Director( - LIFESIZE ENTERTAINMENT · Director(Avdotya&Smirnova&Screenplayby Avdotya&Smirnova&...

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Transcript of Director( - LIFESIZE ENTERTAINMENT · Director(Avdotya&Smirnova&Screenplayby Avdotya&Smirnova&...

  • Director  Alexey  Uchitel  Screenplay  by  Advotya  Smirnova  Director  of  Photography  Yury  Klimenko,  Pavel  Kostomarov  Production  Designer  Eugene  Mitta  Music  by  Alexey  Goribol  Costume  designer  Elena  Suprun  Producer  Alexey  Uchitel  Cast  Irina  Pegova,  Pavel  Barshak,  Eugeny  Tsyganov,  Eugeny  Grishkovets  Production  Rock  Films  with  the  support  of  the  Federal  Agency  for  Culture  and  Cinematography  Country  of  production  Russia  Time  90  min  Genre  Melodrama  Budget  $  0,4  mln    

    Today’s   twenty-‐something   Russians   are   the   first   generation   in   the   country’s   post-‐communist   history   to   have  grown  up  free.  Their  twenties  are  the  age  of  freedom,  of  fast-‐changing  events  and  intense  emotions.  Perhaps  only  at  this  age  they  can  live  a  whole  life  in  one  day.    A  young  girl  and  her  two  accident  companions  walk  halfway  around  St.-‐Petersburg;  they  flirt  and  tease  each  other,  and  for  ninety  minutes  they  act  out  a  real-‐time  romantic  drama.  This  stroll   is  full  of   laughter  and  tears  against  a  backdrop  of  the  hustle  and  bustle  of  the  streets  and  some  mystifying  secret  that  keeps  the  audience  in  suspense.  In  the  end,  the  mystery  is  resolved,  forever  uniting  the  story  with  the  city.  St.  Petersburg  has  never  been  seen  like  this  before.  The  city  is  not  shown  as  a  phantom,  museum,  specter  or  ruin.  This  is  Petersburg  on-‐line,  a  beautiful,  busting  city,  in  which  young  Russian  Europeans  live  and  suffer  freely  and  easily.  Selected  Awards:  International   Film   Festival  Cottbus   2003:   Special   Jury   Prize   for   the  Outstanding  Artistic   Solution,   FIPRESCI   Prize,   Boulder  Prize;  International  Film  Festival  Cleveland  2003:  Best  Film;  International  Film  Festival  Syracuse  2003:  Best  Film;  Window  to  Europe  Film  Festival  2003:  Grand  Prix,  Best  Director,  Best  Female  Character;  The  National  Academy  of  Motion  Picture  Arts  and  Sciences  of  Russia  "Golden  Eagle"  2003:  the  Best  Actress,  Nominee  for  the  Best  Film,  Best  Photography,  Best  Screenplay,  Best  Actor  in  Supporting  Role;  National  Academy  Awards  Nika  2003:  Nominee  for  the  Best  Screenplay,  Best  Actor  in  Supporting  Role;  XXV  Moscow  International  Film  Festival  2003:  Main  Competition  Program,  Russian  Cinema  Club  Federation  Prize.     2  

  • Director  Alexey  Uchitel  Screenplay  by  Alexander  Mindadze  Director  of  Photography  Yury  Klimenko  Production  Designer  Vera  Zelinskaya  Music  by  Leonid  Desyatnikov  Producer  Alexey  Uchitel  Cast  Eugeny  Mironov,  Irina  Pegova,  Eugeny  Tsyganov,  Elena  Lyadova,  Dmitry  Mulyar  Production    Rock  Films  with  the  support  of  the  Federal  Agency  for  Culture  and  Cinematography  Country  of  production  Russia  Time  87  min  Genre  Drama  Budget  $  2,1  mln    

