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Read the scenarios to decide if what is happening occurs in literature, real life, or both.Learning Objective: Make self-text-world connections.

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  • 1. Dystopian Literatureor Real Life

2. Dystopia, Real Life, or Both? Genetically engineered creatures (you mightcall them "muttations") have escaped fromcaptivity and bred with the native animalpopulation, wiping out their non-engineeredcounterparts 3. Dystopian Hunger Games: Mockingjay birds used as spytools 4. Dystopia, Real Life, or Both? Most food is produced in specific agriculturalregions, and is shipped long distances topeople who will eat it. This system is so fragilethat an unexpected event, like a drought or aworker strike, could mean food shortagesacross the country. 5. Both 4 companies control 80% of all beefprocessing. Consolidated lettuce and spinach in Californiahas caused problems in the past When one part breaks down, it puts all theconsumers at risk E. Coli (2006 6. Dystopia, Real Life, or Both The government has the ability to monitorcivilians both in their home as well as in thepublic. 7. Both In the book 1984 the concept of Big Brotheris watching demonstrates the intrusion ofgovernment into civilians privacy. In reallife, through technology, the government hasthe ability to monitor civilians, justifiedthrough the extension of the Patriot Act. 8. Dystopia, Real Life, or Both? New varieties of food have been engineeredto produce their own toxins, killing certainpests that try to eat them. The governmentinsists that these foods are perfectly safe forpeople. 9. Real Life In 2011 engineers developed sweetcorn thatproduces its own pesticide, yet the FDApassed the product as safe to eat. 10. Real LifeAlthough still under consideration from the FDAscientists have produced Salmon to withstaincolder temperatures allowing them to growquicker, therefore reaching market more quickly. 11. Dystopia, Real Life, or Both? One government-supported "muttation" fishsurvives in colder climates by producingantifreeze in its blood. 12. Dystopia, Real Life, or Both? In many agricultural districts, farmers gohungry because they cant afford to buy thefood they grow. 13. Both Farmers are being paid less and less for thecrops they produce, and grocery stores arecharging consumers more and more. 14. Dystopia, Real Life, or Both? The government supports a project tointegrate human DNA into new breeds ofgenetically engineered dogs, to make themsmarter and more useful. 15. Dystopian In Hunger Games, Human DNA has been usedin animal breeding projects 16. Dystopia, Real Life, or Both? Food packaging often contains microscopicnanotechnology to help food stay "fresh" onits long trip from where its grown to theremote districts where its eaten. 17. Real Life Hundreds of projects currently useNanotechnology. 18. Dystopia, Real Life, or Both? To address the countrys hungercrisis, scientists have discovered a way to growmeat in a lab. In time, this could replace theneed for farmers to raise livestock, and couldfurther distance ordinary citizens from theirfood sources. 19. Real Life Dutch scientists have created a way toproduce lab raised meat from animal stem celltissue