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This presentation provides an overview of the key services provided by BEAT Consulting

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  • 1.

2. What is Our Mission?

  • to act as acatalystfor supporting enterprises inenhancing their operational performanceandknowledge basethroughinnovative solutions

3. Our Values

  • We are collaborative partners with our clients helping themcatalyseperformance by helping them from development through the actual implementation of solution;
  • We shall only develop solutions that producetangible and measureable process improvementresults;
  • Our solutions shall benoveland unique to enable our clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage;
  • We shall empower our clients to achieve a competitive advantage in the market place by managing theirknowledge basemore effectively;

4. Our Services - Map

  • BEAT Consulting offers an integrated suite of solutions tailored to your needs:

Scope Trim Boost Form Implement 5. Scope - Services

  • Helps you identify the nature of your problem.
  • Focuses on the breadth with a view to identify problem areas that merit further investigation;

A Business Health Check Report is provided with every Scope Service. 6. Business Levers of the Health Check Report

  • Howefficientare your processes in delivering the products and services to your customers and the lowest cost possible?
  • Howeffectiveare you in responding to the changing market needs of your clients?
  • Howrobustare the formal management planning and control systems in supporting your products, services and processes;

The BEAT Health Check Report will analyse your main business levers and willprovide a high level assessment of the following issues: Efficiency Effectiveness Internal Controls BEAT Business Levers of Success 7. TRIM your Process Our suite of TRIM services helps your business to go on a diet to lose its organisational fat that it has accumulated over the years: Evaluating the performance of your critical business processesDeveloping Strategies & Action Plans to move your organisation back to profitability Focus on a Critical Business Process to eliminate non-value added activities 8. TRIM your Process Critical Process Analysis We carry out Critical Process Analysis to discern in more detail the overall performance of your critical processes in your organisation. Critical Process Identification Critical Process Volume Metrics Analysis Critical Process Based Costing Cycle Time Analysis Consolidated Analytical Review 9. TRIM Solutions Through Critical Process Analysis, we can provide you with two main suite of solutions:

  • Turnaround Strategy and Target Setting;
  • Portfolio Analysis & Divestment Strategies;
  • Organisational Restructuring;
  • Manpower Planning & Right-sizing;
  • Rostering & Shift Planning;
  • Investment Planning & Financing Strategies;
  • Streamlining Prioritisation Plan
  • Business Process Mapping (Based on CPA)
  • Management Information Systems Evaluation;
  • Business Process SWOT Analysis
  • Business Process Reengineering;
  • BPR Planning;
  • BPRCost Benefit Analysis.

10. BOOST your Performance In todays highly dynamic environment, the only constant is change The BOOST suite of services helps you respond more effectively to the changing needs of the market place. Helping you develop the right tools to constantly monitor your performance.Helping you set up the right structure to make strategic business decisions swiftly Reviewing critical services to evaluate how value to your customer can be enhanced. 11. BOOST Service Suite Development of Balanced Score Cards BEAT Consulting develops Score Cards that are customised to the specific needs of our clients and are intricately linked to Business Strategy: 12. BOOST Service Suite Process Based Strategic Planning Through process based strategic planning, BEAT Consulting supports you in developing appropriate corporate and business level strategies that are adaptable and robust to an ever changing environment. We develop scenarios jointly with your management team to account for uncertainty in your market environment We develop user friendly simulation models using econometric formulae & Systems Dynamics to evaluate likely impact of what if scenarios. We formulate business strategies to help you leverage advantage over your competition We help you formulate appropriate decision making structure to enable you to adapt quickly to change in your environment. 13. BOOST Service Suite Value for Money Reviews Your key source of competitive advantage is to leverage excellence in generating value to your customer at the lowest cost possible.BEAT Consulting helps you identify opportunities for product and service delivery improvements.BEAT Consulting defines customers as comprising of both internal and external stakeholders. Value Chain Analysis Service Delivery Evaluation SWOT Analysis Defining SLAService Delivery Process Improvement Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 14. FORM your Business Through FORM, BEAT Consulting ensures that your business has the right planning and control systems in place to help you grow and prosper.FORM services comprise the following: Identifying areas of misalignment and reinstituting balance between the basic building blocks in your organisation Helping you shape your ideas and priorities into a formal plan of action & supporting feasibility financial projections Facilitating the transfer and retention of knowledge within your organisation through the documentation of procedures. 15. FORM Service Suite Organisation Architecture Analysis

  • What is you Business Strategy?
  • To what extent is your business strategy aligned with your:
    • Organisation Structure;
    • Business Processes;
    • Information Systems; and
    • Human Resource Base
  • How can appropriate alignment be achieved?

16. FORM Service Suite Business Planning BEAT Consulting helps you translate you business ideas into a Blue Print to be communicated to employees, banks and other related stakeholders.Business Objectives are identified from your organisations strategic plan. Workshops are held to establish the critical assumptions on which the business plan will be based The Business Plan is documented on the basis of the objectives, assumptions and purpose for which it is intended Financial Projections are prepared on the basis of the business plan assumptions 17. FORM Service Suite Policies and Procedures Manuals BEAT Consulting provides direct support in the Formulation, Preparation and Development of Policies and Procedures Manuals to ensure a common understand by employees of key roles and responsibilities: Reviews of currents policies & procedures are carried out; Areas of Strengths & Weaknesses are identified Draft Organisational Policies are prepared and submitted for Management Consideration Procedures are developed on the basis of agreed policies. Job Descriptions defined on the basis of the process requirements. 18. IMPLEMENT Business Solutions

  • Programme Assurance and Project Management;
  • Supplier Contract Management;
  • Change Management

Bridging the Gap from the Drawing Board into the Battlefield BEAT Consulting helps you along the whole way from design to the implementation of solutions.Our Implementation Services include: The founder of BEAT Consulting is also a certified and accredited PRINCE 2 Project Manager. 19. Our Success Stories 20. Telecoms & ICT Trimming Disconnection Procedures

  • Formalized and written down Credit Control Policies and Procedures;
  • 40% reduction in work load to process disconnections with a further 35% potential reduction following investment in appropriate IT systems;
  • Improved debt collection ratios;
  • Introduction of Credit Worthiness Assessments.

Realised Benefits A major telecoms provider had difficulties in achieving the right balance between customer satisfaction and appropriate debt collection ratios.The company requested BEAT Consulting to introduce a procedure aimed at streamlining the disconnection & credit control policies & procedures within minimal impact on customer satisfaction Issue 21. Telecoms & ICT Boosting Performance in the Sales Department

  • Developed a simplified commission structure that takes into account churn, effort and business impact across all distribution channels;
  • Developed a streamlined procedure for managing the new commission structure;
  • Presented a proposed Sales Department reorganization structure;

Realised Benefits A player in the Quad Play industry adopted a complex and outdated sales commission structure to reward sales staff.BEAT Consulting had been engaged by the client to carry out a current review of the current structure and propose a simplified and more effective structure and process necessary to administer the new mechanism; Issue 22. Public Sector More Effective Performance Management Issue A local Government Corporation lacked the necessary measures & necessary processes required to evaluate and monitor its overall performance in meeting the objectives set by Government.BEAT Consulting was

  • Realised Benefits
  • Developed in mutual agreement with key personnel a mast