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Change is the only constant. There is no fixed goal we can aspire to. Ambition is a moving target. Times change, circumstances change, people change, desires change. Change is the foremost rule of life.

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Since Doehle Danautic commenced operations with Crew Management services, this division continues to be the Company’s core expertise. The division under the supervision of Capt. Shashi D’Souza undertakes complete crew management for main fleet and off shore ships, as well as provides individual ranks as per the client’s needs.The division is managed by Master Mariners and Chief Engineers with minimum 15+ years of experience in marine crew management and the shipping industry. Our highly skilled and experienced personnel provide efficient and personalized services to our clients by


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DOEHLE DANAUTICmaintaining a regular communication with the clients and the vessels, thereby overcoming the communication gap if any.

We provide equal opportunity in the development and advancement of our seafarers. We believe that our seafarers are our partners in growth and stability. DDI’s strength lies in manning and operating Indian flag ship along the Indian coast.

We humbly handle the manning requirements of various Indian/ International ship owners and have 1300 seafarers in our pool. We undertake the placement needs of our clients by catering to all the ranks and nationalities, specializing in the following nationalities:Indian,Filipino,Russian,Maldivian.

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DOEHLE DANAUTICAn extensive database consisting of proficient officers, a dedicated in-house team, along with our offices stretching across the globe enables Doehle Danautic to provide each individual owner with the finest quality crew and personalized services on a 24/7 basis.

We ensure each candidate is capable of :-•Operating the ship safely and efficiently;•Conserving and protecting the environment;•Complying with all applicable National and International rules and requirements;• Applying recognized industry standards when appropriate;• Preparing for emergencies, and disaster reduction.

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DOEHLE DANAUTICOur services include :-

•Customization for each client based on their cultural, geographical and individual preferences.•Complete management of seafarers.•Flag State & STCW ’95 document administration.•Management of Wages and Allotments.•Handling Cash to Master.•Handling Insurance cover under our P&I cover.•Handling Visa & Immigration requirements.•Managing Flights and other travel arrangements.

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DOEHLE DANAUTIC• Regular ship visits to monitor and communicate with the crew.• Provision of working gear.• All ITF communications and negotiations.• Forward planning of all crew changes.• A web based crewing software “Crews Along”.

Quality Policy Statement :-

• We offer crewing service based on the principles of ISO 9001:2008 standard.• We are member of MASSA, Registered with the DG (RPSL MUM No. 053)

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DOEHLE DANAUTIC• We commit to comply with the quality requirements as laid down in the

Quality Management System.• Our marine crewing agency and crew management services are of the

highest standards in full compliance with IMO and Statutory regulations.

We believe in a philosophy of continuous change, in recreating and reinventing ourselves to be able to respond to client needs faster and more efficiently.

This philosophy of Change has brought Doehle Danautic a long list of satisfied clients, to name a few.

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