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The presskit.

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    WE DO.Fronting our Group as the Branding and Interactive agency arm, our unique philosophy lets us tailor

    our creative concepts to meet every clients objective[s]. Infusing a bespoke process from each projects

    inception, our solutions are communicated across with true finesse and backed by sound marketing &

    branding strategies. - blanct

    [email protected]

  • Leading this branding exercise to position our sister entities to their optimum potential, the team at blanct envisioned and executed a full conceptual direction, graphic and layout design, copywriting and programming interface for VisualMediaWorks [VMW] website. As a purveyor of visual excellence, VMW websites objective was to showcase namely that.

  • Designed for convenient navigation within the site, the uncluttered and minimal web styling accentuate the branding identity of VMW effortlessly. With a cubic layout, the companys works are consolidated and purposefully categorized for optimum viewing selection.


  • Tapping on the edgy and highly creative tenets of Attic Films, this website takes on a graphic yet avant-garde direction. With a bare all concept, one travels through an insightful journey of the firms forte in motion graphics, video production and more.

    AT T I C F I L M S 2 0 1 2 . A L L R I G H T S R E S E RV E D

  • Apart from showcasing all of its unique qualities, blanct created a framework that subtly reflects

    nuances of show-reel elements, keeping the colour theme dark and raw, taking inspiration from traditional film strips.

    AT T I C F I L M S 2 0 1 2 . A L L R I G H T S R E S E RV E D

    AT T I C F I L M S 2 0 1 2 . A L L R I G H T S R E S E RV E D


  • The intuitive site embodies a dynamic and exclusive feel for obilia. With a rich, yet highly sophisticated colour palette, the website has been intelligently weaved together with intermittent, tagline transitions.

  • Showcasing the entitys exclusive works as the centrepiece for its web pages, one is able to relate and experience the teams dedication to meticulous design, detail and quality.


  • Cladding the lobbies of Singapores new business metropolis are three digital directories created to provide a simple wayfinding

    around the retail spaces.

    With individual tenant listing for the office and retail

    components, the interface is clean and showcases the developments architectural brilliance. The interface includes a backend feature that allows one to have remote access and update tenant listing with utmost convenience. In addition, graphical illustrations depict the buildings Green Features for easy comprehension.


    Solar PowerHarvested to DateSolar Panels are installed on the rooftop to harness solar energy of up to 50kWp of electricity.35358


    CO2 Carbon DioxideReducedThe installation of energy efficient features and use of renewable energyat The Metropolis increase the carbon offset which os measured here as the equivalent number of plants planted.


    OutdoorHumidityHumidity level vary from place to place. A comfortable humidity level is usually about 80% on average. Anything beyond this makes the surrounding appear hotter than it actually is.



    Total BuildingPower ConsumptionEnergy Efficiency Index (EEI) measuresthe total energy used per unit ofbuilding floor area and is a key building performance indicator adopted bySIngapores Building & Construction Authority for energy efficiency.


    ChillerEfficiencyThis is a benchmark widely used to measure the chiller system efficiency. A highly efficient chiller plant system savesenergy as it is the largest energyconsumer in a commercial building.


    OutdoorTemperatureOutdoor temperature is a term which refers to the temperature in a room, orthe temperature which surrounds an object under discussion.C32


  • The RampL5Lobby APink Lifts

  • These artworks developed for Orchard Central feature 3D renders of the retail mall and focuses mainly on providing wayfinding and navigational support to visitors. Scope of services include a set of colour coded directory for lift

    differentiation, level zoning and customized icon graphics.

    The RampL5Lobby APink Lifts

  • Serving the renowned multi-label furniture and fine accessories retailer, SPACE Furniture, is an in-store vertical touch screen self-help directory.

    Located at the brands flagship boutique along Bencoolen Street [Singapore] this intuitive directory that is conceptualized and created by blanct delivers not just navigational help, but a lifestyle experience for all.

  • Making a Statement - With various content sections, the directory showcases an insight into the multi-label retailer and its creative store concept.

    With actual in-store shots and a cross-sectional diagrammatic view created by VMW, users will be able to have an immersive experience in the interlinked three-block lifestyle environment without being lost.

  • Navigational features include a 3D wireframe path done by VMW architecture team, whereby users can be virtually guided to access their desired brand sections.