    The  USSR,  1957  –  time  of  hope  and  genuine  belief  that  the  future  will  undoubtedly  be  bright.  The  Soviet  satellite  is  conquering  space,  and  on  the  Earth,  in  a  little  port  city,  the  bright  beaming  eyes  of  Konyok  and  Lara  -‐  a  naive  restaurant  cook  and  his  waitress  girlfriend  -‐  follow  the  movement  of  the  satellite  with  hope  and  excitement.  Their  romance  is  disrupted  by  the  appearance  of  a  mysterious  stranger,  Gherman.  He  knows  for  sure  that  one  can  not  run  away  from  this  country.  One  can  only    fly.  Or  swim.  The  guys  are  absolutely  different:  the  first  is  a  provincial  and  simple  one,  the  other  is  a  cynical  newcomer  from  the  big  world.  Their  strange  relationship  resembles  boxing  which  was  the  initial  reason  of  their  acquaintance:  it  is  kicked  off  with  punches,  blood,  and  cut  lips.  But  everything  that  happens  to  them  makes  them  closer  and  closer  –  but  how  will  it  end?  Selected  Awards:  The  National  Academy  of  Motion  Picture  Arts  and  Sciences  of  Russia  "Golden  Eagle"  2005:  Best  Screenplay,  Best  director,  Nominee  for  the  Best  Film,  Best  Photography,  Best  Actor,  Best  Production  Director,  Best  Sound;  XXVII  Moscow  International  Film  Festival  2005:  Golden  George  for  the  Best  Film;  National  Academy  Awards   Nika   2005:   Best   Photography,   Best  Actor,   Nominee   for   the   Best   Screenplay,   Best  Feature  Film,  Best  Costume  Designer;  ArtfilmFest  2006:  Best  Photography  Work;  Montreal  Festival  du  Nouveau  Cinema  2006:  Special  Jury  Mentioning;  VII  KinoRurik  Film  Festival  2006:  Best  Film;  The  National  Russian  Cinema  Press  and  Critics  Award  "Zolotoy  Oven"  2006:  Best  Actor,  Best  Screenplay.     3  

  •  Director  Katya  Shagalova  Screenplay  by  Katya  Shagalova  Director  of  Photography  Eugeny  Sinelnikov  Production  Designer    Masha  Petrova  Producer  Alexey  Uchitel  Cast  Elena  Lyadova,  Nikolay  Ivanov,  Sergey  Kachanov,  Elena  Galibina,  Maria  Zvonareva,  Angelika  Nevolina  Production  Rock  Films,  Dingo  with  the  support  of  the  Federal  Agency  for  Culture  and  Cinematography  Country  of  production  Russia  Time  72  min  Genre  Melodrama  Budget  $  1  mln    

    "Pavlov's  Dog"  is  a  debut  for  several  members  of  its  crew,  including  the  screenwriter  and  director  Katya  Shagalova,  and  the  cinematographer  Evgeny  Sinelnikov.  The  film  reminds  of  Milos  Forman's  "One  Flew  Over  The  Cuckoo's  Nest".  But  the  conflict  here  is  not  between  doctors  and  patients,  but  rather  between  freedom  and  captivity.  The  film  centers  on  the  story  of  Ksenia  and  Maxim,  two  twenty-‐year-‐olds,  who  meet  each  other  in  the  sanatorium  and  fall  in  love.  Ksenia  is  an  alchoholic,  Maxim  is  suicidal.  They  have  been  both  sent  here  by  their  relatives,  who  did  not  want  to  deal  with  their  children  and  their  problems.  Gradually  it  becomes  clear  that  the  characters,  betrayed  by  their  relatives,  kept  inside  the  sanatorium,  constrained  by  regimes  and  the  cult  of  work  therapy,  are  healthier  and  freer  than  many  of  those  who  live  outside.    Selected  Awards:  Window  to  Europe  Film  Festival  2005:  President  of  XIII  Russian  Film  Festival  Prize;  XXVII  Moscow  International  Film  Festival  2005:  Russian  Program  Participant;  Black  Nights  Film  Festival  2005:  Panorama  Program  Participant;  Pacific  Meridian  International  Film  Festival  2006:  Film  Festival  General  Sponsor  Prize;  Film  Festival  Stalker  2006:  Grand  Prix  for  the  Best  Film,  Guild  of  Cinema  Critics  Prize;  Open  Russian  Film  Festival  "Amurskaya  Osen"  2006:  Best  Debut,  Best  Director,  Special  Producer  Prize.    


