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The Best Kept MLM Recruiting Secrets in the World- (That No One Will Tell You.) By Doug Firebaugh © ™ 2008/ All Rights Reserved 1


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The Best Kept MLM Recruiting Secrets in the

World- (That No One Will Tell You.)

By Doug Firebaugh

© ™ 2008/ All Rights Reserved

Hey Guys!


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I just wanted to let you know that Jodi and I are thankful that you have decided to download our ebook, “The Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World - that No One Will tell You.” It is a powerful ebook and will teach you many things about Recruiting in Network Marketing.

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Table of Contents:


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1) The Hidden Secrets of Your Recruiting Presence

2) How to Turn the High Price of Gas into a Recruiting Frenzy

3) How to Read your prospect like a book

4) Hidden Secrets to Closing the Prospect when Recruiting

5) 5 Big Reasons the Prospect will tell you NO

6) Are You Recruiting the Wrong People - Again?

7) How to Hold Powerful Recruiting Conversations

8) 5 HUGE Mistakes made in Network Marketing Recruiting

9) How to Conquer Recruiting Phone Phobia

10) Hidden Secrets to Succeeding at Three Way Calling

11) The Secrets to Holiday Recruiting No One Will tell You.

12) More Secrets to Holiday Recruiting-2

13) Even More Seasonal MLM Recruiting Secrets 3.

14) How to Start a Conversation with Anyone

15) Should You Talk to Strangers About Your Business?

16) The Secret of Recruiting Beyond The Network Marketing Business

1) Your MLM Recruiting Presence.

Does yours work FOR you, or AGAINST you?


Page 4: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

Good question! Many times, in a Recruiting session, your presence totally will set the environment for how the recruiting conversation or appointment goes. Your MLM Recruiting Presence says more to the prospect many times than the words you choose to vocalize. It is the one single influencing factor that many times will determine if your prospect will join you or not. It is that powerful of a factor in Network Marketing recruiting.

For More Recruiting Secrets: Power Secrets to becoming a Recruiting Magnet

I am so honored and blessed to work with a lot of folks around the world, and one of the biggest problems I see with the struggling Network Marketer, is the lack of "Success Presence" in their demeanor. They come across like they are anything but Successful, let alone on their way to Success. You MUST have a Magnetic Presence to recruit effectively.

What exactly is Presence?

It is the "Aura" or "Feeling" that people feel from you and get when they are around you.

It is the "Instinctive Feeling" that is triggered in people when they see you.

It is the "Knowing" that people can have about you, and who they perceive you to be.

Have you ever been around someone that you didn't know why, but you simply didn't feel comfortable being around them, something just wasn't "right?" Something about them made red flags go off in your instincts.

That was their presence that you were feeling.

Have you ever met someone and immediately felt comfortable with them? It was just something about them, and how they looked at you and how they made you feel so good?

That was their presence you were feeling.


Page 5: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

One of the Biggest Secrets to MLM Recruiting is creating a "Magnetic Presence" so people are literally attracted to talking to you and want to be around you.

Let's take a test about your presence and see how you come out:

Here are 10 Insightful questions:

1) Does your Presence have a "warmth" about it that people enjoy being around?

2) Does your Presence say "I am interested in YOU", or "I am interested in ME?"

3) Do you look people in the eye 90% of the time and stretch you hand out first to shake hands?

4) Is your body language open, and receptive to creating and catalyzing new friendships, or is it closed and expecting people to come to you ?

5) Do your conversations focus on the PROSPECT and what they are interested in, or focus on YOU and what YOU are interested in?

6) Do you have a Confidence about you and your business, and do they hear a sincere BELIEF in your words , or a lack of it when you talk to folks?

7) Do you VALIDATE the prospect, and make them feel good about who they are, or constantly Validate YOU and make you feel good about who you are?

8) Do you smile easily, and make others smile, or smile rarely, and make others uneasy?

9) Do you have a focus of "helping others" or "hyping others"?

10) Do you come across as a LEADER, or a "Feeder" who feeds their own self interests first?


Page 6: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

These are some tough MLM questions! You must understand that your Presence is what we call: "Your Silent Calling Card". It is the first thing someone sees and feels about you, and will determine a lot of their first (and probably last) impression. It will determine a lot about the Success in Network Marketing Recruiting.


Let me suggest you look at the 10 questions and go to work on your MLM Recruiting Presence.

If you do, Your MLM Recruiting will improve dramatically, almost overnight.

Try it, you'll see what I mean.

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2) Turning the High Price of Gas into a Recruiting Frenzy

You gotta love it.


Page 7: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

All these folks that are screaming about the high price of gasoline. It is impacting everyone and everything. If you turn on the television, it is there. If you turn on the radio, it is there. If you pick up a magazine, it is there as well. You cannot deny the fact that it is creating a financial headache for a lot of folks.

I was talking with someone recently, and all he talked about was how the price of gas was going to destroy his business. He is in the delivery business and profit margins are not that high any way. And he said they were getting ready to tank.

All businesses are feeling it. Even home businesses. A friend of mine was talking about she might have to close her travel part of her business down. She has a skin care business, and travels all over the region doing skin care appointments. But she said the price of gas has gotten so high that she cannot afford that level of travel anymore, as she discovered she was losing money the way she was doing it. And the price of her products has skyrocketed due to gas prices.

Sound familiar?

There was talk about 2 years ago about 5.00 per gallon of gasoline. But everyone was saying, "Never happen in the US."

Yeah right.

That is why that the price of gas has everyone complaining, moaning, and crying the blues. No doubt, it has impacted the landscape of the home business world. And I am sure that you are aware of the


Page 8: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

extreme price increase in a gallon of gas, as well as many other things. The price of gas has been reportedly to be impacting many different areas of life, as well as business. And it is only going to get worse, before it gets better. We all better get used to the fact that things are going to be increasing in price a lot for a while- and it may be a long while.

The prices of many things are increasing dramatically. For instance:




Airline flights.

Anything plastic.

Delivery of goods.

Manufacturing costs.

Hospitality costs.

And the list is long and almost endless.


What if you could turn this horrible thing into a powerful Recruiting and Home Business Building Tool for your Network Marketing Home business?

You can!

You can turn the high price of gas into a Recruiting swarm! You DO NOT have to be part of the "woe is me" crowd. I want you to get this next thought and get it deep down in your heart:

The high price of gas could possibly be one of the best things that has happened to your home business! And will continue to be!



Page 9: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

By talking about your "Gas Fund" and asking everyone you know--"Do you have one as well?"

Here is a sample script that you can use:

"Wow Mary, can you believe the price of gasoline today? It is unbelievable. And it seems to be going higher weekly. I read where the average home expenses will increase by $400-500 dollars monthly because of it. It is impacting everything from food to electricity. But you know- I ran across an idea that actually has helped me pay for the higher price and helped me establish a "Gas Fund" at home.

Have you heard of this? It is where your gas is paid for - no matter how high it goes-but not out of your current income. Would that help you? It involves being able to establish a secondary revenue source out of your home. And no matter how high the price of gas goes, you can still afford it. Let me explain how this home Gas Fund is created with a home business..."

