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  • 7/25/2019 Bleach - Dystopia


    Bleach: Dystopia1,000 Years after a world gone wrong

  • 7/25/2019 Bleach - Dystopia



    It has been 1,000 years since the death of Genryusei Yamamoto. 1,000 years for Earth to evolve and change.1,000 years for it to destroy itself. But it hasn't. It nearly did, 400 years ago, but it saved itself at the last minute.he !orld that you "no! has changed.

    #ith so many $eo$le in one $lace, over 1 billion $eo$le in the s$ace the rough si%e of &e! Yor" ity, (ollo!attac"s are ram$ant.

    #elcome to...

    Bleach: Dystopia

    Bleach) *ysto$ia is a cam$aign setting set in a !orld 1,000 years beyond the current Bleach timeline. #ithinthese $ages you !ill get the history of the !orld of Bleach) *ysto$ia. +restige +aths uniue to the setting andne! rules to deal !ith ne! situations.

    -even great disasters faced humanity and forged the !orld of Bleach) *ysto$ia. (umanity $ersevered, and

    moved on. (uddled in their megalo$lolises, they forge a ne! destiny.

    his is set in the ara"ura /egalo$olis, but there are si other /egalo$olis' across the globe.

  • 7/25/2019 Bleach - Dystopia


    Making a Character and Racial Changes

    What Level to Start:his cam$aign setting is set for characters of sith level or higher.

    Stat Points:his is a high $o!er cam$aign, as such, you should let your $layers have 40 ability $oints as $er the character

    creation guidelines.

    Acceptable Races:s this cam$aign focuses on the horrors of the !orld and the struggle the good humanity is going through, thefollo!ing races should be banned from $lay) (ollo!, 2ni, -asori, (en$u"u, /amushi, -aiya3in, &ame"se5in,-hin5in, hangeling, i 6sing (uman, ndroid or /a3in. his is also u$ to the G/ as they can include any racethey choose.

    Changes to the races:Shinigami:-hinigami all use *70 /odern atanas no!, hat is their base form and you can still ta"e lternate8an$a"utou 9orm feat to ma"e it different.Quincy:ll :uincies use guns no!, at least the good ma3ority of them. normal uincy has a gun, and gains itas an alternate bo! if they so choose. hey may still ta"e the lternate Bo! 9orm feat.

    Superhumans:&o /echanical hange, /ost as$ire to the -u$erhuman +atroller $restige $athFullbringer:&o /echanical hange, /ost 9ullbringers find themselves in Broods, small cells that sta"e out anarea and live out their lives under the charge of a Broodlord.Soulcaster:&o /echanical hange, /ost as$ire to the -oulcaster /edic $restige $ath.Bounto:*o not eist, he only living Bount is Go oga in -oul -ociety.Kirenketsu:&o /echanical hangeHououza:&o /echanical hangeTora:&o /echanical hangeShougakobou:&o /echanical hangeGaian:&o /echanical hangeLunar:&o /echanical hangeSolar: &o /echanical hange

    Awakene !anpakutou Spirit:!a"ened 8an$a"utou -$irits all use *70 /odern atanas no!, hat is their

    base form and you can still ta"e lternate 8an$a"utou 9orm feat to ma"e it different."orrupte #aces:ny of the corru$ted races !ith a 8enshaba uses the *70 /odern atana no!.

    Accepted Prestige Paths:nything from the ore boo", *ar"ness and -tarlight, the -hin"ou"en3in boo" and the e$anded shin"ou"en3inboo". Geneticist, /echa Engineer, /artial rts /aster, /aster /on", he -urvivor, he -u$erhero, 9ighter or-tance /aster and any $resented here.

    Accepted eats:nything !ithin the ore boo", *ar"ness and -tarlight, the -hin"ou"en3in boo", the E$anded -hin"ou"en3inboo", dvanced Eugenetics, -u$er /echa, Greater (ero, -u$erior (ero, -u$erheroics, Etra ombat ;oll,Etra /artial /astery and any $resented here.

  • 7/25/2019 Bleach - Dystopia


    History of the world, 3013D

    s stated above, seven great disasters sha$e the !orld of Bleach) *ysto$ia. hey are listed in detail belo!.

    !isaster 1:limate hange, 701< = 71746nheeding of the !arnings of scientists, the !orld !as brought to the brin" of destruction through a combination

    of deforestation and an increase in greenhouse gasses. #orld tem$eratures increased, storm systemsincreased in ferocity and the ice ca$s melted, leaving many s$ecies !ithout a home.

    It !asn't until /iami 9lorida !as com$letely submerged under!ater that !arnings !ere heeded, and in the year70>?, a $ro3ect !as s$earheaded using the latest technologies to fi climate change. 2ver the net [email protected] years,scientists !or"ed feverishly over the $ro3ect. #ith no luc", 1A years later, -cience !as ready to give u$ the fight,and allo! the !orld to die.

    hat !as !hen the $rocess of technonatural selection !as discovered. echnonatural selection !as a $rocessof merging technology !ith biological constructs. #ith this technology, several bioengineered forests !ere setu$ across the globe. Each tree in the forest had the carbon dioide $rocessing $o!er of 100 trees that camebefore it !ith oygen scrubbers being introduced to the trees biological ma"eu$.

    hese genetically engineered trees nearly singlehandedly saved humanity. hey !ere allo!ed to gro!unhindered and soon covered a ma3or $ortion of former !asteland li"e *eath alley in he 6nited -tates, andthe -ahara *esert. Even the Island of the *ead in 5a$an !as forged into an 2ygen $roducing $o!erhouse.

