Cegonsoft Final Year Projects In Coimbatore,

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CEGONSOFT Pvt. Ltd. Innovation every moment…..
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Cegonsoft is a Bangalore based IT Training Company started in the year 2004. Cegonsoft is a Dutch word meaning Never Ending, which implies that our service to you is unflinching. Cegonsoft with over a decade of proficiency and experience in the field of IT Training has mushroomed out into 3 branches in Bangalore, 3 branches in Chennai, and 2 branches in Coimbatore. Initiated by a crew of highly dexterous and adept professionals with a unique objective to bridge the gap between the field of education and IT industry, the team has grown from obscurity to national recognition. With continuous achievements, steady development, sense of pride and accomplishment, Cegonsoft takes great pleasure in mentioning that we are a member of NASSCOM and have tie ups with companies such as IBM and Tally. Cegonsoft is a way proud to mention that the Job oriented IT Training is inclusive of platforms that have wider scope in the prevailing and forthcoming IT Job Market. These platforms are picked after a thorough research and analysis based upon the existing and prospective IT industry in mind. Cegonsoft provides Job oriented IT Training in the platforms such as PHP & Mysql, Rich Internet Application - RIA, LAMP, Software Testing, Java/J2EE and .NET. For Instant Support Online About Our Services. Enquire On http://profile.cegonsoft.com/ Specialties IT Training, Outsourcing, Man Power Consultancy, Temporary Staffing, Corporate Training, Placement Assistance for fresher in IT field.Corporate Social Responsibilities - Cegonsoft Foundation For More details Contact SATHYAN.P CONTACT:9629055784,0422-4206205.

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  • 1. CEGONSOFT Pvt. Ltd.Innovation every moment..

2. Courses offered by Cegonsoft Pvt.Ltd. Android PHP Java/J2EE Dotnet Software testing SEO RIA Web 2.0 LAMP Soft skills 3. ANDROIDAndroid is a open sourcesoftware and Google releases thecode under the Apache License.Android is a Linuxbased operating system and islargely used in Smart PhonesFrom entertainment and games,to organization and work basedsolutions, there is a need forhuge number of developers 4. PHPPHP is a widely-used opensource general-purposescripting language that isespecially suited for webdevelopment and can beembedded into HTML.Can learn PHP in a shortspan, and start writingsimple scripts in few hours.CEGONSOFT is thepioneer in the areas ofOpen Source SoftwareTraining 5. JAVA/J2EEJava/J2ee is a programminglanguage originally developed bySun Microsystems now boughtby oracle.Java/J2ee is a softwaretechnology that runseverywhere - in over 5 billiondevices, data centers, mobilephones, cars.Java delivers portability,application and robustperformance across manycomputing environments. 6. DOTNETThe .NET Framework is adevelopment and executionenvironment that allowsdifferent programminglanguages and libraries to worktogether seamlessly to createWindows-based applicationsthat are easier to build,manage, and integrate withother networked systems..NET helps make softwarefaster, cheaper, and moresecure. 7. SOFTWARE TESTINGSoftware Testing is anempirical investigationconducted to find out theerrors in the particularsoftware.Software Testing is todetect bugs in order tocorrect and uncover it.Software Testing is a rapidgrowth of the Indianeconomy in a big waydependent on theadvancements made in theIT and ITES industries. 8. SEOSEO is Search EngineOptimization is a study ofhow Search Engines work andwhat people usually look for,in order to get more of searchengineers from the organiclistings on a search engine.SEO as a marketing strategy,considers how the searchengine work and what peopleusually look for.Easy to learn and high jobopportunity. 9. RIARich Internet Application(RIA) is a web application thathas the features andperformance of conventionalpc applications. Rich Internet Applicationincrease performance andconnections, providing abetter experience to e-learninglearners both thenew technological innovationstart and the experts. 10. WEB 2.0Web 2.0 is commonlyassociated with WebApplications .Designing a website wonttake as much effort orstress as programming adesktop applications.The languages used toprogram the websites arevery simple to learn.WEB 2.0 is a resurgence inthe web economy. 11. LAMPLAMP is an open source webdevelopment platform thatuses LINUX as the operatingsystem, APACHE as the webserver, MySQL as therelational databasemanagement system and PHPas the object orientedscripting language.The main advantage of opensource is that it allows endusers to directly interact withthe source, potentiallymodifying to suit theirwishes.Easy to code. 12. SOFT SKILLSProgram primarilyfocus on developingpeople skills andbehavioral and interpersonal aspects forany role in anorganization. 13. THANK YOU