And there you have it. Use this over and over. You will be glad you did for your Network marketing home business.

Get it, hear it, and give it away! Powerful compelling reasons why that everyone you know should be benefiting from their own home business. It just makes sense!

3) How to Read your Prospect like a Book

Many times in a home business presentation there comes a point that you just have to wonder...


Page 10: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

"What are they REALLY Thinking?"

Because many prospects do not show that much emotion, there can be a guessing game in the throes of the process of recruiting, retailing, or even just simple conversation.

Many people do not know how to "read" a prospect and how to respond accordingly with the words and many times resistance given to a Networker. Many times a networker will try and move the prospect too soon to another exposure, and totally turn the prospect off. It will be perceived as PRESSURE. And then no matter what you do, that wall is up, and it is so tough to bring it down.

And at other times, you may miss a "forward signal" that means they are ready to move forward and look at something else. If you miss it, then you may not get another chance as it is much like a bell curve.

The presentation and telephone conversation is like a bell curve. It starts at the bottom, and then goes up and then hits the top, and then you are going down the backside. That is much like how a prospect's reaction is to a networking presentation or conversation . And you need to learn to read the signs that the prospect is giving you so you know which way to go.

Here are 5 signs that can help you know where your prospect is when you are trying to recruit or retail to them:

1) They keep looking away from you.

This is a sign that they are not that engaged and you need to do a couple of things:

Say there name. This pulls them back in. Give them something to look at. If on the phone- ask them to give their opinion or insight on something.

Keeping their attention is critical and you MUST pay attention the first 5 minutes. If they continue to look away, or remain silent on the phone, ask them "Is this making sense to you...?"

2) If they have their arms, hands, or legs crossed, they are in a defensive posture.


Page 11: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

If this happens, give them something to hold or read, and let them talk about themselves and ask questions.

Many times people will cross their legs and are simply getting comfortable. But if their legs AND arms are crossed, you need to get them out of that defensive posture. Get them smiling, laughing, and enjoying the time with you.

3) If they lean back from you, they are not buying what you are saying.

You need to gee them leaning towards you. How? If they start leaning back, reach out and give them something to hold or look at. If they are still leaning back, hold something and ask them to lean forward to look at or give to them.

If they are still leaning, back, do not invade their space. There are some people that simply enjoy leaning back at times. But get them to lean forward by lowering your voice, or saying their name.

Leaning TOWARDS you is a must if you are to move them towards you psychologically.

4) On the phone, if their vocal energy drops, that means you are losing them.

And you must get it back up. How? Ask about them, their future, and their kids, anything that they will start talking about. Most prospects’ energy drops because you are not talking VALUE or what is valuable to them.

Keep your conversation about the Value that your business and products bring, and ask them about what they would like to bring more value to in their life.

Keep it ALL ABOUT THE PROSPECT. Because it is.

5) If they push the brochures or CDs, or products back towards you, then they are distancing themselves from your offer.

What do you do? Do NOT push it back, or pressure. Talk to them about what they are looking for, and then ask,” Can you see yourself becoming successful in a great business like this?"


Page 12: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

If they answer "No," then you must focus on the product. If they are not interested in the products, then simply ask them for a referral.

"I appreciate your honesty. Maybe you can still help me. Who do you know that this would be more appropriate for?"

Reading your prospect can be summed up in one sentence:

If they are leaning towards you smiling, asking questions, and reaching for the brochures or products, they are where you need them. If they are leaning back, remaining silent, and arms crossed, odds are, they are not where you want them.

If on the phone they are silent, unengaged, and seem uninterested, odds are they are not. Ask lots of questions and talk about the prospect.

And continue to keep the prospect ENGAGED in the conversation. Keep it all about them, and they will have fewer defenses up when you are talking about your networking home business.

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4) The Secrets to Closing when Recruiting

Today "closing" as it is called, is many times not done correctly and thus the sale

or recruit is lost. There are many reasons why people do not get the outcome that they want from the prospect, but there are 5 "rules" that


Page 13: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

we have always adhered to that have proven to be a great help with a lot of folks.

if you have ever been to one of our "Secrets of Extraordinary Closing Success" weekend seminars, you have heard us talk about these 5 things.

We will cover them very briefly.

Here are 5 "Rules that you MUST know in order to become an Extraordinary Closing Master:

1) Move Past the word "Close" and move up to a higher perspective of what it is.

Closing is something that most people do not do effectively. No matter what they say, they seem to not be able to get the sale or application.


Most people do not want to bring something to an end, and that is what they feel psychologically. They resist it subconsciously. We train to do something different. We teach to use the phrase "Getting the Decision." You are in the business of collecting decisions. No matter what it is- get the Decision.


No pressure.

Very focused.

Decisions are the goal.

Yes, be persuasive and influential. But it is THEIR decision- not yours.

Make it happen. Get the Decision.


Page 14: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

2) Never "Close" or go after the Decision TOO EARLY.

Many folks are "Trigger Happy" and want to go after the jugular almost the moment they open their mouth. They try and get the order or application way too early.

Give the prospect some time to connect to you and to feel comfortable in the process of conversation.

If you "Close" too early, you will most certainly lose them as a prospect as that will be seen as manipulation and pressure.

3) Do NOT Close or Get the Decision too late.

There is a bell curve in getting the decision-you MUST strike while the iron is still hot. Many people let the prospect cool off and the next thing they know...they are gone. History. Outta here. Hasta la vista.

Make sure you do not let the prospect cool off. If you do, it is a guaranteed former prospect in the making. There should never be more than 3 exposures before you start asking for a decision of some kind.

Strike while the iron still has some heat.


The Most powerful form of Pressure is NO Pressure.

We call it "Magnetic pressure."

It draws people towards you like a high speed vacuum cleaner on steroids. Many people seem to pressure their prospect. When you do that, you can come across as desperate and amateurish. You do NOT want that type of image being seen by your home business prospect.

Tell them, "I only want what is best for you, and your family. Whatever your decision is will be the right one for you."

5) Care about the Person. Not the result.

One of the biggest challenges that people face is being too emotionally attached to the result. Let it go.


Page 15: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

Here is a little secret: You are NOT in charge of results. You are in charge of getting better and better at getting the decision, but not the result.

Many people get a No and freak out. Don't freak out. Just accept it for what it is, and then get your list out. Look at the next name. Start calling that person and forget about the last No. You can keep in touch with them as things do change in their lives.

But what you are looking for is someone that is ready NOW for you and your business and product. Not next month or the following month.

Just keep focused on getting the decision that is right for the prospect. That is what professionals and Leaders do. And you should not worry about who you close and do not close.

All you need to worry about is who do you need to call next. That will be the greatest phone call you have ever made as you will be looking not for another prospect, but the RIGHT one.

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5) The 5 Biggest Reasons the Prospect will tell you NO

Many people that have a home business face the fact that they get a never ending string of No's and never really understand


Page 16: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

why. They end up getting discouraged, and then many walk away because they cannot handle the negative outcomes that keeps their business in the doldrums.

Why do people continue to think that what they are doing is going to work if it isn't working NOW? They continue to say and do the same things over and over and expect different results.

Yeah right. As if that is going to work.

