Boyd’s Coffee Culinary Cup + BJ’s Restaurants Management Cup.

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Transcript of Boyd’s Coffee Culinary Cup + BJ’s Restaurants Management Cup.

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Boyds Coffee Culinary Cup + BJs Restaurants Management Cup Slide 2 California Restaurant Association Educational Foundation California ProStart Competion Boot Camp 2012-2013 Management Competition Project Pacing, Marketing Tactics, Packets, Critical Thinking Slide 3 Michael Santos, Chief Operating Officer, Micatrotto Restaurant Group Introductions Slide 4 Project Pacing Slide 5 October Begin forming competition team Identify competition mentor Designate team leaders Formulate restaurant concept November Begin menu creation Program Timeline Slide 6 December - Finalize Concept and menu - Begin work on Written Proposal - Menu Design and costing - Complete Floorplan - Organizational chart January - Formulate Marketing plan - Begin work on presentation - Check math on menus and costing sheets - Begin visual display board Slide 7 Program Timeline February Make and photograph menu items Finalize marketing tactics Complete written proposal-following checklist Complete presentation Begin verbal presentation practice Check all spelling and math March Complete visual display board Final practices in front of audience Check all spelling and math Slide 8 Written Proposal Slide 9 Written Proposal Components Executive Summary Table of contents Description of restaurant concept Description of interior and exterior Organizational Chart Listing of 12 menu items Slide 10 Written Proposal Components Recipes for 3 menu items Recipe Costing for 3 menu items Menu pricing for 3 menu items Photos of 3 menu items Sample of menu presentation Two marketing tactics Conclusion Slide 11 Executive Summary Introduction Describing what is in the proposal One page Slide 12 Table of Contents Double and triple check to make sure pages and order is correct Include every required aspect with page numbers or tabs Slide 13 Restaurant Concept Type of establishment Type of cuisine served Meal periods served Hours of operation Location Target Market within ProStartville Slide 14 Look and Feel Description of interior and dcor Describe how the dcor complements the concept Include samples and photos Slide 15 Interior Diagram Basic floorplan of entire restaurant Include both front and back of the house Be aware of the flow of guests and staff through the front of the house and the flow of food through the back of the house Include equipment and features necessary to be successful Slide 16 Organizational Chart List of all positions in the concept restaurant Show in chain of command format Slide 17 Menu Simple list with descriptions of the 12 menu items Recipes on official template for three of the items Recipe Cost Sheets on official templates for the three items Menu Pricing on official templates for three items Photos of the three items Sample of how menu will be presented Slide 18 Marketing Tactics Develop two marketing tactics - Description - Goal - Budget - Sample Slide 19 Marketing Tactic Categories Advertising Paying to present or promote an operations products, services, or identity. *Newspaper *Billboard *Radio *Poster *Magazine *Metro Transit Slide 20 Marketing Tactic Categories Promotions Incentives to entice customers to patronize an operation. Frequent shopper program Special pricing Samples Merchandising Signage & display materials Premiums Contest/sweepstakes Special Events Carryout & door hanger menu Slide 21 Marketing Tactic Categories Public Relations The process by which an operation interacts with the community at large. Holding a charity event Press release Sponsoring a team or event Slide 22 Marketing Tactic Categories Direct Marketing Making a concerted effort to connect directly with a certain segment of the market. Post Card mailing campaign E-mail campaign Deal of the Day website (Groupon, Living Social, etc.) Smart phone application that updates and informs customers directly Flyers Slide 23 What to Submit 11 copies of the soft bound written proposal with all required elements One manila folder containing: - Listing of menu items - Sample menu - Recipes - Recipe costing worksheet - Menu pricing worksheet - Plate photos Slide 24 Critical Thinking Slide 25 Case Study Scenarios The categories for critical thinking scenarios will include: Safety & sanitation Customer service Social media Human resources + staffing Marketing Menu development + design Concept knowledge all teams will be evaluated on the same four categories (but with unique scenarios) Slide 26 Case Study Food Safety & Sanitation Is there a HACCP plan in place? Do students follow the proper protocol to prevent or mitigate legal action? Is sanitation a component of every decision they make? Example: While pulling out the beef for your signature ribeye, your prep cook notices that the walk-in seems a bit warm. What do you do? Slide 27 Case Study Workplace Safety How do teams address chemical and physical hazards? Do students follow the proper protocol to prevent or mitigate legal action? Is safety a component of every decision they make? Example: We see that you have a line cook position - while the line cook is carrying your signature soup, he slips in a puddle of water by the dish area. What do you do? Slide 28 Case Study Customer Relations Is the customer always first and foremost in the teams minds? Is the Rule of 10 taken into consideration when the team interacts with customers? Does the team follow up with guests? Example: We see that mashed potatoes are the star item on your menu, how will you handle customer relations if your supplier does not deliver potatoes? Slide 29 Case Study Human Resources & Staffing Does any disciplinary action follow standard protocol and legal procedures? How are policies communicated to employees? How do students balance the need to properly staff the restaurant vs. cost efficiency? Do they look for creative solutions to staffing problems? Does cross-training factor into their solutions? Example: You have a party booked in your kids party room, and your lead party server calls off what do you do? Slide 30 Case Study Marketing Do teams consider the impact of all communications on sales, staffing and public perception? Is there a crisis communications plan in place? Is the whole organization a part of the marketing plan? Example: In the coupon you printed in the newspaper, you forgot to put an expiration date. Two months later, a table tries to redeem it what do you do? Slide 31 Case Study Menu Development and Design How do all parts of the menu work together? How does the menu design represent the concept and menu? How do the prices on the menu relate to each other? Example: You dont sell as much of the filet as you anticipated on Friday night, What will you do with the extra filets? Slide 32 Case Study Concept Knowledge How does a quick service restaurant operate vs. fine dining? How does the location of the restaurant impact all other areas? Example: Due to your location you serve a high volume during lunch. However, dinner tickets are down. What can you do to increase dinner volume? Slide 33 Case Study Critical Thinking Tips Dont dissect what led to the current problems, address how you will solve them Instead of playing the blame game, deal with the situation as it is and put plans in place to prevent repeats Work as a team to solve the challenges If a teammate stumbles, jump in and help him/her out Slide 34 Questions?