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BIZ-BUZZ The Business Quiz

NOESIS 2015PRELIMSQ1.In her advertisement for Loreal, Aishwaria Rai Bachhan says "Because you are ........"Complete the sentence.

Ans: Worth it3Q2.This 2014 book about events in Indian history from about 1970 till 1980 led to bookstores boycotting its publisher, Rupa, because it was exclusively offered only on for the first 3 weeks. Who wrote this book?Ans:2.Pranab Mukherjee. the book is "The Dramatic Decade, The Indira Gandhi Years".

4Q3.In India, these signs occupy 40% of the available space. However, as per a new directive issued in Oct 2014 by the Indian Ministry of Health, these could now become as high as 85% in India, making India the largest implementer in terms of space used. Thailand also uses 85% and Australia being 82.5%.ANS:3. Warnings on cigarette packets against cigarette smoking

5Q4.ID the airline.

Ans: Vistara.6Q5.A fast food chain had recently been accepting hugs and selfies as payment from some lucky customers till 14th of Feb . ID this world famous fast food chain.5.McDonalds

7Q6."Powered by intellect,Driven by values" is the tagline of which Indian IT giant?6.Infosys.

8Q7.Identify this footwear company, very popular among young kids:

7. Crocs9Q8.Which is the firstintegrated steel plantin the public sector in India. It was set up with West Germancollaboration?

Ans: 8.Rourkela Steel Plant.

10Q9.Which chennai based "heavy motorcycle" company surpassed Harley Davidson to become the global leader in sales in the above 700cc segment?Ans: 9.Royal Enfield.

11Q10.The original cover of the comic "The Shooting Star" recently sold for 2.5million euros at an auction. Who is the protagonist?Ans: 10. Tintin12Q11.Which popular e-commerce website is backed by Azim Premji, Narayana Murthy and Ratan Tata?Ans: 11.Snapdeal

13Q12.Who is the author of the entrepreneurship books:"Stay Hungry Stay Foolish"," Connect the Dots" and " I Have a Dream"?

12.Rashmi Bansal

14Q13.Expand BRICSAns: 13. Brazil Russia India China South Africa

15Q14.The Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers, popularly known as __________Towers, is a 29 storey building in downtown Mumbai on Dalal Street.Fill in the blank.(3 Words)Ans: 14. Bombay Stock Exchange.16Q15.Who is the brand ambassador for Fiama Di Wills?She is quite a lovely person.

Ans: 15.Deepika Padukone.

17Q16."Beyond the Last Blue Mountain" is the biography of which Indian pioneer industrialist?Ans16.J.R.D Tata.

18Q17.Who on 1 May 2014 was appointed as the CEO and President of Nokia?Ans: 17.Rajeev Suri.19Q18.Which English football giant announced a mega shirt sponsorship deal with Adidas worth 750 million starting from 2016?Ans:18.Manchester United

20Q19.How do we know Chinese entreprenuer Ma Yun better?Ans: 19.Jack Ma of Alibaba Group.21Q20.Who created this very famous mascot?

Ans: 20. R.K Laxman22