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    (424) 243-54556399 Wilshire Blvd. #520

    Los Angeles, CA 90048

    PRESS CONTACT: Kim Dixon

    dominion3 Public Relations1420 Camden Ave, #5

    Los Angeles, CA 90025310.880.3016



    CLINGERnothing is scarier than your first love.

  • // (424) 243-5455


  • CLINGERMichael Steves

    Bubba Fish

    Mel House

    Harvey CodyTodd SmithAda Young

    Michael StevesGabi Chennisi DuncombeBubba Fish

    Bubba Fish

    Gabi Chennisi Duncombe

    Vincent MartellaJennifer Laporte

    Misha Segal


    83 mins



    World Premiere




    Executive Producers



    Dir. of Photography




    Running Time


    Shooting Format

    Premiere Status // (424) 243-5455

  • IntroductionRemember your first relationship? The innocence? The new experiences? That time you tried to break up with him but he got his head chopped off before you could tell him so he came back as a ghost to kill you so you both could live together forever in the afterlife?

    Such a simpler time.

    Clinger is a blood-soaked coming-of-age story about the horrors of first love.

    Jennifer Laporte as Fern

    Vincent Martella as Robert Klingher // (424) 243-5455

  • LoglineWhen her possessive high school boyfriend dies in a gruesome accident, Fern Petersens life is thrown into turmoil. Things go from bad to worse when he returns as a love-sick ghost to kill her so they can be together for eternity.

    SynopsisWhen her overly-attentive high school boyfriend, Robert, dies in a gruesome accident, Ferns life is thrown into turmoil. Senior year gets more complicated when Robert returns from the dead as a love-sick ghost and tries to rekindle their romance. But being dead only exacerbates Roberts possessiveness, and things take a deadly turn when Fern tries to break up with him. Robert realizes that the only way to save his relationship is to kill his high school sweetheart so they can be together for eternity. Fern must fight for her life to escape her murderous first love.

    Jennifer Laporte as Fern // (424) 243-5455

    Vincent Martella as Robert

  • Vincent Martella & Jennifer Laporte

    Long SynopsisFern Petersen is an overachieving high-school senior with dreams to run for the track team and study neuroscience at MIT. During track practice, she meets Robert, a romantic musician and senior at Ferns school. They start dating, and everything seems perfect. almost. Roberts possessive side soon begins to show-- he celebrates anniversaries on a weekly basis, drowns her in endless gifts, and even talks about their future children.

    Fern realizes that she might need to break up with Robert to live out her dreams. Robert, however, is intent on professing his undying love for her. He builds a giant contraption to unveil his latest profession of affection - a huge I LOVE YOU FERN banner. But when Fern comes over and tries to call things off, Robert is so taken aback that he trips on his contraption and is brutally beheaded.

    After the funeral, Fern suffers from a series of spooky visions, prompting her to enlist the help of her no-nonsense track coach, Valeria, a former ghost hunter. Valeria explains that Robert has returned from the dead as a love ghost. Only Fern can see him, and only Fern can vanquish him into the afterlife.

    Fern finally makes contact with her dead boyfriend, who remembers nothing from the night that he was simultaneously dumped and beheaded. She explains the fatal accident to Robert, and he doesnt take it well. Heartbroken and distraught, Robert goes to visit his grave and meets a motley crew of other ghosts.

    Fern continues to pursue her MIT dreams, but misses the comfort of her boyfriend and feels guilty for causing Roberts death. Fern tentatively resumes a relationship with her ghost boyfriend but it comes to a screeching halt after their first time goes catastrophically awry. She breaks up with Robert for good.

    Angry and heartbroken, Robert realizes that the only way to save his relationship is to kill his high school sweetheart so they can be together for eternity. Fern must fight for her life to escape her murderous first love. // (424) 243-5455

  • 150% FUN

    DED!Pre-ProductionCLINGER began during senior year of college when Michael called Gabi with an idea and asked her to write a screenplay with him. Bubba got jealous and wanted in on the writing team. They all wrote the script over a series of Skype sessions from three different states. After the script was completed, the fundraising process began. A few investors from Houston got on board, but the film still didnt have enough funds to shoot. So the filmmakers began a Kickstarter campaign, and the response was incredible. The film attracted 177 backers and $15,400 (far surpassing the $10,000 goal). CLINGER was finally happening. After they had all graduated from college, Michael, Gabi, and Bubba returned to their hometown of Houston, Texas to shoot the film at their high school alma mater.

