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Biodynamic - a worldwide approach

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demeter – biodynamic since 1924

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100 % Nature

100 % Quality

100 % Delight

Sunval – baby foodDemeter quality from the very beginning.

Sunval Nahrungsmittel GmbH68753 Waghäusel · · [email protected]

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100 % Nature

100 % Quality

100 % Delight

Sunval – baby foodDemeter quality from the very beginning.

Sunval Nahrungsmittel GmbH68753 Waghäusel · · [email protected]

What connects people of quite different cultures in all con-tinents in their Biodynamic approach? On the one hand, there is certainly interest in the connection between human beings and nature. On the other hand, there is the desire to take on responsibility for healthy food. A precondition for nutritious food is appropriate care of soil, crops and live-stock embedded in a spiritual attitude toward life processes and a fundamental understanding of them. The agriculture course by Rudolf Steiner is a source of inspiration for this and the guarantee of nutritious food is given by our world-wide Demeter standards which ensure best quality to our consumers. However, even more important is how we create an in-dividual farm organism and tasty nutritious food with our inner attitude and a lively enthusiasm. Clearly the desire for an all-embracing connection between human beings and nature is something fundamental which tran-scends climate zones and people’s living situations. It enables the international Demeter community to offer an impres-sively large range of nutritious food from around the world. Moreover, the Biodynamic approach creates cultural is-lands, for example farms planned around and for people, which are open to visitors. As well as that there is research being carried out in a network of institutions at many

Responsibility and lively enthusiasm


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Demeter is international 4More than just different 5

Good reasons forMilk products 6Cereal products 7Fruits and vegetables 8Biodynamic viticulture 9 7 good reasons 10Addresses and imprint 11

Thomas Lüthi President of Demeter International, Bio-dynamic gardener since 1968, initiator of Biodynamic education in Sweden, and president of Demeter Sweden

places around the world. Consumers also get involved through programmes such as CSA or ‘cheese interest’, festi-vals or educational work with school classes. In addition, the international network is strengthened by educational training, short courses and conferences. This form of ‘true’ agriculture receives very positive feedback because con- sumers who do not work with the soil on a daily basis are able to reconnect with the natural world and food pro-duction. Consequently, the Biodynamic approach is con-tinuously challenged to take up future tasks such as the cooperation of producers and processors, the protection of biodiversity in the face of advancing specialisation and the creation of alliances with similar organisations. In this way, it offers a way to meet the increasing wish to find a spiritu-ally grounded ‘We’ culture in a time of individualism.

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4 Demeter Journal professional · 2012

Demeter is international

One global standard and transparency right down to the last small holder

Oranges from Sicily, tea from India, olive oil from Tunisia, sunflower seeds from Hungary or bananas from the Dominican Republic – Demeter groceries in biodynamic quality

from all regions of the world are in great demand. As the only international organic brand Demeter is represented on every continent. From Argentina to Hungary, around 4,700

farmers farm 147,000 hectares of land in more than 50 countries in line with the worldwide binding Demeter standards.

Protection and development of local artisan culture and securing regional structures are basic principles. As the Demeter answer to globalisation and negative economical forces the world-wide network collectively works on fair prices, social standards and sustainable development.Demeter International e.V. was founded in 1997 to facilitate closer cooperation in a legal, economic and spiritual man-ner. Today, this non-profit organisation encompasses 17 members from Europe, America, Africa and Oceania and in-terest in Demeter certification is steadi-ly increasing. As a result new Demeter projects and thus new Demeter products are launched every year. Regional inde-pendency, transparency, open dialogue between different cultures and, of course, the common foundation of the Agricultural Course Lectures stimulate and motivate. With this background

the collective work on standards, the protection of the Demeter brand, the harmonisation of the certification pro-cess and support for new Demeter proj-ects can be carried out.Demeter producers and processors car-ry out biodynamic agriculture because

they are convinced of the significance and sustainability of this agricultural method. The biodynamic approach is complex and demands organisational skills, an independent mind and empa-thy. Therefore, the mutual exchange of ideas and the importance of an experi-enced advisory service are essential.The closely connected network ensures binding work according to Biodynamic principles. In addition, each Demeter producer and processor is inspected an-

nually for compliance with the world-wide binding Demeter standards. Hence, each consumer can be sure that the product will be of Biodynamic quality if it is labelled as Demeter. The member organisations of Demeter In-ternational e.V. (DI) carry out Demeter certification in their countries. The certification process is evaluated con-tinuously around the world in order to ensure its quality. Consequently, trans-parency all the way to the last small hol-der can be guaranteed.The International Certification Office (ICO) of DI is in charge of the projects in countries which do not yet have their own Demeter organisation. The moni-toring process is conducted by officially accredited inspection bodies using qua-lified inspectors, often carried out in combination with the inspection of the EU organic inspection and certification system.