  • Director  Avdotya  Smirnova  Screenplay  by  Avdotya  Smirnova  Director  of  Photography  Sergey  Machilsky  Production  Designer  Andrei  Vasin  Music  by  Boris  Grebenschikov,  Alexey  Steblev,  Petr  Klimov  Costume  Designer  Ksenia  Yarmolnik  Producer  Alexey  Uchitel  Cast   Anna   Mikhalkova,   Mikhail   Porechenkov,   Dmitry   Shevchenko,   Anastasia   Seglia,   Irina   Rozanova,   Leonid  Yarmolnik,  Alexey  Popogrebsky,  Andrey  Proshkin  Production    Rock  Films  with  the  support  of  the  Federal  Agency  for  Culture  and  Cinematography  Country  of  production  Russia  Time  83  min  Genre  Melodrama  Budget  $  1  ,3  mln    Ilya   lives   in  Moscow,  Nina   lives   in  St.  Petersburg.   Ilya  has  a  beautiful  wife  and  a  daughter,  Nina’s  husband   is  an  artist,   and   they   have   a   young   son.   Nina   occasionally   travels   to  Moscow   to   see   her   partners   in   the   publishing  industry.   Ilya  sometimes  comes  to  St.  Petersburg  on  business.  But  more  often  they  are  in  the  train  between  St.  Petersburg  and  Moscow  just  to  see  each  other.  Because  they  have  an  affair.    This   film   is   about   the   second   love,   which   always   comes   in   the   wrong   time,   and   which   can   be   the   greatest  happiness  as  well  as  the  greatest  disaster.  It  is  about  two  people  struggling  to  be  free,  who  discover  that  freedom  can  be  more  difficult  to  relinquish  than  to  acquire…  Selected  Awards:  Open  Russian  Film  Festival  Kinotavr  2006:  Best  Debut;  Film  Festival  Kino-‐Yalta  2006:  Best  Actress;  Montreal  World  Film  Festival  2006:  Focus  on  World  Cinema  Program  Participant;  International  Film  Festival  Cottbus  2006:  Spectrum  Program  Participant;  The  National  Academy  of  Motion  Picture  Arts  and  Sciences  of  Russia  "Golden  Eagle"  2006:  Best  Actress;  International  Family  Film  Festival  2007:  Contemporary  Foreign  Cinema;  Camerimage  Film  Festival,  15th  edition:  European  Cinema  Review;  Spirit  of  Fire  Film  Festival  2007:  New  Russian  Cinema.  


  • Director  Maria  Mozhar    Screenplay  by  Maria  Mozhar  Director  of  Photography  Alexander  Smirnov  Production  Designer    Andrey  Vasin  Music  by  Pavel  Karmanov  Producer  Alexey  Uchitel  Cast  Julia  Aug,  Elena  Yatsko,  Aksel  Shrik,  Gennady  Garbuk,  Olesya  Pukhovaya  Production  Rock  Films,  BELARUSFILM  with  the  support  of  the  Federal  Agency  for  Culture  and  Cinematography  and  the  Belorussian  Culture  Ministry  Cinematography  Department  Countries  of  production  Russia,  Belorussia  Time  78  min  Genre  Drama  Budget  $  1  mln    

    Belorussia,  summer  1942.  The  war  has  moved  on,  far  off  to  the  east.  The  life  of  a  small  town  where  the  German  authorities  of  the  region  have  set  themselves  up  is  getting  back  to  "normal".  The  Germans  study  Russian,  flirt  with   the   local   girls,   the   women   wash   their   clothes   and   feed   them.  They   have   to   carry   on   somehow…   But  suddenly   the   teenage  son  of   the  film’s  heroine  decides   to   run  away   to   the  partisans  and  blows  up  a  German  train  so  that  they  could  accept  him.  He  gets  caught  and  the  Germans  have  to  execute  him   in  order  "to  teach  others  a  lesson".  That’s  the  order  and  it  can’t  be  disobeyed.  The  Germans  know  that  this  execution  will  bring  an  end  to  their  peaceful  lives.  The  local  commandant  understands  this  better  than  anyone  as  he  is  already  involved  in  a  close  relationship  with  the  boy’s  mother.  But  he  can’t  ignore  an  order  from  his  commanders  …    