    It !asn't the trees alone that saved humanity at this 3uncture. he technology to beam solar energy from s$aceto micro!ave facilities on Earth !as $erfected and $ut into mass $roduction. -oon every roofto$ !as a smallenergy collector, contributing to the entity "no!n only as he Grid.

    !isaster ": #orld #ithout 2il, 70A> = 7107In a !orld that is increasingly reliant on 2il, running out !as $ossibly the !orst thing that could have ha$$ened.But it !as re$orted in [email protected] that the !orld had reached $ea" oil, and !ould run out in about 100 years if currenttrends "e$t u$.

    his s$ar"ed !ars throughout the middle east, as controlling these last oil fields meant riches beyond measureas countries that !ere no! $o!erful !ould grind to a halt !ithout oil. t the end of the 2il #ar, t!o countriescontrolled the !orld's oil su$$ly. Iran and Israel. he remaining countries either became $art of the Israelisu$erstate, or became $art of the Iranian ali$hate.

    In the days follo!ing the 2il #ar, $rices s"yroc"eted for oil as Iran refused to sell to anyone of non/uslimdescent and Israel decided to fuel their o!n e$ansion instead of hel$ing the !orld. his lead to the hird #orld#ar.

    Casting [email protected] years, from 70A0 = 70>@, it !as the most costly !ar in history by monetary and lost life standards.2ver 7 billion lives !ere lost, and the !ar cost over 14 trillion dollars for each side. he Israeli su$erstate on oneside, the Iranian ali$hate on the other, and the !orld caught in the middle. hough once their staunchest ally,he 6nited -tates 3oined !ith hina in a 3oint stri"e against the Israeli ca$ital of 5erusalem !hich destroyedmuch of the city, leaving both the Isrealis and the Iranians irate as the city contained both 5e!ish and /uslim

    artifacts that !ere lost in the stri"e.

    hey 3oined together, for the first time in history, the 5e!s and the /uslims !ere !or"ing to!ards a commongoal, and, by de$riving the !orld of their oil, very nearly !on. he 6nited -tates turned to Ethenol, a corn basedfuel, to survive the !ar and hina turned to!ards -huidDo rnliDo a rice based fuel. #or"ing fervently, the t!ocountries, along !ith most of the !estern !orld and 5a$an soon combined their resources, and found that !hencombined, Ethanol and -huidDo rnliDo created a fuel that !as even more $otent than Gasoline.

    his didn't end the !ar, as 2il had many more uses than 3ust fuel. -cientists soon found a solution to that$roblem as they concocted !hat !ould become "no!n as &eoil a synthetic that, !hile not as easy to ma"e asthe original, had 3ust as many uses.

  • 7/25/2019 Bleach - Dystopia


    nd that !as ho! the !ar ended. #ithout fervor, but !ith a !him$er. he IsraeliIranian su$ercali$hate !asrendered inert and their riches !ere lost. hey soon fell to infighting, forming the seven surviving states that eist!ithin that region today. Iran, Israel, -audi rabia, Ira, +alestine, -yria and he 6nited rab Emirates.

    !isaster #:-ilver's *isa$$earance, [email protected] = 71A>#ith so much technology relying on silver, it !as only a matter of time before F+ea" -ilver !as reached. +ea"-ilver !as the term used to describe !hat ha$$ened !hen !e !ere using more silver than !e !ere $roducing. Itbecame a$$arent after the 2il #ar and the hird #orld #ar that silver !as going to disa$$ear one day, so once

    again the !orld turned to science.

    his !as something ho!ever that science couldn't fi. here !as no synthetic silver, there !as no miracle at thelast minute. he !orld sim$ly ran out of viable silver in [email protected] s silver no! had to be recycled, $ricess"yroc"eted, and soon the !orld !as seeing a ne! shortage, one of money. hose !ith silver lived etravagantlifestyles !hile those !ithout silver did !ithout many things that !e ta"e for granted.

    #ithout silver, the Information ge slo!ly died a !him$ering miserable death as only the rich could affordcom$uters. ell $hones became a thing of the $ast, even cars had to go bac" to the age before the com$uterchi$. -oon the !orld had dro$$ed 700 years of $rogress, ece$t the rich.

    -oon only the government had com$uters, and cell $hones, and other such devices. It decided that no! !as thetime, and in 71A> is $assed a series of la!s !hich lead to *isaster 4.

    !isaster $:he 6ltimatus ct and he #orld 71A> = +resent#ith so many of the $o$ulation in near medieval conditions, it !as easy for $oliticians to convince them that they!ere not safe. hat they needed more government to hel$ them in their daily lives, to tell them ho! to act, !hatto do and !here to go. It !asn't long before the 6ltimatus ct !as $ut int