Decoding Personalisation

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The real value of personalisation is being lost in empty rhetoric and conceptual confusion. Local government needs to retake the initiative.

Transcript of Decoding Personalisation

  • 1. Decoding Personalisationfor the real worldDr Simon Duffy The Centre for WelfareReform 14th January 2013 Presentation for Solihull

2. Dr Simon DuffySocial innovator - e.g. personal budgetsPhilosopher - work on citizenshipAdvisor - Campaign for a Fair SocietyThe Centre for Welfare ReformReform does notmean cuts and inequalityWelfare state is good, butdesigned wrongNeeds more innovation, andRespectfor citizenship, families, community & justiceReform does not mean cuts and inequalityWelfarestate is good, but designed wrongNeeds moreinnovation, andRespect for citizenship, families,community & justice 3. 4 messages1.Good leaders will need to look pastthe rhetoric at reality2.Local government is under threatWeradically underestimate the capacityof citizens3.We need new solutions and betteralliances at the local level 4. Reality 1: Cuts, cuts, cuts 5. Reality 2: Targeted cuts 6. Reality 3: Centralism, not localism 7. Reality 4: The centre taxes the local 8. Reality 5: You cant buy community 9. Personalisation: 4 versions1.A more acceptable way ofdescribing consumerist reform?2.A bundle of government policies?New system - self-directed support?3.Awareness of the need for morefundamental reform? 10. Personalisation:self-directed support - a short history 11. From Professional Gift to Citizenship 12. Respect innovation 13. Personalisation today:1.Is it a fixed process, defined bygovernment or is it an open processdemanding far higher levels ofinnovation?2.Is it a technical fix that justincreases VFM or does it require afundamental rethink of how thewelfare state is designed? 14. Six themes1.Citizenship works2.Families and civil society work3.Relationships work4.Identity works5.Local works6.Current system design doesnt 15. Path 1: develop humility & seek partnership 16. Wards 40Av Pop 1,700Over 65 37622.1%15 and under30818.1%Misusing drugs/alcohol14 0.8%Limiting long-term illness38322.5%Children with SEN Statements 7 0.4%In private homes (including private rental)1,365 80.3%In poor health18110.6%Deaths in year20 1.2%Crimes in a year88 5.2%Looked after children2 0.1%Use Social Care 78 4.6%Working age on relying on benefits17710.4%Children Social Care Budget 60,0006,666Adult Social Care Budget490,000 6,282 17. 1. Human rights - not just services2. Clear entitlements - not confusion3. Early support - not crisis4. Equal access - not institutional care5. Choice & control - not dependence6. Fair incomes - not insecurity7. Fair taxes - not injustice8. Financial reform - sustainable 18. Final thoughts1.Truth is our friend - rhetoric andmisinformation is dangerous2.Working for the centre does notworkLocal government needs todevelop its own story3.Practical citizenship and communitydevelopment is key