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  • How Carlin, the producer beame Carln the artist

    How Carlns shows are built from the ground up

    Personal philosophies on work and life

    The Carln ExperienceCreating Carln Who Is Carln

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  • BiographyWho would be crazy enough to jump into a sea of musicians, performers, and critics alike with a new in-strument and new sound based upon that instrument? Well, when Carln searched out a new feel for his songwriting, he did just that. The result was a style of Pop R&B that will last throughout the ages as he plays the guitar on his new EP, Forever. Only Carln can take any instrument or song and give it his signature personality and once you are introduced, you will never forget him. The world took notice when Carln co-produced the flagship and title song for MTVs Take A Stand, Stop The Violence Campaign of 1999, helping the campaigns album to win an EMMY Award for its efforts to spread awareness for bullying and violence. Now it is your chance to experience the signature sound thats giving ear-gasms at every turn.

    Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, this multi-talented musician says he always includes the impossible as a game plan; there is no other way to live life. Carln always knew music would also be a major part of that plan, being raised by two parents whose respective family members all played instruments and sang. They loved music and began educating Carln in its expression when he was only five years old. For years, Carln used his appointment to play the organ and piano for church to study the relief people received by their expression through music. As mom preached, dad ar-ranged for the choir and Carln steadily took piano lessons with a purpose of finding out how to embody feeling with only a sound. In addition to the piano, Carln took up interest in songwriting, recording and mixing techniques at an early age, creating in himself the ability to write lyrics, or-chestrate music around them, and record it as the process was done. Carlin says, Not having any-one around with a particular ability is not an excuse for not having anyone around to learn about itnot when getting it done is your goal. So in that mindset, little Carlin Randolph followed his mom to Costco one day to purchase cassette tapes for her karaoke machine and Carln, the artist was born.

    Today his talents are spread across the musical field in such roles as producer, composer, pianist, song-writer and vocalist. Carlin has performed and worked with several artists such as Angie Stone, Chico DeBarge, Joe, Case, Cassandra Wilson, and BeBe Winans, lending his skills and passion to the art of making music from unfinished musical projects. His talents as a pianist, organist, drummer, and trum-peter can also be heard in his compositions of children songs, gospel music, jazz, pop, R&B and classical pieces. Any artist who has worked with Carln finds his expressive performances, creative energy and talents to be exciting and one of a kind. However with all of his industry work, Carln sees the time he gives to the New York City School System as the most rewarding, professionally creating and developing neighborhood talent showcases, providing piano, drum, violin, and voice training for inner city youth.

    When actor/songwriter, Bo Cleary heard Carlns recording of his song Back Where I Belong for the motion picture soundtrack of Southie starring Donnie Walberg in 2001, he said, Thats the way it was supposed to be done. In 2009, Carln returned to scoring commercials and writing jingles inter-nationally for companies known . At that time, he also returned to producing Pop music after hon-ing his musical abilities for the prior ten years including studies v at Hofstra University in New York. Those who hear Carlns work are quickly affected by the clean crisp emotions put into every lyric

    Carlns music is said to resemble that of Brian McKnight, John Legend, Maxwell, and Musiq but some of his earliest influences and inspirations include Sting, Aerosmith, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Legend, R. Kelly, Quincy Jones, Teddy Riley, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, John.

  • Coltrane, Johnny Guitar Watson, Thelonious Monk, Curtis Mayfield, Jimmy Hendrix, and Miles Davis. While taking years to dissect the compositions of these great musicians, Carln has taken meticulous care in becoming the excep- tional musician, songwriter, pro-ducer, and singer he is today. It is vwith this precision that Carln credits being able to customize music in any genre for almost any artist.

    The most important project to which, Carln has lent his voice, production, in- strumentation, and artistic direction is his recently re- leased EP, Forever. This is Carlns first solo project that features only his voice. Carln originally wrote the six tracks for various other art-ists. However while being recorded, the songs begged to be sung by that voice from Brooklyn, which expresses desire, lust, love, and passion in every breath.

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  • A performance that I can get excited about-Evan Ginzburg,

    Legends T.V (

    Carln has a smooth soulful sound that we dont hear anymore in music

    -Lil NatDigital Empire Radio (DTF

    Gotta Have It has an Old School Beat with a new school feel. I love it!

    -Mikey JayIsland Def Jam Digital/Aigne Music Grp

    I respect Carln as one of the great artists of our time.-John Blassingame

    Newday Associates (Black Womens/ Hype Hair/TBW Style Report Mag.)

    Carln is bringing back that slow and sexy music while still being respectable

    -Anna Bless Transformers OMG (Elegant Hoodness Radio)

  • EventHistoryu January 17, 2014 Paul Mooney & Dick Gregory l First District Plaza l Philadelphia, PA 950 Attendees u March 27 2014 The Bitter End l New York, NY 70 Attendees

    u April 25, 2014 CeCe Penison & Melisa Morgan l Robert Treat Hotel l Newark, New Jersey 900 Attendees

    u May 10, 2014 T.B.W. (Todays Black Woman) Style Report Artist Showcase l Newark, New Jersey 600 Attendees

    u May 11, 2014 Newday Associates International Model of The Year Competition l Newark, New Jersey 1100 Attendees

    u May 16, 2014 Alicia Meyers at The Edison l Edison, New Jersey 800 Attendees

    u October 31, 2014 Dick Gregory and Friends at Arcadia University l Glenside, Pennsylvania 500 Attendees

    u May 18, 2014 Weequahic Park Festival l Newark, New Jersey 3500 Attendees

  • u June 18, 2014u June 18, 2014 Bowery Electric l New York, New York 50 Attendees

    u July 17, 2014 The Bitter End l New York, New York 50 Attendees

    u August 9, 2014 The Trash Bar l Brooklyn, New York 40 Attendees

    u October 4, 2014 The Santos Party House l New York, New York 50 Attendees

    u October 10, 2014 Ines Reyes for Senate Fundraiser at The Castle l Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 200 Attendees

    u October 26, 2014 Pink Pig Ballet Masquerade Fund Raiser l New York, New York 60 Attendees

    u November 22, 2014 The Santos Party House l New York, New York 100 Attendees

    u November 28 30, 2014 Newday Associates, Black Mens Magazine & T.B.W. Style Report Designer of The Year Competition l Newark, New Jersey 1500 Attendees

    vu December 19, 2014 Not Just Southern Christmas Celebration at Xquisite Event Hall l Queens, New York 400 Attendees

    For booking information: email

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  • Look for Carln in the upcoming film, ColorBlind (Fall 215) and on the Color Blind soundtrack to be released on Def Jam Digital/Aigne Music