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Lisa Colton's presentation to the Covenant Fellows, Seattle, 2010

Transcript of Covenant fellows

  • 1. Building & Sustaining Community
    In a Digital World
    Lisa Colton, Darim Online
    July, 2010
  • 2. Agenda
    What are the Building Blocks of Community?
    Communication is Key
    Examples of Online Community
    Rules are the Same, and Different, Online
    Presentation is available at
  • 3. Goals
    Demystify social media
    Help you think strategically
    Build vocabulary
    Learn from real examples
    Inspire you to think about leadership in new ways
    Warning: You may feel overwhelmed!
    (And excited, and inspired.)
  • 4. What Is Community?
    Flickr user: Na-pix
    Flickr user: amazon-cares
    Key attributes of community? When do you feel it?
  • 5. What Is Community
  • 6. Ambient Awareness
    See NYTimes Article Brave New World of Digital Intimacy blog post, including link to the article:
    Right now is the largest increase in expressive capability in human history. - Clay Shirky on TED
  • 7. Based on Real Human Experience
    In a 1986 study, McMillan and
    Chavis identify four elements
    of "sense of community:
    Integration and
    fulfillment of needs
    Shared emotional
    How do you cultivate and support these?
    With children, with parents, with each other?
  • 8. Social Capital
    The collective value of all social networks
    (who you know) and the inclinations that
    arise from these networks to do things for
    each other (norms of reciprocity).
    - Robert Putnam
  • 9. Source: Flickr user andyadontstop
  • 10. Red Cross
  • 11. Listening Publicly
  • 12. Listening Publicly
  • 13. Ways To Listen
    "Tools don't get socially interesting until they get technologically boring. - Clay Shirky
  • 14. Scale Matters
  • 15. Community Attributes
    Defined or open
    Virtual, F2F or both
    Short or long term
    Strolling or with a destination
  • 16. Community Attributes
    Think of a community
    youve been part of
    How did the attributes
    influence your experience,
    and the success or failure of
    the community?
    How could the design have
    been different to better
    support these attributes?
  • 19. Understand Roles in Community
  • 20. Characteristics of Social Media
    The Term Social Media refers to online tools (web sites) that depend
    on user contributions and interactions between people to build shared
    meaning and value. It is:
    • Participatory: It blurs the line between producer and consumer, media and audience.
    • 21. Open and Democratic: It encourages voting, comments and the sharing of information. For this reason it is seen as authentic and trustworthy.
    • 22. Conversational: Two (or more) way conversation rather than one-directional broadcast. Is personal, specific, and engaging.
    • 23. Communal: Supports formation, growth and strength of communities around a particular shared interest.
    • 24. Connected: Thrives on being connected, making use of links to other sites, resources and people, rather than being territorial and proprietary.