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Here is info, about Sir Dr. Kalam

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IntroductionCourse : Leadership for IT Project Management Group Name : Tech NutsGroup Admin : Gourav Sharma (30130999) Ravinder RanaVenkata

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Is:

ScientistEngineerProfessorAuthor11th President of IndiaSir. Abdul KalamName Avul Pakir JainulabdeenBorn- 15 October 1931.Died 27 July, 2015. Reason: Hearth AttackHome town- Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu (India)Known for:-Aeronautical and Nuclear ResearchAwards:-Bharat Ratna, International von Krmn Wings Award, Doctor of ScienceEducation: Aerospace Engineering(Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai)Work & Invention Defence Research and Development Organization(D.R.D.O)Indian Space Research Organization. (I.S.R.O)In I.S.R.O Sir Kalam Designed a new Missile AGNINagPrithviAkashTrishulSir Kalam work session5 projects completed in a time Frame

Book Published By Sir. Kalam

Motivation:He motivated the people especially the youth power by becoming the youth icon by his work Always emphasis on the holistic development of societyHave had vision and imagination of the future

Communicate:-Exceptional communication skillsAlways involves the audience in his speechConducting high impact conversations

Lead:-He lead his team by always focusing on the mission to give the opportunity to the people connect anywhere no matter where they are.

Views and LeadershipKalam was a democratic leader focuses more on people relationship in the organization.Kalam always encourage the subordinates to share their individual ideas.Kalam gave chance to subordinates to give suggestion to improve the project

Key elements of LeadershipPassion:-Committed about the work and charged all times by chasing something you believe .People:-Build strong relation between people to achieve the goals and to make the vision complete.Product:- He believe in innovation to make that product to enhance the ideas of the people.Partnership:-Always believe to make a strong & powerful partnerships with people who filled with great imagination.Purpose:-Find out the purpose and have a meaningful movement to create a great product.

Stories of their successA poor boy who used to work as hacker in childhood later become the President of the NationHe was named as Missile Man as he made various missiles for indiaHe wrote many inspirational books based on Technology, Imagination, youth power and become most popular president of India. Why I appeal Dr. KalamHave a dreamThink bigStart smallBelieve in yourselfFollow your passionBe prepared for criticismBe diligentBe focusedLearn to take riskStick to the processHis Personality traitsBecause of their characteristics:Motivation, communication, leadBecause of their leadership style:Passion, people, product, partnership, purposeBecause of their Mission:Global sharing, Connections Lessons for project managersThey should be passionate towards their workThey should have to interact with their subordinates and also try to gain some new ideas from them.They should have to make friendly environment in the organisation.They have to break their boundaries and try to do something extraordinary

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