And one of the biggest reasons that they get the word NO more than YES, is they do not understand why the prospect tells them NO. It really is quite simple to understand. But the average distributor does not think of that. They have an agenda and will stick to that agenda no matter what. That is why they are average.

They simply do not connect to the reality that what they are doing is encouraging the prospect to say NO, not YES.

What if you could discover the 5 Biggest reasons that prospects say No? Would that make a difference in your Success efforts? Of course it would. You have a goal of Success in your home business. But your prospect's results are going to determine how your business goes.

So should you care about why they are telling you NO? OF COURSE! And that is the reason why for this article. So what are the 5 reasons why prospect's tell you NO?

1) Lack of Perceived VALUE.

One of the biggest mistakes made in networking and in home businesses, is not creating enough VALUE in what you are saying. You need to create extreme VALUE with your products, business, and especially your Leadership.

Value is what people are looking for. Value is what people are expecting. Value is what people demand, and if you do not create that with your conversation, then you probably are headed for the NO ZONE.

The NO ZONE is where lack of Value lives, and does its ugly work.

2) Bad Timing in the Prospect's Life.


Page 17: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

Many prospect's life is not conducive for having a networking home business. Not every one has the perfect time for that. Some prospect's have things going on in their life that you may not know about. Divorce. Finding a new job. Relationship challenges with kids. Parental challenges. Emotional challenges.

Many people have different things in their life going on that may prevent them from joining you in your business, or even purchasing a product. Don't freak if that happens. They may even be in an emotional funk. That is ok. That will pass. You can talk to them again. Don't get all upset and depressed.

Just go to the next name on your list.

3) Prospect does not feel comfortable with you.

You may not sense it. You may not feel it. You may be oblivious to it. But it is there. The body language. The looking away. The silence. Not returning your phone calls.

Sometimes, the prospect simply does not feel comfortable with you. You really have done nothing wrong. You may have done a lot of things right. But yet, they do not feel comfortable with you. If this happens, and they say NO, ask them a simple question" "Help me understand this, Did I do something wrong in the process of sharing this with you?"

Odds are they will not tell you the truth, but they will know that you sense something that is not right. Move on to the next prospect and connect to that prospect in a powerful way.

4) They are Assuming the Wrong Things.

Many prospects assume that they have already heard this "pitch" before, and lump you into all the other network presentations they have heard. They assume you are no different. They assume you are


Page 18: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

only after their money. They assume you are not a professional. They assume you will disappear like all the others did.


Keep in touch and let them know of the updates as well as the Success you experience. Do not let their assuming that you are like all the others become the truth. Do something different. Be a professional. Stay in touch. Do not beg. Forget the business. Focus on the relationship.

You will be glad you did.

5) Bad Experience with a previous Company or Product.

"My mind is made up. Do NOT confuse me with the truth. I am living in the past."

That is the slogan for these folks. They simply do want to listen to you as they are still stinging from the last one that did not work. Or the last product that did not work. Or the last promise that did not work. Or the last person that became a part of the witness protection plan.

If someone tells you NO because they have had a bad experience with another company or product- say this:

'Thank you for sharing that with me and I am so sorry. That is not right for anyone to get treated like that. Please tell me what happened as I do care about this and would like to make it up somehow...that is just not right." And then listen to the prospect and let them talk. Many times they will talk themselves into doing business with you. Happened to me a lot.

Do not think it will work? Try it. You will be surprised.

These are the 5 Biggest reasons why prospects tell you NO. Learn them, and then turn them into something that will work FOR YOU- not against.

Many times a NO is simply a "NOT NOW" in your Networking Home Business. Keep in touch, and keep in the Success Road.


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6) Are You Recruiting the Wrong People- AGAIN?

Another MLM distributor falls through the cracks of failure again, and it was the sixth one this month! Last month it was three, and the month before that it


Page 20: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

was four. And the three I recruited last month are shaky and thinking about quitting!

What in the world is going on?

Ever happened to you?

Man, when I first got in this network marketing business, I had that happen a lot, and it was really frustrating, and quite discouraging.


I discovered something that helped me tremendously in my mlm recruiting efforts. And if you GET IT, then it will help you see that maybe you have been too liberal or not careful enough in your mlm recruiting selection.


Being SELECTIVE in your network marketing recruiting will eliminate a LOT of heartache and frustration and bringing in the wrong people and expecting them to explode, and they only fizzle out. That is tough.

Recruiting Separation

MLM Recruiting has always been and always will be a SEPARATING process: A process that separates the people who are open to a new idea from those who are not. Those are the only two types of folks that exist. Ones that embrace looking new ideas, and ones who resist them. Many times, folks who are CONVINCED to come into the business, but yet are not really sold on the idea of Network Marketing, fizzle out quickly.

And there is a reason why they are like that, and that happens:

It is called PHILOSOPHY.

All MLM recruiting is in a nutshell is looking for folks who are of the same philosophy that we are, and if they are not, make them a customer and get referrals.

Network marketing is a philosophy of personal growth, increase, success, helping others, making a difference, wanting the BEST out of life, and being open to new ideas and cutting-edge thinking.


Page 21: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

Most folks are not even close to that, they simply drift through life. Why should it be any different in this mlm business? They simply drift through MLM.

My friend Richard Brooke, (Mach II with Your Hair on Fire author and CEO of Oxyfresh) says that network marketing is simply Personal Development disguised as a business.


It all boils down to philosophy, and the question is: are you recruiting people that share that same philosophy, or people who really don't?


Look at the last five people you have recruited.

What have they done? Anything?

Are they working diligently?

Are they growing? Or are they stagnating, like a pond that has no fresh water in it?

Do they have a philosophy of working hard or hardly working?

Do they show up for everything or put down anything?

Do they give a good effort or a bad excuse?

You need to start looking for people who have the same focus, desires and philosophy as you:

People who have a focus on the future, not on the past.

People who have a focus of increase, not decrease.

People who have a desire to grow, not to gripe.

People who have a desire to change, not to stagnate.

People who really care, not try to con.


Page 22: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

People who have the philosophy of Win/Win, not When?/When? (CLUE!)

Check out who you are recruiting and ask them one question:

"What is your philosophy about success?"

Their answer will reveal a lot about their chances in this mlm business.

Oh I know, the "throw it up against the wall and see who sticks" crowd will not give a hoot about this article! But it really is a whole lot easier to build a business with folks with the right philosophy, and the right heart. (CLUE!)

Vision Match.

Why do you think the attrition and drop out rate for downlines is so high industry-wide?

It just makes sense to have a "Vision Match" with your new mlm recruit. They share the same Vision as you and a like perspective about success in life.

If you recruit those kinds of folks, you don't have to keep re-building your downline over and over and over.

Are you recruiting the wrong people in MLM? Start looking for the people that want to move ahead and get on in life, and recruit those into Network Marketing.

It will change your whole world, and especially your MLM recruiting.

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Page 23: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

7) Secrets to Starting Powerful Recruiting Conversations

It all starts with a conversation.

No exceptions.


Page 24: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

Whether it's talking to a friend or a stranger, it all starts with a conversation.

And Conversation is the REAL secret to recruiting in Network marketing.

