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A supplement to my application for the Travel Marketing Coordinator position

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VISAS Marketing and Sales ConsultantMarch 2013 to May 2013

Gone Livingwww.goneliving.caPartner July 2013- Present Communication OfficerJanuary 2011 to September 2011

CAA North & East Travel Marketing CoordinatorPending

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The Inflowwww.theinflow.comFounder and ConsultantAugust 2011 to Present

VISAS Marketing and Logistics CoordinatorApril 2010 to August 2010

GMC Contracting General ContractorMay 2009 to Present

Property Marketing Assistant July 2012 to September 2012

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ITINERARYOctober 10 Meet 60 riders that will become lifelong friends.

October 11 Depart Vancouver as one powerful riding force of 60 cyclists.

October 12–22 Wake up. Bike. Drive. Bike. Sleep. Laugh. Repeat.

October 22 Arrive in Austin, Texas.

October 23–24 Participate in Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong Challenge with 3,000 other cyclists.

October 25 Fly home!

October 10-24th, 2010

GIVETOLIVE is a non-profi t organization whose mission is to raise

funds for charities that are improving the lives of those suffering

from unnecessary disease and death by inspiring people to achieve

extraordinary physical and emotional accomplishments. We aim to

have a positive impact on the world and on ourselves by encouraging

people to remain healthy through exercise, give of themselves and

push themselves beyond their own internally-set boundaries.

Open to riders of ALL LEVELS of experience GIVETOLIVE is all about the journey…while we take safety seriously, the pace of the ride is built around:

Having fun

Seeing the country

Meeting new people

Bringing awareness to our cause

REQUIREMENTS: 1. Raise $5,000 for the war on cancer All proceeds benefi t: The Lance Armstrong Foundation Canadian Cancer Society Ovarian Cancer Canada Craig’s Cause for Pancreatic Cancer

2. Be ready to leave from Vancouver with your bike

3. Be ready for an adventure

Cycle for Life, Celebrate Life: Vancouver to AustinGIVETOLIVE is proud to announce “Cycle for Life, Celebrate Life: Vancouver to Austin” to raise funds for the fi ght against

cancer. Join us on an epic 4,300 km relay-cycle along one of the most breathtaking routes in the world. 110 km per day.

Teams of 5. Vancouver. Yellowstone. BIG SKY MONTANA. THE COLORADO ROCKIES. Jackson Hole. New Mexico. UTAH.

Idaho. LANCE ARMSTRONG. Texas. Friends for Life. And an experience you will never forget!

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