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Bead Deposition. Load DNA & Enzyme beads into PicoTiter™ Plate . N’. DNA. DNA. DNA Polymerase. (1). +. Pyrophosphate (PPi). N. dNTP. (2). PPi . ATP Sulfurylase. ATP. + SO 4 2-. Adenosine Phosphosulfate (APS). Firefly Luciferase. Light. (3). ATP. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Bead Deposition

  • Bead Deposition Load DNA & Enzyme beads into PicoTiter Plate

  • Pyrophosphate Sequencing ChemistrySequencing by synthesis Cyclic additions of 4 nucleotides: dTTP dATP dCTP dGTP dTTP

  • Simultaneous Enzymatic Reactions in Hundreds of Thousands of Picoliter-size Wells

  • Physico-Chemical Processes on PTP Convective transport of nucleotides, APS & D-lucInto flow chamber; diffusive transport into wells

  • T (sec)Concentration (mM)0.1*[dNTP][PPI][ATP][DNA]107 DNAReagent Flow10 Million copies of DNA in a wellReaction time ~ 30 secondsSimulation: Enzyme Kinetics & Reagent Transport