If you think about it--

The secret to this business IS Conversation, and it is something we all have done for a long time, and many have even mastered. If you are at least 18 years old, you have held over 100,000 conversations. That is a psychological fact. You have MASTERED the art of conversation.

Then let me ask an obvious question here:

Why do people not use more conversation as a recruiting tool?

Good question.

According to psychologists, we hold as adults around 100-150 conversations a day minimum, and these can be very strong recruiting tools if properly utilized.

Have you ever talked to someone and after they have walked away, you thought -- "Shoot! I wished I would have mentioned my company or product?"

I did that plenty of times unfortunately.

Well -- nowadays, you really need to be more professional with your approach in conversations, and also in general. People today get hit up a lot by telemarketers and less than professional mlm'ers, and you need to have a much more professional and focused approach that gets their interest when their defenses are down.

That is why conversation is such a great tool. Most people during a conversation is at ease and their defenses are at bay, not up.

The power in your words and connection in your relationship can prove to be magnetic to many folks.



Page 25: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

If there was a way to ask something that would come across like you are not really trying to carry on a recruiting conversation but a caring conversation.

Would you want to know about it?

Hope so!

There is a question that I have used, and taught for years that seems to really strike a chord with people and gets them to really think.

And the question is so soft that it usually gets a positive response.

When I used it, it rarely got anything but a continued conversation and interest.

What's the question script?

1)"John -- let me ask you a personal question that I have asked some other folks. I'm just curious--what is the biggest concern you have as far as where your future is headed?"

(Security, time, education for kids, retirement, etc)

2)"That really is important to you isn't it?"

3) "Let me ask another question. If I could help you address that concern with a company and program that I have recently run across, would you take a serious look at it and see if it would be something that might be right for you?"

(usual answer is "sure.")

Then you simply move them into a conversation about your company, product and what else that is deemed appropriate...



Does it work?


Has it proven effective?



Page 26: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

Will you try it?

Good question!

I encourage you to try this "Conversation Recruiting" strategy and see if it works as good as it has for others.

And don't be surprised if you end up with a new person you have sponsored!

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8) 5 HUGE Mistakes made in Network Marketing Recruiting

In mlm recruiting, there is a standard belief that you must understand. It is this:


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We get paid to do one thing, and one thing only. It will determine 95% of your paycheck and that is:

Communicating with people.

I have said that before and I hope you understand, we are a business of Communication with marketing blended into it. With that in mind-- There are 5 HUGE reasons why people fail in recruiting in network marketing.

And after studying and being in the industry for nearly 22 years , I discovered there is a pattern that I saw that developed with people who were struggling with their recruiting, which usually is the majority of folks. And I hope that you will look at these 5 reasons and see where you can change your focus and efforts to a more productive and effective style of recruiting.

Here are the 5 reasons for Network Marketing Recruiting failure:

1)The Distributor is not talking to people.

Yes, you read that right. Amazing as that sounds. There are many people who lead people to believe with their words that they are actually recruiting and talking to people, but they are not. They are busy at building a facade of an mlm business and never really engaging the conversation and contact necessary for success. Why? Fear of many things but that is the biggest reason. And how do you overcome it?

Find a recruiting partner who will help emotionally support you and help you whether it is your upline or sideline, and work with them.

Yes, there are folks out there who truly are talking to no one, as they are scared. If you see no action happening with someone in your downline, it may be a "silent talker." In other words, someone who talks about recruiting, but is silent when it comes time to recruit.

You MUST communicate with folks if you are going to have success in the marketplace. Imagine -- fooling yourself into believing you are truly working this network marketing business this way. NOT!


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2) The Distributor is not talking to enough people.

This is an interesting thing. There seems to be a comfort level with people that says, "I have talked to “X” number of people, and nothing is happening, so that means I can't recruit because this doesn't work..." Again--NOT! I have said this over and over:


One of the biggest reasons failures occurs in Network Marketing, is too many distributors spend too much time with too many people who have too little interest.

Talk to a lot of DIFFERENT people. It amazes me that someone can say they talked to a lot of folks, and in reality they talked a lot to a few folks who have little interest -- all because they don't have to go out and talk to NEW people.


In recruiting, NEW blood keeps the heart of your business pumping.

Talk to ENOUGH people and talk to people ENOUGH but don't turn them off. Go on to a new person, and see what happens with that person verses trying to force someone into the business who later will only leave with a bad taste.

3) The Distributor is not talking to the right people.

Wasting massive amounts of time.

That is what most distributors do when recruiting, and continue to do. They talk to the wrong people, and then bring in the wrong people and then have a downline of mostly wrong people.

Who are the right people?


Page 29: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

People who light up and catch fire when you show them this business, and then light others up when they talk. Not someone who complains after only 2 days because the application is the wrong color, or the wrong size. Or the upline is not doing enough to welcome them aboard. 2 phone calls is not enough-- you know the type.

There is what we call the "Recruiting IQ" and that helps tell you if they are the right one. IQ stands for "Ignite Quickly". And if they catch fire quickly they have a great chance of being the "right one" to pursue in network marketing.

And here is a Secret:

To attract the Right One, you must BECOME the right one. You must become who you want to attract into this business through personal development and empowerment.

4) The Distributor is not talking right to people.

This is a business of communication and of verbiage and emotion as well.


A lot of distributors are simply saying the wrong things to the wrong people with a wrong message. You must talk to people with a YOU focus. it is called the T.I.N.Y Focus.

Their Interests Not Yours.

And you focus whether online or offline, on what interests them and do it Professionally.

Nothing turns someone off worse than a self focused and self absorbed distributor who is only focused on recruiting a person for THEIR reasons. Not the reasons of the prospect. And the words they are using reveal a lot...

"Me --me --I -- I --me --me --I -- I -- me-- me --I -- I -- me -- you".


You should say the word "You" at least 4 times more than the word "I" or "me".


Page 30: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

Exercise: Here is an exercise. Try recruiting someone without using the word "I" or "me". Use we and us and see how the prospect's interests increases as you use YOU 4 times more than Us or We.

5) Talking too much to people you are talking to.

Some folks have diarrhea of the mouth. And they talk. And talk. And they talk. And then talk. And talk. And talk. And by the time they finish --the mlm prospect is finished.

Don't "Dump" on people! Create a RECRUITING ENVIRONMENT that allows the prospect to do most of the talking. Ask a lot of questions.

Listen a lot of minutes. Ask a lot of questions.

INFERNO secret:

Most people LOVE to have an audience, but they hate to BE an audience. You BE an audience of one, for massive listening to your prospect, and don't create a "Sat Chat."

What is that?

A Saturation chat--where they feel saturated with your words and info, and feel they have enough information to tell you...No.

If you are going to be a HOT recruiter, you must CONNECT with your folks. And the best way to do that is to become an audience of one. And ask a lot of "Magnetic Questions."

If you do, you will find massive Success in Network Marketing and MLM. For more on costliest mistakes made in Network Marketing get this CD.

9) Secrets of How to Conquer Recruiting Phone Phobia



Page 31: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

You look at the telephone and weird things start to happen?

Let me see -- I bet I can describe it. I went through it, and fortunately now teach how to conquer it for MLM and Network Marketing.

