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  • 8/3/2019 Dont Blame



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    old weather always corrplicates hings a bit, in surnmeryou're so close o the world, skin againstskin, but now ar six_thirty his wife is waiting for him at a srore o choosea weddingpresent, f's late and he realizes t's cold, you've got to put onthe blue swearer, usr anything that gaeswell with the grey suit,fall is nothing trut putting on and putling off swearers, losingoneself n, keepingdisrances.Without really fssling like it , hewhistles a tango while moving away from the open window,rummages or the swearer n the closetand startsputting it onin front of the rnirror. It's not easy,maybe because f ttre shirtthat sticks o the wool of the sweater,and he has rouble forcinghis arm through the hole; lirtle by litde his handadvances ntilat last a finger appears rom the cuff of blue wool, but in theevenisg iight rhe finger looks wrinkled and bent inwards, like aLrlack ail with a sharprip. With one quick movementhe pullshis arm our of the sleeve nd staresat his hand as f ir were nothis own, but now thar it's outside the sweaterhe sees t's justthe samehandasalways and he lets t fall at the endof his limparrn, but it occurs o him that maybe it would be better ro pur I{l1iA+5

  • 8/3/2019 Dont Blame


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  • 8/3/2019 Dont Blame


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  • 8/3/2019 Dont Blame


    Sunnsl, l FrctroN I NTsnbiATIoNALand throw himself back, covering himself with the left handwhich is his hand, that is all he has left to defend him frominside the sleeve, to pull at the sweater'scollar upwards, andthe blue web is spun around his face oncemore, while he pickshimself up to run away some place else, to reachac ast someplacewithout the hand, without the sweater,someplacewherethere is only fragrant air to envelop him and.accompanyhimand caresshim and rwelve floors down.

    Translatedu AlbertoMangael

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