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  • 1. LANDMARKSUK, USA, USMCultura InglesaMartes M1Alejandra Abigail Gmez Resndiz 1381563David Emmanuel Arellano Chapa 1446930Samantha Gisell Hernndez Cant 1519055

2. Whats a landmark? A landmark literally meant a geographicfeature used by explorers and others to findtheir way back or through an area. In modern usage, a landmark includesanything that is easily recognizable, such as amonument, building, or other structure. 3. Whats a landmark? In American English it is the main term used todesignate places that might be of interest totourists due to notable physical features orhistorical significance. Landmarks in the British English sense areoften used for casual navigation, such asgiving directions. This is done in AmericanEnglish as well. 4. UMS (Mexicos Landmarks)Mexico is a beautiful country located south ofthe Unites States border. Its a great place toexplore and experience a culture that reflectsthe complexity of the countrys past through thefusion of pre-Hispanic civilizations and Spanishculture during Spains 300-year colonization ofMexico. 5. Chichen ItzaChichen Itza was founded by theMaya in 400 A.D. and is located inthe north central YucatanPeninsula, now called Mexico.Chichen is located 75 miles fromMerida and has a history of 1500years. It was the primary locationfor different ceremonies and isbelieved to have been governedby priests. Chichen Itza means Atthe mouth of the well of Itza. Theword Chi stands for mouth, Chenfor well and Itza for the Itzatribe. The people who lived thereare believed to have sacrificedobjects and humans to their god.Those who survived the ordealwere thought to be seers. 6. Teotihuacn Pyramids in the Valleyof MexicoThis is a very popular area to visitfrom the city, as these ruins areamong Mexicos most remarkablesites.The Temple of Quetzalcoatl is one ofits most monumentalstructures, located in the center ofthe area. This temple has a pyramidbuilt on top of it called the FeatheredSerpent Pyramid. Here over 200ceremonially buried warriorsskeletons have been found byarchaeologists.The Pyramid of the Sun is positionedon the Avenue of the Deads eastside. It is the third biggest pyramid inthe world and the largest pyramidthat has been restored in theWestern Hemisphere. 7. CalakmulThis area is the site of one of the largestancient cities by the Mayan civilization thathas ever uncovered. This site is located inthe Mexican state of Campeche, in theCalakmul Biosphere Reserve which has anarea of 1,800,000 acres. Calakmul issurrounded by a jungle region and is only30 kilometers from Mexicos border withGuatemala.Calakmul is a popular destination for thosewho want a lot of history and culturebecause there are a lot of structures in thisMaya region. Moreover, most of thesestructures have been recovered intact.Calakmul has 117 obelisks, whichrepresents representing rulers and theirwives in paired sets. This figure is thelargest obelisk count in the region. The badnews is, these carved obelisks were madeout of soft limestone, and theweather, wear and tear has eroded most ofthem beyond interpretation. 8. UxmalUxmal, a city belonging tothe Mayan civilization inthe Mexican state ofYucatan. This exoticsounding name ispronounced as Oosh-mahl, which is believed tobe part of the old Mayanlanguage which meansbuilt three times. Theseplaces in Uxmal are wellpreserved. In fact, it is oneMayan city where a visitorcan get an idea of how theentire ceremonial centerlooked like in days past. 9. San Miguel de AllendeMexico has a lot of colonialtowns that invoke both luxuriousand classic charms. A very goodexample is the town of SanMiguel de Allende.San Miguel de Allende is in thestate of Guanajuato in Mexico.This historic town wasestablished in 1542 and hasattracted certain type of visitorwhen it comes to tourism thistown has become a haven forrich residents of the capitalMexico City residents and hasbeen a go-to city for Americanand Canadian expatriates andretirees. 10. TaxcoTaxco de Alarcn, also referred tosimply as Taxco. Taxco is found inthe Mexican state of Guerrero. Thede Alarcon in the towns officialname is in tribute to Juan Ruiz deAlarcon, a writer who is from thistown.This ancient town has a longassociation with silver, both themining of the metal and the craftingof the metal into jewelry andsilverware. The towns reputationwith silver, as well as the cityspicture perfect homes andlandscapes have now made tourismthe premier industry in this area.This comes as a welcomedevelopment as the remaininglarge-scale mining operation in thearea is already decreasing itsoperations and will eventually beclosing soon. 11. MitlaMitla is the name that hasbeen given to a site ofarchaeological interestlocated in the town of SanPablo Villa de Mitla. Thistown is in the Mexicanstate of Oaxaca. It receivesits acclaim for having anumber of well-tendedand intact Mesoamericanbuildings from the Pre-Columbian era.Actually, unlike most townswith ancientstructures, Mitla is