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Its a powerpoint about the 1950s

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  • 1. Museum EntranceRoom OneRoom TwoRoomThreeWelcome to theMuseum of the 1950s American Suburbia$5entryBackWallArtifact

2. Suburbia/Difference between rural,suburban and urban areasRoom 1ReturntoEntryArtifact1Artifact2 3. 741 479 - This image shows the difference betweensuburban,rural, and urban. Suburban- an outlying district of a city Urban-its a city/town rural- countrysideReturn toExhibitArtifact 1 4. picture depicts a suburban community thatlies outside of city life.Return toExhibitArtifact 2 5. areas are towns or cities they are mostlybusiness areas with little residential areas.Return toExhibitArtifact 3 6. guidetoruralliving.comRural areas are places away from modernlife.They are the countryside where a lot offarming areas are and very few if anyneighbors.Return toExhibitArtifact 4 7. Family Life in the 1950sRoom 2ReturntoEntry 8. 1170 1086 - hardbullets.wordpress.comIn the 50s, families were portrayed as moreunified and positive. In this time it seemed as autopian society where everything was goingpositive and great for family life and values.Return toExhibitArtifact 5 9. 300 297 - sodahead.comThis picture shows how family lifein the 1950s were a good bunch.They took family time serious andspent a lot of time together.Return toExhibitArtifact 6 10. urlThe ideal wife had a busy life. She spent thewhole day dressed up (in heels and a dress) toimpress. They had to cook, clean, c, watch thekids, shop for food, care for her hubby, and hadto pretend as if she like it!Return toExhibitArtifact 7 11. This is what the ideal family looked like in the1950s. They often spent time together alwaysate together and cared for each other greatly.They are much different from the families of ourtime.Return toExhibitArtifact 8 12. Gender Specific RolesRoom 3ReturntoEntryArtifact12Artifact10 13. 382 360 - social.rollins.eduIn the 50s the role of womenwere usually expected to bein household duties ofhousewives and had to takecare of the family while theman went out to finance thefamily.Return toExhibitArtifact 9 14. Men were expected to have ahigher education than women andattended college. At this timewomen were considered not fitenough for higher education.Return toExhibitArtifact 10 15. the 1950s little kids were morerespectful than the modern children wehave today. They said their prayers inchurch , they actually did what theywere told and respected their eldersgreatly. They werent near as manybad influences as we are today.Return toExhibitArtifact 11 16. urlThey were the working man. They were strict buthice with their kids. They were there to provide forthe family and teach the kids morals and lessonsneeded for life.Return toExhibitDADDIES 17. Citation Page"Family Life in the 1950s." Buzzle. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Aug. 2014.Kentbrooks.I was just thinking.26 Aug. 2014.***Retromodgirl***.***Retromodgirl***.29 Aug. 2014.