    Leveraging the directorys purpose and usage, the bottom section of the screen depicts a marketing page for store shout-outs, promotional campaigns, and more, including a management programming feature for remote internal updates.

  • Taking the outfits forte beyond Singapores shores, blanct

    embarked on a comprehensive project for an Indian residential development, East Point. This private iPad application serves as the perfect tool for the developers sales team to constantly be on the go for jetsetting prospects.

  • With a unique interface and simple sections, the application includes VMWs services like a comprehensive location map, site plan and a variation of room types depicted through the immersive IPM.


  • Hotspots were programmed to incorporate information that follow a sequential presentation structure. Integrating not just a frontend programming portion, the application also encompasses RealTime updates for the developments unit availability.


  • With the marriage of IPM nodes that showcase the interiors of the developments unit types and backend RealTime function, this sales package allows for a perfect visual presentation and live updates on unit availability.


  • Tapping into the usefulness of an isometric plan,blanct conceptualized and created a website for the multi-generational residence of Brooks Collection @ Springside.

  • Incorporating an introductory video with a storytelling concept by Attic Films, the video exudes a homely disposition feel to the user, before transiting to the sites main page. Purposefully designed to convene an amalgamation of information, sections include visual renders and plans created by VMW.


  • Users have the freedom to see cross-sectional spaces through the isometric plan first-hand. Unique to this

    developments shape and facilities, the intelligent overlay of information keeps the overall site heavy with content, but sleek in delivery. Additional features include a customized interactive location plan in which one is able to draw information on both the external and internal context of the development.


  • 260

  • Emphasizing on the projects landscaping brilliance, blanct envisioned and moulded the information-heavy website for Mirage by the Lake, a Malaysian residential development. The site includes magnificent landscaping renders from VMW.

  • Clean, angular lines assimilate the purposeful, informative Flash-based website, and is a cohesive display of stunning panoramic visuals and technical information.


  • With unique cursor panning effects, the clean web layout is minimalistic and keeps the projects focus in-check at all junctures. With a comprehensively programmed site plan overlay and well-managed content arrangement, the site is self-explanatory and a delight to experience.


  • 264

  • Plaza Singapura - The highly interactive History Wall is a consolidation of the milestones of one of Singapores most vibrant and unique retail mall. Designed to transcend multi-generational users from the malls illustrious past to the future with a twist of fun, blanct created the experiential interface, which was showcased within a private showsuite.

  • Entwining the best of yesterday in todays context, the interactive touch screen interface is a juxtaposed virtual showcase of Plaza Singapuras milestones as a mall and lifestyle component. With a mix of real photography and computer graphics, the array of mono-toned images to professionally shot stills were pre-programmed to encompass a deliberately haphazard sequence.


  • Designed to allow as much image space as possible, the minimalistic layout features information overlay and intuitive buttons that keep users entertained at all times.


  • Keeping in mind to be easy yet fun when navigating, every design element is purposeful and visually engaging. Programmed and designed with a Rub to Reveal touch-screen function, users of all ages are able to engage with the interfaces overall show and tell concept.


  • The unique scope of services delivered for Hatten City - a mixed development project based in Malaysia - is available as an iPad application in the Apple Store, and at the developers marketing gallery.

  • Dynamic in both form and function, blanct has designed the overall interface with a slider concept that consolidates the projects information, including technical information, graphics, visual renderings by VMW, animation and more.


  • With dual-functional programming, the interface contains not one but two full sets of information for separate developments. Easy to navigate between the two, marketing presentation and end-user experience is not compromised at all times.


  • 272

  • Leading the creative direction and marketing strategy for the multimedia display of CapitaGreen, an esteemed office

    development, blanct produced two highly interactive Macro & Micro interfaces showcased within the private

    experiential showsuite.

  • The Macro multimedia showcase is a highly informational vision that has been transmitted from a presentation touch screen to an expansive projection wall. Covering accessibility and amenities details, this feature wall focuses on the external context of the developments location and surrounding amenities.


  • With detailed labelling over the 3D architectural animation by VMW, the interface covers a 360-degree vicinity view that is triggered by interlinked hotspot buttons. Staged next to a 3D model of the development, the interface also allows for seamless transition to the Micro multimedia, which contains the actual developments details and specifications.


