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2. Bunch is an influential media, events and consulting company thatcaters exclusively to families with kids aged 0-10.We publish an onlinemagazine for families, produce a season of unique arts & culture based events and consult for friendly brands that want to reach out to influencers in the family market. We have a huge subscriber audience,major brands as clients and we work with exciting cultural partners. Barenaked Lady Jim Creeggan and his family rode our client Yahoos purple Y! Bike and blogged about it. 3. Bunch Relationships 4. Bunchhas 3 Divisions: Bunch Events : A ticketed season of unique arts and culture based experiences for families, taking place in critical Canadian markets with friendly companies attached as sponsors. Examples: Concerts, dance parties, artist salons. Bunch Consulting:We help friendly brands reach out to families. Bunch Media:A blog and culturally influential newsletter about creative families and the things they do together. 5.

  • Bunch Reach
  • Over10,000 influencer families
  • subscribeto the Bunch Mag and
  • the Bunch Events Mailer.
  • Bunch has key relationship to
  • on-line and traditional media outlets. We receive, on average,3,065,000 media impressions
  • per event .
  • Bunch is expert at getting content amplified and picked up by influential blogs and sites as well as by the traditional media.
  • Wereach over 100,000 kids and parents directlythrough events each calendar year.

Bunch Reach 6.

  • Recent Projects

7. Bunch Family Dance Party:Wild Rumpus Edition Oct. 4, 2009 Sponsors: Yahoo! and Warner Bros. 800 Attendees GOAL: Leverage the excitement about the Spike Jonze Where the Wild Things Are movie for our sponsors and for Bunch. STRATEGY: Use the event to create collateral that will get lots of media pick-up and have a strong probability of going viral over the web. 8.

  • Execution:
  • We dressed 100 kids up as
  • Max and took pictures and video
  • of them cavorting with a
  • costumed Wild Thing on the
  • dance floor.

Hundreds of Maxes and a Wild Thing (roaring). 9. Result: 22,000,157 impressions AND we got name checked on director Spike Jonzes personal site - twice! 10. Yahoo! Quebec Experiential Programs August-October 2009 Goal: Reach out to families in Montreal and generate awarenessand love for Yahoo! Quebec with a strong focus on Frenchspeaking families Strategy: Use well established MontrealFestivals as a channel to reach the public andoffer them free experiences and playful brandedswag. 11.

  • Execution:
  • We developed sponsorships for Yahoo! with the popular Montreal events Mixarts and POP Montreal and created Purple Parties for kids at both of these festivals (purple is Yahoos colour).
  • We created a fun photo booth experience, took thousands of pictures of Montrealers and directed them to the Yahoo! owned Flickr for viewing.
  • We executed an aggressive grassroots and traditional media campaign to get editorial for these programs.


  • Bunch creates customized activations for all sponsors based on your goals. These
  • are examples of the kinds of activations we have undertaken for clients.
  • A branded environment, like this one at the Bunch Outer Space Event sponsored by Spin Master.
  • .
  • Front-and-centre signage.

Sponsor Activations 14.

  • Influencer families interacting with your brand
  • Logo wall
  • Sampling
  • Branded Family Swag Bags

Sponsor Activations 15.

  • Photo booths and video booths that result in branded collateral made available to guests to encourage viralization on blogs, Facebook profiles, photo sharing sites and other social media platforms where you can reach even more families.
  • Contests and data capture

Sponsor Activations 16. Editorial mention, adspace and linked logo impressions in the Bunch Mag, Bunch Blogor Bunch Event blasts (10,000 subscribers). Big box ad space on the Bunch site Sponsor Activations 17. Logo inclusion in advertising on partners media properties valued between $5,000 and $20,000 and reaching up to 800,000 parents Sponsor Activations 18.

  • In August, 2009, we launched the
  • Bunch Mag: A stylish on-line
  • family magazine, featuring
  • exclusive interviews with
  • celebrity and creative families
  • about the things they do
  • together.
  • Currently bi-monthly, Bunch Mag will
  • hit in-boxes once-a-week as of
  • January 2010, reaching upwards of
  • 13,000 subcribers.
  • Bunch Mag offers partners
  • uncluttered advertising opportunities
  • and sponsored content and tools.

Bunch Media 19. Bunch 2010 Season Sunday, January 30th, 1-4 PMBunch Family Dance Party WinterCity Edition Attendees: 2,000 Partners: Bunch, City of Toronto, World Wildlife Foundation 20. Bunch 2010 Season Monday, February 15th, 12-4 PMBunch Family Day Attendees: 2,000 Partners: Bunch, Toronto Public Library 21. Sunday, April 4, 2-5 PM Bunch Family Salon Attendance: 1,000 May 8, 2010, 2-5 PM Bunch Family Dance Party: Mothers Day Edition Atendance: 1,000 October 3, 2010, 2-5 PM Bunch Family Dance Party: Fall Launch Attendance: 800 November 28, 2010, 2-5 PM Bunch Family Dance Party: Punk Rock Edition Attendance: 800 Bunch 2010 Season 22. Bunch Creative Director Rebecca Brown Rebecca is a theatre director who trained in New York and worked in the arts scene in Toronto, New York and Montreal. She is part of a network of culturally influential musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers and journalists, who strangely, all had kids around the same time. Bunch relies on the endorsement, cool hunting ability, talent and counsel of these smart friends to create inspiring programs and content. 23. Bunch stages sophisticated but accessible art and cultural events for families. The Toronto Star, March 26, 2009 The Bunch Family blog is an inspiring compendium of kids and families doing fascinating things across the globe. Sweetmama.ca, March 23, 2009 Rebecca Brown has an eyes-narrowed intensity when she talks... I think this generation of parents has made a serious investment in the more soulful aspects of life, in quality of life, she says. Parents want to have amazing experiences with their kids. They want to be part of a community. Its about sharing your interests with your kids just as you share theirs. Toronto Life, May 2008, Cover Story Baby Wars by Katrina Onstad Hipsters who love their children also love Bunch. National Post, Sept. 26, 2007 Q&A: Where All the Cool Kids Go by Karon Liu Rebecca Brown, a Toronto parent, who co-founded Bunch, says more and more kids are being exposed to adult forms of culture. Theres a shift in the way people are parenting, she says. Theres less of a division of what is adult and what is for children. The Globe and Mail, Feb.2007 Mini-Socialites by Rebecca Eckler