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Transcript of Design in Acrylics - · PDF fileDesign in Acrylics 03 14 2216 The PLEXIGLAS® Magazine...

  • Design in Acrylics

    03 1614 22

    The PLEXIGLAS Magazine 2 0 1 3 N o. 1 3

    Going on tour a band performs on a unique kind of stage

    Driving in style visionary car with flowing forms

    Fabulous furnishing items that fit into any setting yet catch the eye

    Chilling out guests at a London hotel can bask in luxury

    12 Attracting the crowds a special musical scale draws visitors to Vienna

    Casting offA trailer that turns into a boat

  • 2

    A Moment in TimeThese little cubes on a string look like chunks of black and white liquorice. You can almost taste their sweetness just by looking at them. But wait a minuteinstead of being soft and dull, they are shiny and have smooth, hard edges. A closer look reveals they are made of colored PLEXIGLAS. Each cube con-sists of four black and white rectangles that are strung together to form a necklace. Swiss artist Hansruedi Bader crafts these and other unique artistic items by hand.

    Michael Trxler,Senior Vice President,Acrylic Polymers Business Line

    Design can be pared-down or eccentric, playful or minimalist. The possibilities are endless. But whatever style designers envision, many of them have the same inten-tiontheir design should be unmistakable. Unique. Immediately recognizable. That applies both to the curved lines of an automobile, the noble equipment of a luxury hotel in London, and the elegant look of a furniture brand. To realize their visions, designers need the right materials. Such as PLEXIGLAS. This not only enables a huge variety of shapes, its properties also contribute to the overall impression, such as a fascinating play of colors in a pendant lamp. We present examples like this in each issue of our magazine, which has just won three Awards of Excellence (cover page, layout, photography) in the customer publications category B2B at the International Corporate Media Awards (ICMA).

    I wish you an inspiring read!

    Dear Reader:

  • 3Stage construction

    It was number 1 in the sales charts in 81 countries, and is still a popular

    title to this day: You're my heart, you're my soul, I'll keep it shining everywhere I go, sings Thomas Anders. The gentle-man of music, as he is sometimes called, still hits the spot with audiences every-where when he sings this song from his days as lead singer of Modern Talking. But this time, its not just his voice and his songs that enchant people, its the un-usual setting too. Together with the Noble Composition band, the singer stands on a stage made of PLEXIGLAS.

    Thomas Bleser is the man behind the idea of making a stage from a trans-parent material, and creating a highly unusual optical effect. He founded and manages Noble Composition together with Herbert Jsch. Our clients kept asking us to get Udo Jrgens [acrylic] Schimmel piano up on the stage. That gave me the idea that this fantastic ma-terial must be capable of even greater things.

    On tourOne year later, this idea has come to fru-ition and will go on tour in fall this year. Noble Composition is now the proud owner of the one and only stage made of PLEXIGLAS in all of Europe. It can be installed in a size of 10 by 10 meters, is made of 12mm thick PLEXIGLAS Satinice 0F00 SC and has one matte satin surface.

    Lars Brennecke, managing director of Action Light Veranstaltungstechnik, was enthused by Blesers idea to design and build the stage: We already had experience of working with acrylic, say for individual pedestals. A whole stage was a real challenge because it has to bear extreme loads. It soon turned out

    that PLEXIGLAS Satinice would match our requirements.

    The company brought this feat off with flying colors. The stage has been approved to bear a weight of 500 kg per square meter, although only 350 kg were specified. So much for the technical properties.

    But its the other features that catch the eye. The matte satin surface on one side of PLEXIGLAS gives it a noble look. The light from the LEDs installed beneath the sheets is fed in from below, which gives them their extraordinary

    Brilliant Appearance

    The Noble Composition band puts itself in the spotlight with the only stage of its kind in Europe

    Noble Compositions stage and instruments look as if they were made of ice. But in fact, theyre made of PLEXIGLAS.

    The band line-up is selected according to the clients wishes, from gala and evening events to receptions and parties


  • 4 Stage construction

    The two founding members are them-selves professional drummers. Thomas Bleser plays with the Django Reinhardt Orchestra, the Natascha Wright Orches-tra and the Rheinische Philharmonie, the philharmonic orchestra of the fed-eral state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Herbert Jsch has played on stage with Lionel Richie and James Brown. He is also the drummer and organizational manager of the TV band heavytones on the Pro 7 Late Night Show TV Total.

