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College Cantina. Mike, Mario, Lauren, JT. Mission and Competitors. P enetrate the already existing, but limited, Mexican food market, while providing a fun and friendly atmosphere to keep people coming back. Core Competencies and Processes. Market Know-how - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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College Cantina

College CantinaMike, Mario, Lauren, JTMission and CompetitorsPenetrate the already existing, but limited, Mexican food market, while providing a fun and friendly atmosphere to keep people coming back

Core Competencies and ProcessesMarket Know-howBeing a part of the target marketFacilitiesLocationPlace to hang out and stay for more than a mealCustomer RelationshipWhat will differentiate ourselvesOrder FulfillmentRestaurants need great order fulfillment

SWOT AnalysisMarket DescriptionLimited direct competitionDifferentiation from Chipotle and barsAtmosphereOrder Winners

Products & Services

Operations StrategyAssemble to orderCustomization is keyMake to order/make to stockWhy?Heavy customer involvementFlexible

Supplier RelationshipLocal FarmersQualityConstant improvementSupplier SelectionSysco FoodsProven

ToolingEqupiment Price Large grill (62 inch gas grill) $ 2,500 deep fryer $ 620 Tortilla press (tortilla steamer) $ 919 Meat slicer $ 250 Mixer $ 639 Hot food table $ 2,500 Refrigerators/Freezers x2 $ 2,500 Eating utensils 500 sets (Alibaba) $ 1,500 Napkins 3000 paper napkins $ 27 Condiments Mayo/gal Ketchup/gal Mustard/gal $ 85 Wet towels 1000 $ 17 Beverage dispenser (8 beverages) $ 4,100 Coffee Maker $ 270 Shelves (66 inch 3 tier backlight display) $ 980 Quality Control

Lean SystemOverproductionInventoryEmployee TrainingNon-utilized resourcesImplementation of InspectionsQuality Strategy5s MethodSortStraightenShineStandardizeSustain

Sort: Discard unneeded tasks seen at places like Chipotle, such as food being retrieved from back once current tray is empty. Keep constant supply of food at station. Straighten: Arrange food in a manner that process is a continuous flow from start to finish with all food products in necessary order for completion.Shine: Keep the bar, tables, and food prepping station spotless to help workers.Standardize: Detailed schedule about who cleans approximately every 15-20 minutes and when customer leaves.Sustain: Those that help implement and forward this process will be recognized and rewarded for adhering to method. Rewards may include eventual time off, increased pay, and even potential promotion down the road.

11Supply Chain Inventory ManagementLocal FarmersChaes Food DistributorPhiladelphia Wholesale Produce MarketRosemont Beverage CenterSouthern Wine and SpiritsIntend to maintain as largest food distributorMeat distributor for when local farmers are not an optionVegetable distributor when local farmers are not an optionSource of Beer including all domestic and foreign brandsSource of liquors and other hard alcoholsMaintain low cost and show interest in sustenance of area of businessPhiladelphia distributor, local business for ease of accessPhiladelphia distributor, local business for ease of access

Close proximity to store location in case of sudden spikes in demandRelatively close to location of business for convenienceChosen based on reasonable prices, quality of food is consistent with that of what we want to have in our restaurant12Forecasting Demand

Judgment methods Salesforce estimatesExecutive opinion Market researchQuantitative forecastingTime-series methodsWeighted moving average

Customer Demand

Product Demand & Inputs

Pricing DecisionStart-up fixed costs = $265,000Cost for capital equipment = $100,000Including; furniture, equipment, fixtures, and computers/registers etc.Administrative expenses = $150,000 rent, utilities, legal and accounting fees, prepaid insurance, and pre-opening salariesOpening inventory = $15,000Including all of the produce, Mexican food related inputs, utensils, and napkins etc.

Annual fixed cost = 75,000 Including depreciation, insurance, interest expense, rent, and utilities

Monthly variable costs = $20,000 (will vary directly with output) Comprised of the cost for direct materials, staff wages, production supplies, and credit card fees

ConclusionGreat opportunity in this areaGreat place for fun and delicious foodCome and join us!