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  • 1. Currency World Cafe Which currency supports my / our intention ? Find your favourite on 1 of 4 tables Money based Time based Crypto currencies Colourcash

2. Table 1 Money based currencies 3. Money based permacredits 4. Money based LETS Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) Keep money in the region Value is connected to a place Interest free Can't be bought for money 5. Money based Brixton Pound Valid in Brixton, London For sale in Pound Sterling Cash, Notes & Text Messaging 10% extra purchasing power Income is mixture of / B 6. Money based Barter Business swapping goods When there is no capital to finance trade Every transaction is charged trade euro 7. Table 2 Time based 8. Time Based LETS hours Value = time Exchange of services Validity limited to a location All hours are equal No interest 9. Minuto Every participant issues vouchers 60 minuto = 1 hour of quality performance = 30 euro (in 2010) Inflation free and local Current until return to issuer / 3 years +2 persons surety 10. Table 3 Internet & Crypto currencies 11. VEN Global digital p2p currency For everyone, issued by Hub Culture Value floats between regular currencies, bulk goods and CO2 futures 12. Crypto eGulden eGulden open source peer-to-peer crypto currency. send and receive direct, secure transfers from everyone in the world who also has a eGulden wallet. No banks or transaction costs involved making payments 13. Crypto Bitcoin Electronic coin Contains cryptographic cyphers Number of bitcoins is limited by maths to 21 million Harvesting bitcoins costs processing time = energy Transactions are secured but not 100% anonymous, even for bitcoin-protocol users Mutually exchange Bitcoin claim it is like gold - limited volume 14. Internet Ripple Social network community currency Peer-to-peer Looks like Online Lets with user who trust each other Pay to untrusted peers using a series of trusted peers. Value of XRP floats on the market 15. Table 4 Colourcash 16. Colourcash 3D or 6D system to approach ecologic value Goal = balance Transparency, responsibility Matter within lifecycle, outside life cyce and energy are counted for seperately Value is related to a natural product or utensil using S.I units like Watt, kg