  • Containing multi-layered information, the Micro interface is a highly interactive feature that can be experienced through a presentation touch screen and a large touch TV within the showsuites mock up office space. Situated beside a 3D cross-sectional lighting model, this interface reacts with the former

    upon triggering hotspots.


  • Taking the overall interactive experience a step futher, the creative team created not just customized hotspots, but swipe features that trigger an animation playback to provide a more immersive and interactive experience.


  • Not just a solution provider, blanct worked together with VMW to create sections that contain the ever-immersive IPMs to help simulate office spaces, with and without furniture layout. Served as a

    powerful selling tool, the interface programming delivers these information collectively with smooth overlay effects and intuitive navigation features.


  • An important aspect of this interface includes a plans comparison page with prospective tenant listings. Keeping the interface sections intelligently designed and thought out, important details can now be pulled out easily without any fuss and waiting time.


  • Featuring not just an automated lighting model beside the screen, the programming of both tools have been synced to simultaneously showcase the environmental highlight of this particular development, which is the Cool Void. Deliberately planned to emphasize on this award-winning green feature, the interface and its graphic and programming capability is no longer restrained within the screen, but serves as a multi-purpose marketing platform that is fluid and easily adaptable

    for external add-on features.


  • With these experiential spaces, the Micro multimedia also includes customized building signage visuals and incorporates the marketing video. Not just an interactive interface, project information and other necessary details have been well thought out and reflected strategically.


  • To tie up the teams complete marketing strategy, blanct has also created an additional interface that allows for a seamless presentation at the showsuite. Without any assistance required, a presenter can now lead prospects on this immersive journey and control all necessary lighting and showroom features through this iPad automation application without having to touch a single switch.


  • In a collaborative effort, obilia and blanct created the interactive interface for Corals at Keppel Bay, an exclusive residential development in Singapore. With the former taking the creative lead, blanct brainstormed and conceptualized the projects art direction for the contents graphic interface and programming functionality.

  • Integrating a marketing video, e-brochure, plans by VMW, stunning visual renders by obilia and technical information, the interface is a slick and refined twist, with smart navigation between modules.


  • Showcasing an exemplary correlation between content visuals, copywriting, the developments selling points, and interface navigation, the interactive feature displays seamless transition effects and a distinct identity that spreads throughout the projects marketing mediums.


  • Showcasing a broad spectrum of information that have been strategically planned between obilia and blanct, the interface plays host to an international audience.


  • With customized icons programmed and integrated into the intuitive IPM environment of the developments vicinity, users and presenters are able to simulate Corals at Keppel Bay to a fault.


  • 123456778



    BBQ Party PavilionClubhouse (Multi-Purpose StudioLounge, Function Room, Gym)Al Fresco TerraceForest WalkEntrance GatewayStepping StonesStepping StonesTennis CourtChildrens Play Area

    Public PromenadeDockside PromenadeReflecting PoolsWater GardensHydro SpaLounger Pool50m Length Swimming Pool50m Length Swimming PoolSplash Pool with Jumping Jets

    Yet another highlight of the interface is the planning and sequential effects of information overlay. Programmed to include interactive buttons over the residences site plan, users can call out lifestyle imagery and navigate internally, without having to leave this multi-informational page.


  • Once more, obilia and blanct created the interactive interface for DUO, a comprehensive integrated development in Singapore. While obilia took the creative lead, blanct conceptualized the projects art direction for the contents graphic interface and programming functionality.

  • Showcasing an amalgamation of contents from VMW, obilia and blanct, the interface takes on an aerial concept, introducing the development from the outside by highlighting the key landmarks of the area.


  • With informational overlay features and a full introduction into the location of DUOs development plot, the interactive interface is a perfect tool not just for the local market, but for international prospects.


  • blanct took the cue to lead in delivering a seamless and interactive graphic treatment, complemented by unique and smooth transition effects all through the medias multiple sections.


  • Available not just within the development showsuite, the interface has also been adapted and re-programmed into a private iPad application, allowing this media interface to venture into an on-the-go avenue, and opening up easy access to designated sales and marketing personnel.


  • Showcasing visual excellence through VMWs renders, obilia and blanct also planned out an effective marketing strategy with respect to the content flow of information. Keeping every page uncluttered whilst staying close to the developments unique branding identity, graphic icons and overlay features include adapting trademark shapes and colour schemes from the logo and the architecture of the development.


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