Bringing out the talent in your child by Maryann Woods-Murphy Gifted and Talented Specialist

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Bringing out the talent in your child by Maryann Woods-Murphy Gifted and Talented Specialist Nutley Public Schools October 10 th , 2013 @ NutleyTALENT Nutley T ogether A chieving L asting E ngagement to build N ational & local T alent. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Bringing out the talent in your child by Maryann Woods-Murphy Gifted and Talented Specialist

PowerPoint Presentation

Bringing out the talent in your child

byMaryann Woods-MurphyGifted and Talented SpecialistNutley Public SchoolsOctober 10th, 2013

@NutleyTALENTNutley Together Achieving Lasting Engagement to buildNational & local Talent.

Im so happy to be here todayto talk about Nutley TALENT

Im going to talk aboutWhat is giftedness? What are the three rings of giftedness?What is the difference between bright and gifted?What can parents do to energize giftedness in their children?A call for involvement and collaboration contact information come and join me!

The Differences Between Bright and Giftedby Janice Robbins, PhD

BRIGHTGIFTEDKnows the answers Asks the questionsIs interested Is highly curiousIs attentiveIs mentally and physically involvedWorks hardPlays around, yet tests wellAnswers the questionsDiscusses in detail, elaboratesIs in the top groupIs beyond the groupListens with interestShows strong feelings and opinionsLearns with easeAlready knows

Bright vs. Gifted characteristicsNeeds 6-8 repetitions for mastery Needs 1-2 repetitionsUnderstands ideasConstructs abstractionsListens with interestShows strong feelings & opinionsUnderstands ideasConstructs abstractionsEnjoys peersPrefers adultGrasps the meaningDraws inferencesCompletes assignmentsInitiates projectsIs receptiveIs intenseCopies accurately Creates I am gifted

Joe Renzulli & Sally Reis, CONFRATUTE creators talk a lot aboutWHAT MAKES GIFTEDNESS?Above Average AbilityTask CommitmentCreativityUACICTP8Two Types of GiftednessSchoolhouse GiftednessCreative/Productive Giftedness


10EnjoymentEngagementEnthusiasmAchievementWe in Nutley believe that children needEvery students deep interests need ORE.OpportunitiesResourcesEncouragement To DEVELOP STUDENT TALENT

We develop student talent by helping them to investigate real problemsThe young person thinking,feeling, and doing like thepracticing professional...

Children can do great things that are similar to the work of adult scientists, writers and film makers, in their own way! 131. Personalization of the problem2. Use of authentic methodology3. Developed to have an impact on a real audience (other than or in addition to the teacher)But what makes a problem real?14Examples of Instructional Products Artistic ProductsArchitectureMuralsSculptureMapsGraphic DesignsPerformance ProductsSkitsRole playingDanceMimeInterpretive SongSpoken ProductsDebatesSpeechesDemonstrationsPanel DiscussionsBook TalksVisual ProductsVideosMusical ScoresBlueprintsDiagrams/ChartsTimelinesConcrete Products: Physical constructions young people create as they investigate the representative topics and interact with the principles, concepts and methodology of the discipline.15

Why not believe that Nutley students one day willwin a Nobel Peace Prize...find a cure for cancersolve economic struggleseradicate starvationput this town in national and world history books, known for the development of youth talent and potential?Why not?we must ask

How can you help?Join our virtual Nutley Talent Team! Be sure to jump on the @NutleyTALENT twitter feed to share ideas and opportunities. If you are interested, there is a sign up sheet on the side table!

Join the EdWeb virtual community where we can exchange ideas and resources! Parents are most welcome! Just provide me with your information so that I can invite you!

Be a guest presenter! Come to share your passion, talent, story or expertise with the children so we can give the kids O.R.E. (opportunities,resources,encouragment). Again, there is a sign-up sheet on the side table!ReferencesCONFRATUTE handouts. (2013). Retrieved from

The Neag Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development. (2013) Retrieved from

Renzulli, J.S., & Reis, S.M. (1985). The school wide enrichment model: A comprehensive plan for educational excellence. Mansfield Center, CT: Creative Learning Press.

Renzulli, J.S. (1978). What Makes Giftedness? Reexamining a Definition. Phi Delta Kappan, 60(3), 180-184, 261

Sizer, Theodore R. & Nancy Sizer, Grappling, Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 81, November 1999, pp. 184-190.


Nutley Together Achieving Lasting Engagement to buildNational & local Talent.

Contact me at: Maryann [email protected]

Thank you!