Trust and supervision

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of agricultural products through their care, consistency and skill. Salt for curing meat containing sodium nitrite or io-dine and so-called natural flavours are not permitted. Only aroma extracts are allowed because they guarantee true taste. For instance, the Demeter standards tolerate only 13 addi-tives, compared to the 47 permitted in the organic guidelines of the European Union.The worldwide network of Demeter licensees is based on cooperation between producers, processors, traders and con-sumers. Fair prices, transparency and social commitment are common aims.

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Biodynamic Demeter quality

More than just differentAll organics are not equal. The quality differences across the global organic market are becoming more and more important. As eco-pioneer Demeter claims its leadership in quality. The reason

lies in the motivation of Demeter farmers and processors using the Biodynamic approach who go far beyond mere minimal compliance with statutory and other associations’ guidelines.

Demeter calls for conversion of the whole farm. This does not only facilitate the clear distinction to uncertified land and the inspection process; it is also based on personal conviction. The whole farm is understood as an individual organism. Hence, Demeter is the only organic association which prescribes animal husbandry on arable farms. 100 percent organic fodder is also compulsory for Demeter farmers. The fodder must be at least 80 percent in Demeter quality and at least 50 percent produced on farm.

Animals, in particular cows, play a central role in the farm organism. And their welfare has the highest priority. Demeter farmers dispense with dehorning cows. Cows with horns deliver particularly rich manure and produce nutritious, highly digestible milk.

Biodynamic farmers have developed a spiritual form of agri-culture and can tap into influences originating in the cosmos. The use of special Biodynamic preparations made, for exam-ple, from valerian, camomile, oak bark, fine ground quartz crystals, yarrow and animal sheaths such as cow horns are of particular significance. They have a similar effect to that of homeopathic remedies, working energetically and harmo-nising soil and plants. Scientific research confirms the fact: soil fertility and vitality increase as the humus layer builds up and plants ripen harmoniously are more robust and particu-larly vital.

The breeding of own cultivars yields optimal cereal and vege-tables seeds and so ensures quality right from the beginning. Demeter producers understand how to maintain the quality

Craftsmanship instead of additives

Animal welfare at the highest level

Good reasonsWhole farm conversion

Animal husbandry on all Demeter farms (or cooperation trading fodder for manure)

Animal welfare: cows keep their horns

100 percent organic fodder which is pre- dominantly from on-farm production

Biodynamic preparations made of herbs, minerals and cow manure

Exclusively open pollinated cereal varieties

Prohibition of CMS hybrids

Only 13 additives are tolerated

Biodynamic seed breeding

Animal breeding initiatives: bull project, poultry parent lineage

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Milk products

Good reasonsOn farm

Species-appropriate feeding with plenty of forage, hay and some cereals from on-farm production

100 percent organic fodder, 80 percent of which must be Demeter quality

At least 50 percent of the fodder from on-farm

Species-appropriate animal husbandry, mostly in small herds

Cows not dehorned

Initiatives in animal breeding: bull project

As a result the milk contains particularly valuable nutritional components

Beta-carotene which prevents cancer

Vitamin E which keeps free radicals in check

Omega fatty acids; the optimal relationship of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids minimises the risk of coronary heart disease

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which strengthens the immune system and prevents cancer

Properties of processing

No homogenisation of milk because the high pressure during the homogenisation process negatively affects milk quality. The destruction of milk proteins through homogenisation may lead to milk intolerance.

Ultra heat treated and ESL milk are prohibited

Only aroma extracts are permitted, i.e. extracts and concentrates from plants. No flavourings are allowed.

Best rating for taste

Demeter milk constantly achieves best ratings in independent taste tests. It is always rated creamier than conventional/organic products.

Baby’s diet is a very important issuefor young mothers and families. They are looking for: high quality, trust and security, advice and information.

Why Holle baby food?

Holle is the first and oldest demeter certified baby food manufacturer (demeter certification in 1951)

Whole range under one brand – from the first bottle to toddlers age

Infant formulas, baby jars and porridges in biodynamic quality

Extensive POS support with booklets, samples, shelf talkers, etc.