1) You get a knot in your stomach.

2) You get anxious and start dreading the call.

3) You actually start sweating and heart pounds.

4) You begin to think of other things you need to do.

5) You decide to go do them.

Sound familiar?

That is what I used to do constantly until one day we realized some things that made a HUGE difference in our phone calls in network marketing. When the "light went on" and we actually understood the Psychology of the Telephone, it made all the difference in the world.

On the telephone in mlm, your job really is to do one thing:


Your job is to talk to people and separate people into 2 groups:

People that are OPEN to new ideas.

People that are not open to new ideas.

And the ones that are not open to new ideas right now, are simply people you put in your 'later' file. You are a messenger, and every phone call is simply a delivery vehicle. Either way, you have been successful at separating the people you talk to in network marketing.

And combine that with these three realizations, you will find some relief with Phone Phobia.

Here are the 3 realizations we had about the telephone in network marketing and what the REALITY is, versus what we think we are doing.

1) ALL a phone call is, is a CONVERSATION


Page 32: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

That is it. It is simply a conversation that you have done a thousand times before. And the secret to getting past the phone phobia in MLM is to have NO agenda for the call except to hold a conversation with the person and see if they are open to a new idea.

That is it. You want to talk to them and see if they are open to a new idea that would help them. If they are not open, then talk about them. If they are open, then ask some questions about what they are looking to happen in their life and what they would like to improve. Have no agenda, except to help people, and if you can great. If you cannot, great. You have still held a conversation that went well.

2) Understand that all phone phobias are based on the fear of the wrong results.

If you knew you would get all yeses, then you would call people 24/7. But you know that you will not, so you get scared.

How about changing your paradigm?

How about looking at the phone call NOT from a results standpoint, but a PRACTICE standpoint, and you are calling people to practice and get better, and sharpen your skills? Results are partly a fruit of a good skill set and why not get better at it while you work?


You are NOT in charge of results. You are only in charge of getting better at the phone which will improve your results dramatically.

Are you in the market currently for a $400,000 Bentley? No? If a friend of yours who is marketing them calls you and tells you about them, have they done something wrong? Just because they do not sell you one, should they quit selling them? Of course not. You simply were not in the market right now for one.

It is the same thing with Network marketing. Some people simply will not be in the market for what you are marketing.

Do not worry about results. They will come. Worry about getting better, and getting an expertise in using the telephone that you can train your downline with.


Page 33: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

3) Realize that Phone Phobia is also an opinion. A wrong one.

You are calling to hold a conversation with someone to HELP THEM, not sell them or recruit them. Many people look at using the telephone in network marketing as "bothering my friends." That is an opinion in error. How can you bother friends when you calling to see if you can help them?

You do not know if they are who you are looking for, and if your mlm products and services are what they need. You are not bothering them, but offering them a message with some new information that could possibly help their life.

Make your opinion count. Get out of the "bother zone' and into the "message zone." If your message is not received, then they are not open to new ideas. It is that simple.

Your job is to find out if they are open or not.


Look at the phone.

Touch it.

This is your conversation tool. This is your Wealth Vault and holds the keys to a lot of money in your life and other's lives.

Your job is to call people and talk about THEM, and see if they are open to a new idea.

You are not in charge of results, and you are not in charge of what they say. You are in charge of talking about them and what is BEST FOR THEM.


Page 34: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

Dial the number.

Start your normal conversation and ask about their life, family, and job.

Ask for their help. You need some people to try your products.

If they say yes- you have succeeded. They are open to new ideas.

If they say no, you have succeeded. You have found that they are not open to new ideas.

Are you bleeding or need a doctor? No?


Do this over and over, and hold conversations with people about them and what is best for them. You will find your phone phobia going away in your MLM and Network Marketing Business.

Imagine… NEVER worrying about the Fear of the Telephone again! And EXPLODING your Telephone results!

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10) The Best Kept Secrets to Powerful Three Way Calling

Three way calling! Three way calling! You gotta do three way calling in MLM!

You may be wondering what all the talk is about concerning three way calling in MLM and Network marketing.. Good point! You need to have an understanding of what it is,


Page 36: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

and basics of doing it. It is an effective way to do this business and very cost effective as well.

Understand….once you have contacted your friends and family , you need to do what is called a “three way call” with them, with your MLM sponsor on the line with you to help not only train you, but to help build your new network marketing business.

This will do three things:

1)Build credibility.

2)Validate you and the product.

3)Help train you as you listen to your sponsor talk to your Network Marketing prospect.

What is 3-way calling in MLM?

It is a technology and a tool available from your local phone company that allows 3 people to talk to each other on the phone. We use it in Network Marketing to train, validate, and help you “earn while you learn.”

Let your sponsor in the MLM company you are in walk you through. They are there to help you and guide you in the early stages of your business. Contact your telephone company to install it on your line. It runs about 5.00 a month.

How do you do a three way call?

It is as simple as 1-2-3.

You call your sponsor, and give them a short background on the prospect, (name, age, occupation etc) and then press the “flash” button on your phone, or the receiver button, and then dial the number of your friend, and then when it starts ringing, press the “flash” button again, and you will have both parties on the line.

A three way call is broken down into three parts:


Page 37: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

A Hot Start – First 14 Days in Network Marketing

This book includes the most powerful and effective, tried and true 3-way Calling Scripts you will ever find.

1) “Introduction”

This is where you introduce your sponsor to your prospect:

* Do not let them carry on a conversation with you first, and then tell them someone is on the line…it is embarrassing to everyone!

“Have I caught you at a good time? Great! I have a friend/ associate/expert/partner/ -Mary- on the line who is an expert with this product and company that I mentioned to you, and I told her about you, and she really wants to meet you after what she heard…so I told her how awesome it would be if you guys met just for a second via phone... Mary, are you there?”

Stay quiet and listen to your sponsor.

2) “The Expert” - your sponsor or upline who is calling with you.

During the call, your sponsor will reaffirm what you have told them. And also validate you. There are many different ways to do three ways, but always ask questions about the prospect, and show you are INTERESTED IN THEM! Your sponsor will also help get your prospect to the next event, and also say something about you as a serious player in this business-(and if you are doing three ways –you ARE SERIOUS!)

3) “The Summary” or Next Move.

This will be to summarize what has been agreed to by the prospect, and also to thank them for their time and how forward you are looking to see them.


Page 38: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

“Lisa, I am so excited about you meeting Mary tomorrow night, and I know that you will enjoy our get together! See you tomorrow night!”

Practice with your sponsor over and over, and get three ways down. Network Marketing is driven by three ways, and it is the most powerful tool there is for third party validation, and recruiting.

The secret to a powerful three way in MLM?


Get your new distributor and make sure they practice, drill, rehearse three ways. The more that they do, the better they will become.

Mastering Three ways is the hidden secret to massive Success in MLM and Network marketing.


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11) The Secrets to Powerful Holiday Recruiting


The Holidays.


Page 39: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

New Years.

What can you do to accelerate your mlm business during the Holiday season and get it going during what most folks perceive as the "slow down time" of the year for network marketing?