    Selected  Awards:  Baltic  Debuts  Film  Festival  2007:  Best  Female  Character;  Brigantina  Film  Festival  2007:  Grand  Prix;  Kino-‐Yalta  International  Film  Festival  2007:  Special  Mentioning  by  the  Jury;  VI   National   Festival   of   Belorussian   Films   in   Brest   2007:   Best   Male   Actor,   Special   Prize   "Best   Debut   in   the  Cinema";  XIV  Minsk  International  Film  Festival  "Listapad-‐2007":  Special  Diploma  of  the  International  Jury  "For  fidelity  to  traditions   and   aspiration  of   the  new  decision  of   a   theme  of  World  War   II",  Special   Prize   "Best  Co-‐production  Russian-‐Belorussian  Project".     6  

  • Director  Alexey  Uchitel    Screenplay  by  Vladimir  Makanin  with  Timofey  Dekin    Director  of  Photography  Yury  Klimenko    Production  Designer    Andrey  Vasin    Music  by  Leonid  Desyatnikov    Producer  Alexey  Uchitel    Co-‐Producers  Dimitar  Gotchev  (Bulgaria),  Kira  Saksaganskaya  Cast  Vyatcheslav  Krikunov,  Petr  Logachov,  Irakly  Mskhalaia,  Julia  Peresild,  Sergey  Umanov,  Andrey  Feskov,    Tagir  Rakhimov,  Dagun  Omayev,  Raisa  Gichayeva,  Larisa  Shamsadova  Production   Rock   Films   with   the   support   of   the   Federal   Agency   for   Culture   and   Cinematography   in   co-‐production   with  Camera  (Bulgaria),  National  Film  Center  (Bulgaria)    Countries  of  production  Russia,  Bulgaria    Time  80  min    Genre  War  Drama    Budget  $  1  ,3  mln  

    Based  on  the  story  “The  Prisoner  from  the  Caucasus”  by  Vladimir  Makanin  Two  Russian  soldiers  walk  over   the  mountains  and  through  the  gorges  of  Chechnya:   the  seasoned  and   laconic  Rubakhin  and  the  cheerful  and  frivolous  rifleman,  Vovka.  They  are  walking  through  the  hot  day  searching  for  a  guide   to   lead   their   convoy   out   of   an   ambush.  Only   a   local  who   knows   the   trails   can   do   it.   But   the   locals   are  enemies,  so  they’ll  have  to  take  one  captive.  And  then  -‐  a  chase,  a  throw,  a  punch,  and  a  capture.  An  enemy’s  taken  captive  and  it  doesn’t  matter  that  he’s  still  a  boy…    The   soldiers  walk   through   the   summer  heat.  Next   to   them  a  war   is  going  on.  And  here   -‐   two  commanders,   a  Russian  and  a  Chechen.  The  war  has  long  been  over  between  them,  but  it  is  still  inside  of  them  and  around  them.  It  is  in  the  listless  trading  of  arms  and  food,  in  the  unkind  jokes…    But  suddenly  in  this  unbridled  rush,  a  humane  relationship  appears,  a  relationship  beyond  the  control  of  army  regulations  or  politics  but  under  the  control  of  beauty.  The  kind  of  relationship  that  has  no  place  here.  Because  the  air  is  already  charged  with  tremendous  tension  and  the  militants  are  moving  closer  and  closer.    Selected  Awards:  43rd  Karlovy  Vary  International  Film  Festival  2008:  Best  Director;  International  Film  Festival  Cottbus  2008:  Grand  Prix  and  Dialogue  Prize;  International  Cinematographers  Film  Festival  Manaki  Brothers  2008:  Bronze  Camera  300;  Australia  International  Film  Festival  2008:  Critics  Prize,  Audience  Prize;  Cinema  Critics  Awards  "Bely  Slon"  2008:  Best  Photography.    