  • ProductionProduction on CLINGER began July 20 in the sweltering Houston summer. The nights were long, the days were hot, and the mosquitos were out for blood. The film shot for 24 days. With many crew members sleeping on air mattresses and couches in Michael and Bubbas living rooms, CLINGER felt like a very intense summer camp.

    CLINGER Cast & Crew // (424) 243-5455

  • Clockwise from top left:Jennifer Laporte & Vincent Martella (Fern & Robert)

    Paulie Deo, Jr. (Dean)Leah Henley (Temperance)

    Shonna Major & Jennifer Laporte (Moe & Fern)Alicia Monet Caldwell (Valeria) // (424) 243-5455

  • Above Left: Josh Steves (Coal Miner Ghost) & Bubba Fish (Producer, Writer)Above Right: Michael Steves (Director, Writer) & Bobby C. King (Western Outlaw Ghost)

    Middle (from left): Adrien Pellerin (1st AC), Gabi Chennisi Duncombe (DP, Writer), & Jana Heaton (2nd AC)Below (from left): Bubba Fish, Michael Steves, & Gabi Chennisi Duncombe // (424) 243-5455

  • // (424) 243-5455

    Above Left: Costume designers prepare Leah Rosens (Temperance) costume.Above Right: Julia Aks (Kelsey), Michael Steves, Gabi Chennisi Duncombe, & Paulie Deo Jr. (Dean) block the teddy bear scene

    Left: Vincent Martella (Robert) and the contraption that will cut his head offRight: Michael Steves (Director, Writer) blocks the beheading scene

  • Sleep was often a rare luxury during production, so cast and crew took advantage of downtime in some

    unexpected places.

  • PRODUCTION NOTES (CONT.)Post-ProductionA rough assembly of the film was cut on set. Immediately following production, the team moved to Los Angeles with the footage in tow. Bubba finessed the edit, and CLINGER was picture locked in May 2014.

    CLINGER had a massive number of VFX shots for a low-budget indie, ranging from blood splatters to ghost lasers. The VFX team headed by Arnold Aldridge and Jason Miller did an amazing job bringing the horror and action elements to life.

    With the addition of 22-year-old sound designer Ankur Agrawal and veteran composer Misha Segal (Phantom of the Opera, The Human Centipede III),CLINGER was complete.

    Michael Steves (Director, Writer), Scott Kan (Asst. Editor), Bubba Fish (Editor) // (424) 243-5455

    Bubba Fish (Editor)

  • Directors StatementThe last time I directed a project, I was stabbed in the chest in a gruesome theater accident. I was directing a stunt that involved a plastic sword, and our stage manager confused this prop with a very real steel sword that put me in the ER.

    While being stitched up at the hospital, I kept thinking about what was supposed to happen. The rehearsal was supposed to run smoothly. The play was supposed to open that night. And I wasnt supposed to be in the hospital wearing a blood-soaked shirt.

    I came up with the premise for CLINGER while being stitched up. CLINGER is a coming-of-age story about a high school couple who have their futures perfectly planned out - only to have everything go horrifically awry after an unfortunate Valentines Day beheading.

    No matter how much you plan, you never know when youll end up covered in blood, wondering how everything went so horribly wrong.

    -Michael Steves

    Jennifer Laporte as Fern // (424) 243-5455

  • FILMMAKER BIOSThe TeamMichael, Gabi, and Bubba became fast friends during their freshman year of high school in Houston where they collaborated on short films and one-act plays. They went their separate ways to different universities, but decided to return to Houston upongraduation to make a feature together.After shooting CLINGER, they moved toLos Angeles to start Clinger Digital, acommercial & music video production companynamed after their first love.

    Michael Stevesdirector, writerMichael Steves is a 24-year-old writer-director from Houston, Texas. He directs commercials and writes for independent horror films. He graduated from Wesleyan University in 2013, where he studied film and international relations. CLINGER is