First off, get this:


REFUSE to participate this year in the slow down that most network marketers fall prey to. You do not have to, as we never did, and neither should you.

Here is a list of the top 10 things you can do for MLM Recruiting Success during the holidays:

1) Fruit baskets.

You can get inexpensive small fruit baskets, and put your samples or coupons in, and decorate it in the colors of your network marketing company. Include an audio or DVD, and also an invite to a seminar that they can attend at not cost. Give them out to friends, neighbors, associates, clients, customers, and family. You will glad you did.

2) Holiday audio cards.

Send out with your Christmas cards a CD you recorded especially for that person, and wish them happy holidays, and then tell them you would love to chat with them the first of the year, as you want to give them the gift of success. This is a great way to introduce the concept of network marketing success to folks.

3) Hold a Holiday Customer appreciation luncheon or reception.

You can do this at your home. Simply invite your best mlm customers to a holiday appreciation event, and make them the superstars of it. Have small gifts for them, and let them know how much you appreciate their business, and then ask them the first of the year for 2 referrals. You will get them from every single person who was at that event.

4) Holiday Upline Open House.


Page 40: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

If you have an organization, you should either open your house, or someone who has a sizeable home, and invite your mlm distributors to an open House. Have them bring guests, and have a party that celebrates the holidays, but is sponsored by your company. Let it be a fun social with music and games, and then connect with the guest to follow up with in January.

5) Miniature Christmas Tree gift.

Get some small, miniature Christmas trees (usually at a dept store) that can sit on a table, and then attach product samples and your card to it, and then take it to your local bank as a gift, your CPA, your dentist, doctor, real estate agent, and whoever else you know that has an office. Have free coupons on the small tree to try your service or product, and have some fun visiting your friends.

6) Mall blitz.

Go to a mall on Saturday, and see how many people you can start a conversation with, and then give them a card or CD. Talk to them about their kids, what they are doing for Christmas, the weather, the crowds, etc. See if you can collect 10 names, and do it in teams. The team that collects the most names, the other teams, have to buy them lunch or dinner.

7) Neighborhood Holiday mailer.

Go to the library, and look in the cross reference index for your address. You will notice there are a ton more in that index that are in your neighborhood. Make a copy of the addresses, as they are your neighbors, and then send them a Christmas card introducing yourself as the ABC neighborhood rep, and wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy new year. Then follow up in January and see if you can set an appointment to chat with them about your products. Telephone numbers are included on the cross index reference guides found in your library. You are their neighbor, and that gives you some instant connection with them.

8) Give away "As a man Thinketh" books by James Allen.

You can get this paperback book very inexpensively, and give out to prospects, and you truly are giving the "gift of success." This little book changed my life, and millions of others. You can also find free


Page 41: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

ebooks online that folks can download. This is a great gift to give folks that you meet, as it truly is an eye opening book, and will be appreciated, and you will be remembered. Go to As A Man Thinketh

9) Visit Community Holiday Functions.

CONNECT! CONNECT! CONNECT! You need to connect to new prospects during the holidays, and community functions are a great way to do this. Get out and become a "holiday networking machine." Network and meet people and make new friends and give away something to them as a holiday gift. Make sure every person you talk to has a gift and your card, and you have some form of contact info as well. There are a TON of folks at community event- BE THERE. Check your Sunday newspaper for where these events are.

10) The Holiday Success Card.

Send people you know, and also prospects a seasonal card, and include within it an article about success, goal setting, leadership, time management, or any other success oriented topic. This not only will set you apart, but also will set you above, as Success is a gift rarely given, and people love these types of reading to improve next year.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can rock your mlm business during the holidays. Pick one, and start with that.

You will be glad you did, and surprised at what might happen in your MLM and Network marketing business.

12) The Secrets to Powerful Holiday Recruiting-2


Page 42: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

The Holidays.

Sometimes, in MLM and network marketing, it seems when you say those words, network marketers shut down. They simply think that they will start again January 1, and kick it into gear. Network Marketing during the holidays does not exist, and they slow down to a crawl.

Who in the world sold you on that?

That is simply a dumb thing to do.

Yes, during the holidays, people are busy, and people are going places, shopping, and do not want to think about a home based business many times.

But it's because of the focus of there networker. Many mlm distributors do not know how to work this business and hold conversations during the holidays. Your focus must be different than any other time of the year.

It takes a little finesse.

And you still have many things going for you that will work totally in your favor, and help kick your mlm business into gear the first of the year.

What 2 things are working in your favor during the holidays that makes it easy to create success in your Network marketing business?

1) People are in the Holiday Emotion.

Many folks are in the emotion of sentimental memories. They are remembering past Holidays and their favorite Christmas. They are thinking about the smell of pie and turkey. They are remembering their childhood. They are thinking of parents long past. And many are thinking about the Birth of Christ.

How can you move people to a real powerful emotion that draws them to you?

Ask this:

"What is your favorite holiday memory? Tell me about it."


Page 43: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

People really will think about this, and then will give you their answer. And many times they get excited just thinking about it.

Why would you ask them this?

To open them up, and let the emotion of the Holidays flow, and draw them towards you. This simply will create an opening to talk to them after the first of the year.

"I would love to chat with you the first of the year. I could really use some help on something."

This simply will open the door to ask for their help in locating some talent for your business or customers that can benefit from your products.

2) People are in the Holiday Focus.

People are focused on many things during this time of the year. One focus is CHANGE.

People are looking to change things more than any other time of the year.

People are focused on EXPECTATION.

They are expecting and anticipating a great holiday season, and also a better new year. Talk to them about the change you can offer in their life. But set a time that is convenient for them.

People are focused on SHOPPING.

There is no better place to meet people than Holiday shopping.

Talk to them about their children. Compliment their children. Ask them about their plans for the holidays. Ask if you can help someone who is struggling with bags of gifts. Talk to people about the crowds in the malls. Talk to people about the prices of goods today. Ask people for their opinion on something you are thinking about buying.


Page 44: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

Shopping is a great way for men and women to meet folks who are out and about. Especially in toy stores and books stores. These are great places to meet folks who have kids, and are readers. Readers and parents are great MLM prospects.

And retail clerks who are tired and harried are great prospects to talk to about changing things in 2006.

"Is next year going to be like this year for you working in this retail zoo? Do the crowds get to you sometimes? Here is my card. You deserve better than this. You have an incredible personality. Would love to chat sometime about getting you out of here."

MLM Success during the holidays is easy and quite fun, if you let it be. But you must keep your "radar" on to talk to folks and to help anyone who looks like they could need a hand.

"May I give you a hand with that? Here let me help. My name is doug, what's yours?"

The holiday season is a great time for CONNECTION.

Connect with new people to make new friends and to hold new conversations about the future and 2006.

What a way to start the new year- with 12 new friends that want to help you in your MLM and Network Marketing business!

13) Seasonal MLM Recruiting Secrets 3.


Page 45: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

That is a very powerful concept in MLM.

Are you aware of it?

Network Marketing Seasonal Recruiting. HOT CONCEPT!

It is when a particular season in the year can bring an awareness of something that timing may be bad for in other parts of the year.

Like right now.