    A high-caliber line-up combined with a good show is what both musicians aim to achieve. Thats why Herbert Jsch was enthused by his first appearance on the new stage: The effect is unique, also because the musical instruments too look as if they were made of ice.

    What he is referring to are the drums, guitar and electric bass, which were also made of clear-transparent PLEXIGLAS. Music stands made of PLEXIGLAS Satinice tubes, and micro-phone stands made of clear rods fit perfectly into the optical setting. Bleser got support from Musikstore, Europes

    luminance. The RGB color mixing sys-tem makes it possible to light up the stage in any imaginable color, including corporate colors.

    Network of musiciansEvery appearance is special and unique for us, says Bleser. The musicians usually appear before companies, associ-ations and organizations. The band has a repertoire of 5,000 to 6,000 titles, and the best line-up to play every one of them. Noble Composition is a network of musicians from every shade of the musi-cal spectrum. Joyello, pop star Thomas Anders or the a capella female band Eurocats are just a few of them.

    Thomas Anders shot to fame with Modern Talking. Today he also stands on stage with Noble Composition.

    One, two, three, four: the PLEXIGLAS drum sets the rhythm

    Uniform appearance: the stage, microphone and music stands, drums and guitars are all made of PLEXIGLAS

    Noble Composition offers all kinds of formations, from duos and various band line-ups to big bands and orchestras

    The minds behind the band: professional musician Herbert Jsch (left) and Thomas Bleser founded Noble Composition

  • 5Stage construction

    biggest music store, to realize these ideas. Musikstore custom-built the in-struments for Noble Composition.

    Its amazing how similar the sounds made by PLEXIGLAS are to those made by wood, says Bleser. For him as a drummer, all that counts is how the instrument is strung. The next item on our list are the wood instru-ments, he says. So a saxophone made of PLEXIGLAS may soon be coming to a stage near you. pia

    The effect is unique, especially because the musical instruments also look as if they were made of ice. Herbert Jsch

    A world star and his colleagues: Thomas Anders (center) and Noble Composition

  • 6 Architecture

    Distinguished design: the S 01 sanitary system has a pared-down, classy look. Since it consists of individual modules, it can be assembled to suit different requirements.

  • 7Architecture

    Concentrating on essentials has long been a recipe for success when it

    comes to classic design. The even greater challenge is to create equipment that is not only functional and attractive, but comfortable too. The S 01 sanitary system is a successful example, and PLEXIGLAS Hi-Gloss is the crucial material.

    The design appears amazingly simple. The washstand, toilet or urinal of the S 01 system are made of individual elements installed in front of the wall, with sober lines. The purist effect is even more pronounced if the elements are arranged as modules around the room. The flat geometric design of the modules makes a clear architectural statement and creates a feeling of order and space. Another advantage is that various items that usually protrude and often collect dust are integrated into the wall panels. Hinged support rails, shelves, waste containers, hooks or the toilet brush are cleverly concealed behind the PLEXIGLAS Hi-Gloss wall panels. At a gentle touch, they can be folded out of the wall modules as required.

    Simplified planningThis design enables a huge variety of architectural solutions, explains Tanja Walter, technical product designer at HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH in Bad Arolsen, the company that manufactures the S 01 sanitary system. It is especially suitable for designing exclusive bath-rooms. The system can meanwhile be found in museums, theaters, office and company buildings, and hotels. Bath-rooms in exacting private households are also equipped with S 01, for example to add an architectural highlight to guest bathrooms or to make effective use of tiny rooms.

    The system is based on two compo-nents, a pre-wall installation that is mounted in the construction phase, and a ready-to-use kit consisting of the func-tional elements and the final front panels of PLEXIGLAS Hi-Gloss. Planners do not need to give thought to individual

    products, only modules. The washstand element already includes the mirror, hook, paper towel basket and shelf. And the toilet element comes complete with toilet brush, toilet roll holder, spare roll holder and toilet flush. It can also be sup-plied with an additional fold-out support rail. Solutions like these make it much easier to plan bathrooms.

    Noble exteriorThe most important material for the