afunctioning town in thepresent-day. 12. Barranca del cobreNatural wonders abound inthis country, and one of themis the Barranca del Cobre, orCopper Canyon in English. TheCopper Canyon, located in thestate of Chihuahua inMexico, is a group of sixcanyons joined together inthe Sierra Tarahumara range.Visitors would be surprised tofind out that this system ofcanyons is actually bigger(actually, at least four timeslarger) than what isconsidered to be the worldsmost breathtaking collectionof canyons 13. USA (USAs Landmarks)Its land area includes both naturally beautiful, sparselypopulated and open landscape, and huge, heavilypopulated cities and urban centers with suburbs.America, being a county made up of immigrants, has noone distinct culture, but rather has a combination ofmany and the cultural experience you receive dependslargely on which part of the country you visit. Commonelements of American culture includeindividualism, popular culture (Hollywood films, musiclike country, jazz, rock n roll and pop), sports, especiallybaseball the American pastime, technology, corn on thecob and fast food. 14. Glen Canyon DamGlen Canyon Dam is the second largest dam on the Colorado River, situated in Page, Arizona.It was built with the primary purpose of generating electrical power, securing water supplyfor the dry southwestern portion of the United States, and housing water recreationdestinations and activities. The dam caused the nearby Glen Canyon to its north to becomeflooded, creating a large reservoir now known as Lake Powell. 15. Devils TowerIts quite intriguing that the first national monument in the United States is not made by the hands of men. Infact, this towering natural landmark means more to the American Indians than it is to the forefathers whoestablished the colonies.Bears Lodge, as others would often refer to it, is believed by American Indians as a sacred site. Knowing itssignificance, then President Theodore Roosevelt designated it as a national monument in 1906. Thats theDevils Tower as we know it today.One might wonder why it was called as such. In truth, the landmark was supposed to be called as Devils Tower. 16. Alcatraz islandThe islands strategic location made it an excellent choice for a military quarter. And it did become one in1850 specifically from the orders of then US president Millard Fillmore. But the island known as TheRock became famous or infamous in 1934 when it became a federal prison, locking down some ofhistorys most notorious gangsters and criminals. Who could have thought that the eras dark figures likeAl Capone, George Machine Gun Kelly, Alvin Karpis, and Robert Franklin Stroud have all graced its nowempty prison cells? Its funny how an Island aptly named after pelicans can have so much notoriety. 17. Albany City HallThe city of Albany is the second oldest city in the United States and one of the lastremaining settlements from the original thirteen British colonies. The streets of Albany arepeppered with imposing structures, each showcasing unique architectural styles ofvisionary architects and highlighting the important developments that have occurred in theEmpire States capital. One such structure is the Albany City Hall. 18. Bell RockBell Rock, located in the Village of Oak Creek, in Sedona, Arizona.This land formation is technically a butte, made up of sedimentary rocks that were piled up horizontallyfor centuries. What it is now is a sight that looks spectacular especially during the sunset, when the richbrown color of the butte glimmers. The formation also takes a special significance among believers of theNew Age movement, who believe that the place has a spiritual ingredient that rejuvenates theirbeing, with the rock energizing and calming anyone located on its slopes. 19. California Palace of the Legion of honorIt is a museum in the northwestern part of the Richmond neighborhood that has a magnificent view ofthe Golden Gate Bridge and Lincoln Park. This museum is an excellent place to visit if you want to beawed by ancient European art. The museum itself is considered a work of art because the architectureof the building is neoclassical and you will feel that you are in ancient Europe when you visit. 20. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.As one of the national parks in the whole of United States, this park in Alaska isundoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations and is considered as one of UNESCOsHeritage Sites.300,000 visitors per year is proof of how attractive the park is. 21. Griffith ObservatoryIn 1904, a man looked through a 60-inch telescope atop Mount Wilson and was inspired toshare his experience of the heavens with everybody. Welsh businessman and long-time LosAngeles resident Griffith J. Griffiths vision took almost 30 years in the making, even outlivingGriffith himself who died years earlier. Today, the Griffith Observatory continues Griffithsadvocacy of free public access to the exhibits until now and is widely recognized as a nati