  • Director  Yury  Bykov    Screenplay  by  Yury  Bykov    Director  of  Photography  Ivan  Burlakov    Production  Designer    Andrey  Vasin    Music  by  Yury  Bykov    Producer  Alexey  Uchitel    Co-‐Producer  Kira  Saksaganskaya    Cast   Denis   Shvedov,   Vladislav   Toldykov,   Alexey   Komashko,   Sergey   Zharkov,   Konstantin   Strelnikov,   Sergey  Sosnovsky,  Sergey  Belya  Production  Rock  Films  with  the  support  of  the  Ministry  of  Culture  of  Russian  Federation  Country  of  production  Russia    Time  72  min    Genre  Drama    Budget  $  1,3  mln    

    Early   autumn,   godforsaken   Russian   countryside.   A   local   hunter   Michail   witnesses   a   skirmish   in   the  middle   of   the   forest   -‐   three   men   want   to   kill   the   forth,   Andrey.   Kind-‐hearted   Michail   helps   Andrey  escape  and  together  they  run  from  the  villains  who  chase  them.  Thus,  two  totally  different  men  start  a  long   and   dangerous   journey   together,   constantly   arguing   with   each   other   regarding   their   ideology,  morals  and  opinions  about   life.  But   life  will  put  everything  on   its  place  and  make  the  men  understand  who  they  really  are.    

    Selected  Awards:  Open  Russian  Film  Festival  Kinotavr  2009:  Competition  Program;  III  All-‐national  Actors  and  Directors  Film  Festival  "Zolotoy  Fenix"  2010:  Debut  Prize;  International  Film  Festival  Cottbus  2010:  Russian  Days  Program;  XXXII  Moscow  International  Film  Festival  2010:  Young  Russian  Cinema  Program;  Göteborg  International  Film  Festival  2010:  Participant;  Film  Festival  Stalker  2010:  the  Stalker  Prize  for  the  Best  Debut;  Spirit  of  Fire  Film  Festival  2010:  Debut  Program;  Taipei  International  Film  Festival  2011:  Special  Jury  Prize.  


  • Director  Alexandra  Strelyanaya    Screenplay  by  Alexandra  Strelyanaya    Director  of  Photography  Alexander  Demyanenko    Production  Designer    Sergey  Anisimov  Music  by  Alexander  Laneev    Producer  Alexey  Uchitel    Co-‐Producer  Kira  Saksaganskaya  Cast  Yana  Yesipovich,  Rosa  Hayrullina,  Elena  Kalinina,  Oleg  Garkusha,  Daniil  Shigapov,  Vadim  Skvirskiy,  Natalia  Burmistrova  Production  Rock  Films,  Gorky  Film  Studio  with  the  support  of  the  Ministry  of  Culture  of  the  Russian  Federation    Country  of  production  Russia    Time  89  min    Genre  Drama    Budget  $  1,2  mln    

    "Dry  Valley"  is  the  first  full  feature  film  by  Alexandra  Strelyanaya.  The  film  is  based  on  the  famous  novel  written  by  Nobel  Prize  laureate  Ivan  Bunin.  This  story  unites  the  destinies  of  the  landowners  and  their  servants,  and  is  considered  to  be  one  of  the  most  complete  portraits  of  the  Russian  life  in  the  late  XIX  century.  It  takes  place  in  Dry  Valley,  a  village  owned   by   the   noble   family   of   Khrushevs.  The   story   tells   about  Natalia,   a   young   and   naive   girl  who  serves   in  their  country  house.  We  see  and  experience  her   love,  dedication  to  her  masters,  mysticism,  exile,  betrayal  and  faith,  while   the  Dry  Valley   is   falling  to  pieces,  slowly  but   inevitably,  as  well  as   the  lives  of  its  inhabitants.    Selected  Awards:  Hamburg  International  Film  Festival:  Competition  Program;  International  Film  Festival  in  India:  Cinema  of  the  World;  Shanghai  Film  Festival:  Competition  Program;  13th  Shukshin  Film  Festival:  Grand  Prix;  Deboshir  Filmfest  2011:  Diploma  for  Love  to  Art-‐house.     9  

