ConclusionebXML solves current issues with Web servicesDefines a common business process which companies can followEliminating vendor-specific extensions by defining industry standardsCan replace current Web services architecture*

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