Chloe and Isabel

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2. Chloe & Isabel was founded in 2011 in NYC byChantel Waterbury 3. Brooke Anderson ,hostessfrom the Insider TV show Barbara Walters, The ViewChloe & Isabel jewelry has beenfeatured in major fashionmagazines and is loved bycelebrities 4. Chloe - daring trendsetter Isabel - classic & renedThe Friendship PhilosophyTwo Best FriendsThe combination of the twostyles make our lineappealing to women of everyage.Are you a Chloe or a Isabel? 5. Sculpted MetalsVintage Inspired CastingsCrystal Pave AccentsHyper-allergenicNickel FreeLead SafeLifetime Replacement Guarantee 6. NO RETAIL MARKUP 7. What is a C+I Pop-Up Event?Traveling retail boutiqueShowcase of C+I jewelryTry on jewelry & place orderRafe drawing for guestAn intimate social shopping experienceC+I Pop-Up events can becreatively themed and held for anyoccasion in person or online.Mad Hatter C+I Pop-Up 8. BENEFITS OF FEATURING CHLOE & ISABELCOLLECTIONIncrease customer trafcCreates a presence and added credibilityAttract new customersGenerate retail excitementEnhance customer loyalty