Right now, one thing is especially on people's minds:


It is the new year, and for the next 6 weeks or so, many people will be looking to make changes and to not repeat last year, this year! And it is a wonderful recruiting time, and you hold what we call a 'Seasonal Conversation' with folks.

The Secret to A Network Marketing Business in 2009.

We all know that the secret to this Network Marketing business is EFFECTIVE CONVERSATION. We have been teaching that for 19 years. As well as effective Communication. We are in the business of Communicating with people, and you can hold a 'Conversation of Change' with people right now that will go hand in glove with their thinking.

It is a fact that the first of the year that athletic clubs get a flood of memberships that last for maybe 60-90 days, and rarely seen again. That is human nature. But you can help people keep that change in their life, whether they want more money, freedom, time, security, control, or whatever.


By asking some simple questions and making some statements during a conversation.

The MLM Business Building Concept.


Turn a Conversation into an MLM Business Building Tool.


Page 46: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

When you are chatting with someone, here are some 'MLM Magnetic Questions(tm)' you can ask:

1)'What about last year are you not going to repeat this year?'

2)'In one word, how would you describe last year?'

3)'What kind of New years resolution do you have for 2009?'

4)'What would be the one thing you would want to change this coming year in your life?'

5)'What kind of raise do you think you will get in 2009? Why so little?'

6)'All I have heard lately is, I am not going to let this year be like last year. Thank God it's over. How about you?'

7)'You looking to change anything this year about your life? Why?'

8)'How would it impact you and your family to have the best year financially this year than you have had in a long while with a home based business?'

9) 'What are your plans for 2009? Any changes? What about financially?'

10) 'What kind of year do you want to have in 2009? What is going to be different?'

Success Possibilities in Direct Sales and MLM.

This will lead you into a 'Conversation of Success Possibilities' with you and your potential prospect, and push a Hot Button that may be cooler the end of February.

After the question or statement:

'You know, I have run across something that is going to help me create the change in my life this year I have always looked for, and I am not sure, but it possibly could help you. When can we chat? I may need your help as a friend.'


Page 47: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

If you are going to be talking to folks anyway, why not do some 'Seasonal Recruiting?'

This is the season for CHANGE.

I suggest you might change what you are doing and talk to people about what is on their mind, and what they want to:


One of the best ways to change your life in 2009 is MLM and Network Marketing.

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14) How to Start a

Powerful Conversation with Anyone


Page 48: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

In MLM, starting a conversation with anyone about Network Marketing is so easy, but yet we seem to make it difficult. We seem to hesitate and wonder what to say or do, and we often miss the chance to talk about our business to people who truly would be open to moving their life into a larger place.

Why does this happen?

Many times, it is a fear because of a lack of knowledge, or experience approaching people. Talking to people about your business starts with talking to people about anything but your business. Talk about their business and employment. Be interested in THEM, not you. And approaching people with a GREAT INTENTION is the secret.


Approach people that you do not know for only one reason: To see which category they fit into.

You see, in this world, there are only 2 types of folks:

People you CAN help, and people you CANNOT help.

And if someone that you are chatting with is totally satisfied with where they are in life, then odds are, they are someone who you really cannot help with your Network Marketing business. They may be too entrenched to be open to something new.

There is one trait that MUST be present to help someone with their future and life:


And you can listen to someone and tell if they have that trait in their life and career.

They must be dissatisfied about something in their life. It could be unhappy with their career, job, income, future, boss, lack of recognition in the workplace, etc. You need to LISTEN to their words and see where they are and listen for words like, "never," "it's a job," "dread," "it's a living," "change," etc.

To approach someone is so easy, if you simply approach them with one thing in mind-- seeing where they fall in the 2 categories of life.


Page 49: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

Someone that is totally happy and does not want to enlarge their life and lifestyle, or someone whose timing is good, and is ready to enlarge their life and lifestyle.

Here are 5 HOT ways to open up a conversation with someone that you happen to be in an elevator with, standing in line with, or just happen to be within proximity of a conversation:

1) "What do you do for a living?"

This question simply engages the person with a non threatening question to open up the conversation.

2) "That sounds interesting. How long have you been doing it?"

This question starts to uncover where they are in years, and you can tell how they answer it if they are proud of working in that profession or tired of it.

3) "What's the name of the company you work for?"

This is a question that will determine where they are employed, and you can tell by their answer if they are truly excited about being there, or not. Someone who says, "I work for ABC company. They are so good to me!" or "They are a great company" THAT is a person who likes where they work. If they say, "I work for ABC company downtown and have been there for 12 years," their focus is different here. It sounds like a prison term.

4) "Tell me about it. Do you enjoy what you do?"

This question will simply uncover if there is any hint of dissatisfaction in their career or employment. If they answer, "YES! I love what I do!" they probably are happy with their job. If they say, "It's a living," or "It's a job," or "It puts food on the table," odds are they are not totally happy with what they do. Both answers though carry potential for Network Marketing.



Page 50: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

One is totally happy with what they do, and the other is not. The first answer shows a potential great personality, and could be a potential positive asset to any company. The other answer shows some dissatisfaction, and may be looking for something better.

5a) "Just curious, are you keeping your income options open or know anyone who is where you work?"

This question simply sees if they are open to more money. Many times they will ask, "What do you mean?" I always answered "There is a company that I know that is looking for some talent. They are looking for people who are looking for more in life and to do better financially. I am not sure if it would be a fit here, but judging from our conversation, I believe it would be worth 15 minutes of your time. Gotta card or contact number?" or…

5b) "Do you know anyone where you work that is unhappy with their job? I know of a company that is looking for some talent and would love to talk to them."

That's it. That simple. That brief. I held this conversation with people thousands of times, and sold a lot of product, and recruited a lot of folks. How does it work? It simply is a conversation which puts people at ease.

If this business of MLM could be boiled down to one word, it would be CONVERSATION. And that is all it is. A simple, friendly, non threatening conversation that can be held with anyone, anywhere.

That is one of the many ways that you talk to folks you do not know about MLM and Network Marketing.

HOLD ON! Have you heard of Conversation-Based Recruiting? NO? Imagine turning EVERY conversation into a business building tool effortlessly! Normally we market this 2 CD training product for 79.95- but because you are reading this ebook, you can order it for 19.97! NEVER wonder what to say again in ANY situation! To order click here.

15) Should You Be Talking to Strangers or Not?


Page 51: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

In our life growing up, we were taught a lesson that was very good advice for children. "Don't talk to strangers!" That is great advice and wise counsel for kids in today's world. I even taught my daughter that when she was a toddler. And I will admit, it was a concern of mine with all the meanness and trouble in the world today.

"Don't talk to strangers!" is still good advice for network marketers as well, if you want to remain a baby in the mlm industry. People will tell you that you are not to talk to strangers as they will reject you.

God forbid.

There are many different philosophies in the MLM industry today, and many are good and some are not so good. You need to find what works for you. But the one thing that will not change is the Truth, and all that comes with it.

The Truth is, talking to strangers can be one of the best things you could do for your business. Anyone who tells you different does not understand what it takes to Succeed in this MLM business.

I have always taught one thing about people that you do not know, better known as the Cold market:

Strangers are simply friends that you have not met yet. Period.

