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  • Sensory enrichment
  • Spices of any kind, especially cinnamon, clove & nutmeg
  • Perfumes, of any kind, these can be already opened, but in original container.
  • Polished stainless steel mirrors
  • Disney or nature DVDs

9. 10. Dietary enrichment A-1 sauceSoy sauceHot sauces, or similar Dried fruits, in unopened packages Sugar free juice (must be 100% juice) Regular juice (must be 100% juice) Sugar free jelly Grape jelly, regular Honey Creamy peanut butterApplesauce PowerAde PediaSure (banana or strawberry) Mango or Papaya baby food 11. Physical enrichment Piatas Milk crates Laundry baskets Frisbees Blankets, clean, or used Towels, clean, used 12. Gift cards to home improvement and pet stores 13.