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This beautiful pendant may look complicated, but the design is actually made up of a series of simple wire loops! Kasia used a smooth, aqua-colored fluorite drop to create this necklace.

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  • Tutorial baroque drop by Kica Bijoux
  • list of materials This is the list of materials and tools necessary to make 1 pendant I've used oxidized copper to create this earrings, but it can be any other wire brass, copper, silver or gold-filled. 24 cm (9,44) of 0,6 mm wire in diameter/ 22 or 23 gauge wire 20 cm (7,87) of 0,3 mm wire in diameter (cut the wire in half you will attache the drop and the copper bead to the pendant) 1 fluorite drop, or any other stone/bead in drop shape (mine is around 1,2 cm long) 1 copper bead 1 little copper ring for hanging pendant into the chain TIP!!! If you are not feel confident as a wire wrapping jewelry maker, or you want to make ring in bigger size remember to cut more wire than i write here!!!TIP
  • list of tools round-nose pliers wire cutters
  • Step 1 Take 20 gauge wire and make a hoop like on the photo. Hoop should be in the middle of the wire! It is easier to first just bend in half the wire and then make a hoop
  • Step 2 Now you have to make hoops like it is shown on pics. Make it on the both side of big hoop.
  • Step 3 Now you have to attache the drop to the pendant. Take 0.3 mm wire and wrapp it to the wire base - like on the photos (4 or 5 wraps should be enough on both sides) Then put the drop on the wire and wire wrapp the other part of the wire. It should be as closest as you can to the wire base. Then cut the rest of the thin wires.
  • Step 4 Now bend the wires like on the photos. Left side right side
  • Step 5 Now again bend wires like on the photos. Make the same move on both sides of the pendant.
  • Step 6 Now we have to attache the little copper bead to the pendant. You do it in fact, in the same way you attache the drop. First wire wrapp the 0.3 mm wire on the base wire, move it to the top of the wire, put the bead on, and wire wrapp the other part. Then cut the rest of the wires.
  • Step 7 Now wrap wires around the little hoops (like on the photos)
  • Step 8 Now make another hoops using the pliers + on both sides of the pendant.
  • After step 8 your pendant should look like that:
  • Step 9 Now you have to bend wires (on both sides) to the left side of the pendant.
  • Step 10 Now put the copper bead on the both wires, and again bend wires to the right side creating little hoops.
  • After step 10 your pendant should looks like that.
  • Step 11 Now make a little bit bigger hoops
  • Step 12 Now you can shorter both wires a little, and then create little hoops and bend them to the left side
  • Now, you just have to attache the ring to the pendant, and it is now ready to hang on the chain
  • The End