Market leader in the independent health food trade (e.g. market share in Germany 87 %*)

For more information about Holle and our products visit

*source: bioVista Infant Milks and Porridges 2011

comfort andLove,

Hollecomfort andLove,


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Cereal products

Good reasonsBiodynamic cereal breeding with certified varieties

No hybrid varieties are permitted in cereal production

Old cereal varieties are maintained

Harvested at full maturity

Contains the highest vitality

Characteristic taste

Regionalism promoted through the direct cooperation of farmer and processor

Blind tasting together with picture forming methods confirm that Demeter cereals and cereal products are particularly true to type, well matured and full of vitality. The fluorescence excitation spectroscopy of Dr. Jürgen Strube (KWALIS Ger-many – quality research) also shows that Demeter cereals have the best dormancy again confirming their outstanding quality. For example, the aroma and flavour of Biodynamic wheat was tested in a blind comparison with conventional and organic wheats and found to be the best. Biodynamic wheat also showed the clearest stage of full maturity in obser-vations of plant growth. Even if conclusive proof is outstand-ing, scientists see a direct connection between these positive characteristics and the use of the Biodynamic preparations.

The most natural skin care 100% of our products are Demeter certifi ed ... because we are different

HAPPY AGING-LineLet the beauty of maturity unfold.

Systemcare: Intensive Care-Caps, Cream, Tonic, Lotion, Cleanser.

HAPPY AGING-LineLet the beauty of maturity unfold.

For more information: Phone +49-8194-9321-0

Research: best dormancy confirms highest quality

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Open pollinated Biodynamic seed linesOf all the organic associations only Demeter has standards for plant breeding and certified Biodynamic vegetable and cereal seeds. They assure best nutritional quality and taste. Key factors are:

Good reasons Selection criteria – vitality, aroma and digestibility

Best qualities through full ripeness and maturity

Diversity of taste due to the wide range of region-ally adapted varieties

Balanced development between earthly and cosmic forces thanks to the biodynamic preparations

Maintenance of plant integrity

Site-specific breeding criteria

Encouragement of regional biodiversity

Fertile plants which pass on their positive qualities

Seeds as cultural assets and not as economic production units for which farmers and gardeners take full responsibility

Independence from seed companies which focus on genetic engineering

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which strengthens the immune system and prevents cancer

Every year Demeter farmers show that a good harvest of potatoes does not require spraying with copper. Only half of the amount of copper permitted according to the European organic regulations may be sprayed on Biodynamic perennial crops: viticulture, hop growing and orchards. It is even completely banned on vegetables in contrast to other organic associations.

All about fruits and vegetables

Good reasons Biodynamic seed lines for open pollinated vegetables

Exclusion of CMS hybrid varieties

Amount of peat in seedling propagation limited to 70 percent

Good effects

Thanks to a high content of antioxidants, Demeter fruits and vegetables contribute to:

- reduced risk of cancer

- strengthened immune system

- lower cholesterol levels

- reduction in the production of free radicals and other destructive molecules

Good reasons for fresh fruits and vegetables from regional Demeter farmers

They are fresh and taste aromatic because they are harvested ripe

As a result they are rich in essential secondary plant substances

Local fruits and vegetables offer increased transparency for the consumer

The Biodynamic products are enhanced by manual processing methods

They protect the environment by reducing transport, noise, pollution and emissions

They improve animal welfare

They create jobs in the region

They are part of a deliberately cultivated landscape

They are seasonal since they are connected to the rhythm of the seasons

Juices are only pressed fruit

8 Demeter Journal professional · 2012

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Frühjahr 2012 · Demeter Journal Handel 5

Authentic wines thanks to Biodynamic viticulture

Demeter viticulturists don’t only have an eye for their fine wines. They create a diverse landscape and build up flora and fauna. Even sceptics recognise that Bio-dynamic viticulture produces healthier vines and vineyards that in turn lead to more spirited vines. The worldwide range of high-quality Demeter wines with their assessable inner and outer qualities are as distinctive as Demeter vintners themselves. Biodynamic vint-ners are increasing in number due to

their work producing convincing suc-cesses. Their wines are developed with respect and in harmony with nature as well as with the necessary time in the cellar – leading to a positive interaction with human sensory perceptions.The most important foundation for a fine drop is fertile soil. The vine’s roots extend up to ten metres into the ground to absorb fine minerals which promise a distinctive aroma and flavour. The Bio-dynamic horn manure and other prep-