  • Director    Pavel  Ruminov  Screenplay  by  Pavel  Ruminov,  Tikhon  Kornev    Director  of  Photography  Fedor  Lyass    Production  Designer  Katya  Scheglova  Music  by  Alexander  Ivanov  Producers  Alexey  Uchitel,  Kira  Saksaganskaya,  Vladimir  Zelensky,  Sergey  Shefir,  Boris  Shefir,  Andrey  Yakovlev,  Georgy  Malkov  Cast  Maria  Shalaeva,  Roma  Zenchuk,  Maria  Semkina,  Ivan  Volkov,  Alisa  Khazanova  Production  Kvartal  95  Studio,  Enjoy  Movies,  Rock  Films  with  the  support  of  the  Ministry  of  Culture  of  the  Russian  Federation    Country  of  production  Russia    Time  93  min  Genre  Drama    Budget  $  1,4  mln    Inna  is  single,  pretty,  successful  and  cheerful.  She  is  a  typical  new  Russian  comfortable  middle  class  young  woman,  working  as  a  manager  at  a  Moscow  restaurant  where  she  is  surrounded  with  respect  and  love  of  her  colleagues.  Apart  from  that,  she  has  a  very  special  person  in  her  life  -‐  her  6-‐year-‐old  son  Mitya.  The  little  boy  is  the  centre  of  her  universe,  her  best  friend  and  ally.  But   one   day  Mitya   sees   his  mum  with   a   bandage   on   her   head.   Inna   tells   him   that   she   had   a   car   accident,   but   the   truth   is  ruthless  -‐  brain  tumor…  Knowing  that  she  will  die  soon,  Inna  starts  looking  for  foster  parents.  Inna’s  twisted  journey  of  anxiety,  weakness  and  dismay  will   lead  to  unexpected  encounters,  rediscovering  her  strength,  self-‐restraint  and  in  the  end  –  hope.  Selected  Awards:  Open  Russian  Film  Festival  Kinotavr:  Grand  Prix;  Warsaw  Film  Festival:  Competition  Program;  Open  Russian  Film  Festival  "Amurskaya  Osen"  2012;  Best  Actress  Award;  Window  to  Europe  Film  Festival  2012:  People’s  Choice  Award  Moscow  Premiere  Film  Festival;  Pacific  Meridian  International  Film  Festival;  International  Film  Festival  Cottbus  2012:  Competition  Program;  Molodist  Kyiv  International  Film  Festival;  Kinotavr  Program;  6th  Russian  Film  Festival  "Sputnik  Over  Poland":  Competition  Program;  Honfleur  Russian  Film  Festival  in  France;    Russian  Films  Festival  in  Jerusalem;  Russian  Films  Festival  in  London;  "Luchezarniy  Angel"  International  Film  Festival:  Best  Actress  Award,  Best  Feature  Award;  International  Human  Rights  Film  Festival  "Stalker":  Best  Feature  Award,  Best  Actress  Award.        


  • Director  Alexandra  Strelyanaya  Screen  play  by  Alexandra  Strelyanaya  Director  of  Photography  Alexandra  Strelyanaya  Production  Designer  Mabruk  Duvanov  Music  by  Alexander  Laneev  Producer  Alexey  Uchitel  Co-‐producer  Kira  Saksaganskaya,  Alexandra  Strelyanaya  Cast  Ilya  Rigin,  Taisia  Krammi,  Elena  Kalinina  Production  Rock  Films,  Studio  Kolomna  with  the  support  of  the  Ministry  of  Culture  of  the  Russian  Federation    Country  of  production  Russia  Time  88  min  Genre  Romantic  drama  Budget  $  1,3  mln  

     Whatever  he  was  doing  in  his  turbulent  Moscow  student  life,  he  always  dreamed  of  the  Northern  Sea.  Whenever  she  went  poaching  at  the  sea  side,  like  all  her  friends,  she  was  dreaming  of  the  high  sky  and  the  impossible  love.  When  the  summer  came  he  decided  to  break  away  from  Moscow  to  breathe  the  fresh  salty  air  of  the  sea.  That’s  when  they  met.  That’s  when  they  fell  in  love.  A  young  director,  he  sees  cinema  all  around  him,  a  true  dreamer,  she’s  high  with  their  love.  This  summer  brings  them  as  close  as  only  possible  but  what  will  happen  when  it  comes  to  an  end?      Selected  Awards:  International  Film  Festival  "Spirit  of  Fire"  in  Khanty-‐Mansiysk:  a  special  prize  "For  the  preservation  of  cultural  traditions"  from  the  company  "Gazprom  oil"  and  a  special  jury  prize  "For  the  successful  combination  of  documentary  and  feature  film."  Festival  “Dvizhenie"  in  Omsk-‐  actress  Taisia  Krammi  won  the  prize  for  Best  Actress.