The benefits to talking to people you do not know are enormous, unless someone is trying to sell you the latest and greatest tape of the month CD, website, or DVD telling you not to. Nothing wrong with that. There are some great trainers out there. But you have to ask, what are their intentions... to guide you to Success or something else?

What are those benefits?


Page 52: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

1) Talking to Strangers Forces You to Grow.

Personal development is everything in life, and network marketing. It is what keeps your check growing, and your Success growing. And it is what guarantees you not being the same person you are this year, next year. Your income will always grow as you do. Yes, talking to people you do not know to sell them something or recruit them may be a little uncomfortable, but don't talk to them for that reason.

Talk to them to see simply get to know them as a friend, as you do not know even if MLM will be for them or not. It may not be! But what have you lost by talking to them? Nothing. And you could gain a new friend that could help you find someone who MLM is for.

Talking to strangers grows you on the inside, and helps build within you better people skills and communication skills in network marketing. It grows your leadership, and also your recruiting skills. And most importantly, it grows you to a new level of confidence and knowing you can Succeed in this business.

2) Talking to Strangers Extends Your Reach.

The single most valuable prospecting reason to talk to people you have never met is that it EXTENDS YOUR REACH in the marketplace.

There are about 270 million people in the US alone, and most people today, if you are 25 years or older, know about 1000 folks.

So what that says to the network marketer, is that there are about 249,999,000 people to go for you to talk to. You reach in the marketplace needs to be extended daily. THAT IS PART OF ANY BUSINESS PLAN. It is part of network marketing. And here is the great news...

Everybody that you do not know, knows a person that could EXPLODE your mlm business! What is wrong with finding them?

3) Talking to Strangers develops new Relationships.

The secret to Successful leadership in network marketing is RELATIONSHIPS. And some of the multi million dollar producers in our group were people we did not know, but did meet, and they went on to become some of my greatest friends and still are today. One


Page 53: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

"stranger" I met by accident ended up producing 10 million in volume. And it became and still is a great relationship as well as friendship. If I had not been blessed to meet him and talk to him, because I did not know him, my life would have not been enriched like it has been from knowing him.

If you are looking to develop new relationships that will last a lifetime, many folks that you will meet over the course of your career will be those people.

4) Talking to Strangers is a myth in MLM. There are no strangers. It depends on your perspective.

I do not look at people I do not know as "strange." They simply are friends that I have not connected with. Are they interested in the things that I am? Who knows? Many will not be.

But if you truly understand the driving force behind MLM, you will never meet a stranger. Only people who are after something from someone with their own selfish agenda meets strangers. People who are in the life changing business and are what we call "Transformation Specialists,"(TM) are interested in people that they can help, not be concerned that they do know them.

My advice is simply this:

If you want to remain a baby in this MLM business, then don't talk to strangers. SIMPLE AND PLAIN.

But if you desire to grow beyond the average, succeed beyond the average, get paid beyond the average, lead beyond the average, communicate beyond the average, make a difference beyond the average, and have a lifestyle beyond the average, then TALK TO STRANGERS.

It's your call. But speaking from experience, if you don't talk to strangers, you will end up limiting and restricting your Success massively in MLM and Network Marketing.


Page 54: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

16) The Secret to Recruiting beyond the Network Marketing Business

If there was a way that you could guarantee to explode your MLM recruiting, and touch people in such a way that most would follow you to the moon if you went...

Would that be of interest?

Whether you are online, or offline, (and again, still, almost 90% of all recruiting takes place offline.) This article will help give you an idea that literally exploded my business once I learned it, and I was blessed with a SCORCHING recruiting ratio for years and years in Network Marketing.

What is "Recruiting Beyond the MLM Business?"

Before we get to that, let's go over what we at PassionFire call "The Empowerment Void" in most folk's lives.

What is that?

Learn This next Axiom of MLM Recruiting, and change your own life as well as others.

Most people, go their whole life without once ever being told they could truly succeed, that they had it in them to do great things, and worse, no one has ever taken the time to show them they care enough to help or show them how.

And most people today are STARVING for someone to help them get beyond where they are in life -- in debt up to their eyeballs, and going on a treadmill of repeated mistakes that they just cannot seem to break.

They are looking beyond where they are now to try to do something with their life. That's where you come in and an MLM home business.


Page 55: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

We teach that you must in recruiting touch a person's heart before they will touch your application. People want to feel good about their life, future, and working with you.

That is why you must "Recruit Beyond the MLM Business." That's where their true interest lies, not working with you, as much as you working with them to help them get out of the "Rut Jungle" and rat race.

How do you do it?

With your Focus.

Focus on what the Network Marketing business can bring to their life, beyond the business. You must bring to their life a Vision BIGGER than the business!!! What would that be?

A Radical, Life changing, revelation so powerful they will never be the same Vision that motivates them to go on a life Changing Crusade!

Or something so simple as:

The difference in their thinking it will make.

The difference in their Personal growth it will make.

The Increase in Self Esteem it will make.

What it can bring to their life financially.

The Learning that will occur to help them in their Passion.

What they can teach their kids to give them a better chance at having a great life.

How their perception of what can happen in their life will change.

And most important: The Person they want to become, they WILL become, through the growth, maturing, and increase in ALL aspects of their life. Through what they will Learn, Ignite, and Evolve into with your Network Marketing business.


Page 56: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

Ask them: "If you learned to handle people better, how would that help you in Life?"

'If you became a more disciplined person, would that help you in Life?"

"If you became a more Powerful communicator, what difference would that make?"

The 5 Power Words to MLM Recruiting. And the "5 Power Words of Vision in MLM Recruiting:

"Imagine the feeling of this:" (Name a Benefit...)

"Imagine the feeling of People being riveted to what you have to say because they want to Listen due to HOW you are saying it. How would that feel?"

"Imagine the feeling of being in a Position to have the resources to help a great friend in need. How would that feel?"

"Imagine the feeling of knowing absolutely nothing could stop you if you decided to do succeed at something. How would that help you?"

People would follow you to the moon if you are Sincere, Authentic, and Truly Care about taking the Time to help Put their Life on Track to Their Dreams and what they View as Success.

Too many people are "Recruiting Beyond Their Bank Account." They are focused on what that person can bring to their bank Account, verses what they can bring to that person's life.


Page 57: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

True. Money drives a lot of the business. But would you rather CHASE the Money, or ATTRACT it?

MLM Millionaire's Secret.

MLM Millionaires in this Business didn't Chase the Money. It was Attracted to them. Through Helping others. (Yes, I know their are

exceptions, and Mean Spirited people do exist, but as a general rule.) That is what Recruiting MagneTechs(sm) is all about.

Learning the Power of ATTRACTING Success, Not Chasing It.

And people are attracted like a magnet on steroids to a BETTER, BIGGER, and BOUNTIFUL Life.

And recruiting Beyond the Business in Summary is this:

Show How your Business can help people in their Life, with Results and benefits beyond the Network Marketing Business.

If you just caught what I just wrote, your paycheck will be growing beyond your dreams in MLM and Network Marketing Recruiting..


Page 58: Best Kept Recruiting Secrets in the World eBook

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