Did I say behind the scenes

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Photos from behind the scenes of our band filming

Transcript of Did I say behind the scenes

  • The band having a quick practice whilst Bethany sorts out the guitar strap crisis and Rene speaks to the band

  • Bethany addressing the guitar strap crisis

  • Lead singer Alex having a practice

  • Our band banner!!!!

  • The legendary drum kit

  • Ryan, one of our guitarist having a practice

  • Bethany enlisting the help of Youssef to sort out.you guessed itTHE GUITAR STRAP CRISIS!!!

  • Rene sorting out the music on the iPod for the band.

  • Drummer Abdul,doing his thing!!

  • Youssef setting up the camera

  • Alex giving Ryan some help

  • Abdul doing some AIR DRUMMING!!!!!

  • Ryan and Alexabout to begin

  • Abdul rocking out behind the drums