Riegel Weinimport

Europe`s leading organic wine trader

• all organic wines

• more than 1,000 wines

• attractive DEMETER assortment

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Demeter Jounal.indd 1 18.09.12 10:06

arations further strengthen this con-nection with soil which can be tasted in site-specific wines. Horn silica im-proves the vine’s capacity to absorb sun-light and cosmic forces, promotes pho-

tosynthesis and harmonises ripeness. It ensures an open structure of grapes which are smaller but healthier. Horse-tail (equisetum), stinging nettle, rock dust and elemental sulphur strengthen grapes and leaves as well as foster the vine’s resistance to fungal infection. On the other hand, manuring is done only with natural compost broken down un-der the influence of the preparations. Disease infestation is reduced with restricted dose rates of mineral sub-stances such as sulphur and copper.Demeter vintners harvest less than their conventional colleagues but perhaps with good reason. In the cellar a large range of wines of excellence mature. The reason for this is that they give their vines time to develop their terroir completely, to ripen and reach their individualised flavour and aroma. In this manner Biodynamic cultivation certified by Demeter produces natural, absolutely authentic wines for discern-ing connoisseurs.

Fertile soil, careful cellar management

Biodynamic quality certified by Demeter plays an important role in the expanding organic wine market. The Biodynamic method supports the principle of ‘terroir’ through the use of the preparations and this is clearly reflected in the flavour of the wine. Demeter wines are just the right thing for discerning customers who wish to experience the characteristics of soil and bedrock as well as the natural rhythm and vitality in the wine. Some even say: ‘The tranquillity of Biodynamic wine makes me feel at peace.’

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7 good reasons3 100% organic fodder – predominantly

from the farm itself

5 Plant breeding specifically for Demeter agriculture – vitality from open pollinated varieties

6 The preparations, which are a requirement for Demeter certification, promote soil fertility

7 Fairness and transparency along the entire value-added chain

4 Less than 20 additives are permitted – worldwide more than 300 additives are allowed

2 Animal welfare based on husbandry according to the animal’s innate behaviour patterns – cows have horns

1 The diversified farm organism

demeter - biodynamic since 1924

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AUSTRIADemeter-Bund Ö

FINLANDBiodynaaminen Yhdistys - Biodynamiska Foereningenry


SLOVENIADemeter zavod za biolosko-dinamicno

USADemeter Association,


FRANCEAssociation Demeter


SWEDENSvenska Demeterfö

More information

DENMARKDemeterforbundet i

GERMANYDemeter e.

NEW ZEALANDBio Dynamic Farming and Gar- dening Association in NZ

SWITZERLANDDemeter Schweiz Verein für bio- logisch-dynamische

EGYPTEgyptian Bio-Dynamic [email protected]

ITALYDemeter Associazione per la Tutela della Qualitá Biodinamica in Italia

NORWAYBiologisk-dynamisk forening

UKBiodynamic Association

Responsibility for people and nature – our company motto is at the heart of all of our actions. As a pioneer in the organic sector, taking the well-being of our customers, employees and partners into account in all decisions, preserving and conserving natural resources, and continuously optimising day-to-day operations is and remains vitally important to us. In line with the natural food philosophy, fair trade and long-term, personal relationships with our fruit and vegetable growers are a priority at Voelkel. Social and environmental commitment, both regional and global, is ingrained in the Voelkel company philosophy as well.

EditorDemeter e. V.Board member Klemens FischerBrandschneise 164295 DarmstadtGermanyPhone: +49 6155 84690Fax: +49 6155

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Editorial staffRenée Herrnkind, editorial office Schwarz auf Weiss, Wetzlar Grafik Eberle GmbH Werbeagentur GWA, Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany

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ImprintPhotos Fotostudio Viscom (Titel, p. 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11), Fotolia (p. 4, 8), Branka JukiĆ (p. 6)

For more information about the Demeter association, country organisations and stand-ards contact:Demeter International e. V.Brandschneise 164295 DarmstadtGermany

Phone: +49 6155 846999Fax: +49 6155

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7 good reasons

5 Plant breeding specifically for Demeter agriculture – vitality from open pollinated varieties

6 The preparations, which are a requirement for Demeter certification, promote soil fertility

7 Fairness and transparency along the entire value-added chain

2 Animal welfare based on husbandry according to the animal’s innate behaviour patterns – cows have horns

demeter - biodynamic since 1924

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