B-School Job Market at a Glance

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Take a look at our brief graphical snapshot of the industries where class of 2014 graduates have been most successful in landing jobs this year.

Transcript of B-School Job Market at a Glance

  • GRADUATE MANAGEMENT ADMISSION COUNCIL B-School Job Market at a Glance 2014 Global Management Education Graduate Survey Graduate Management Admission Council gmac.com/globalgrads gmac.com/newscenter
  • Most early offers came in traditional sectors 57% of class of 2014 business school graduates had job offers by February/March. Nearly two-thirds were in finance/accounting (26%), consulting (21%) or products & services (18%). Source: 2014 Global Management Education Graduate Survey (GMAC) 26% 21% 18% 15% 7% 5% 4% 4% Sectors of business school graduates with early job offers Finance/accounting Consulting Products & services Technology Manufacturing Healthcare/pharma Gov't/nonprofit Energy/utilities
  • Those looking for jobs in manufacturing and healthcare had higher early success rates Source: 2014 Global Management Education Graduate Survey (GMAC) Nearly three-quarters of the business school job seekers in healthcare/pharmaceuticals and manufacturing had early job offers, much higher than those looking in more traditional sectors. 49% 52% 57% 58% 61% 62% 74% 74% Products & services Energy/utilities Finance/accounting Consulting Technology Gov't/nonprofit Manufacturing Healthcare/pharma Early Job Offer Success Rate, by Sector
  • Technology is drawing more b-school grads Technology is a growing sector for business school graduates, accounting for 15% of those with early offers, as compared with 9% of class of 2010 graduates surveyed at the same time that year. 9% 10% 13% 13% 15% 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Percentage with offers in technology, of all b-school grads with early offers Source: Global Management Education Graduate Survey, 2010-2014 (GMAC)
  • Students from finance/accounting return to the sector Source: 2014 Global Management Education Graduate Survey (GMAC) 25% 21% 19% 18% 6% 4% 4% 3% Career Accelerators with Early Job Offers, by Sector Finance/accounting Products & services Technology Consulting Healthcare/pharma Manufacturing Gov't/nonprofit Energy/utilities One quarter of graduates with a job offer in their pre-degree industry were in finance/accounting.
  • Consulting is popular with career-switchers 27% of career-switchers with early job offers are going into consulting. Just 3% of careers switchers with offers were in the government/nonprofit sector. Source: 2014 Global Management Education Graduate Survey (GMAC) 27% 18% 17% 16% 9% 5% 4% 3% Career-Switchers with Early Offers, by Sector Consulting Products & services Finance/accounting Technology Manufacturing Energy/utilities Healthcare/pharma Gov't/nonprofit
  • Healthcare offers highest median salary bump Source: 2014 Global Management Education Graduate Survey (GMAC) 59% 63% 64% 87% 91% 97% 109% Energy/utilities Finance/accounting Products & services Consulting Manufacturing Technology Healthcare/pharma Median Percent Change in Salary, by Sector Students with early job offers in the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry had the highest median change in salary.
  • About the Survey The 15th annual Global Management Education Graduate Survey looks at how business school graduates view their programs and offers a snapshot of their early job search and career intentions. The survey of 3,049 business school graduates at 111 universities worldwide was conducted by GMAC, the nonprofit organization that conducts the GMAT exam on behalf of graduate business and management programs worldwide. A total of 62% of the graduating students were involved in a job search, and another four percent were either self-employed or intending to pursue entrepreneurship at graduation. For a copy of the Global Management Education Graduate Survey report, go to gmac.com/globalgrads. For more information, contact Tracey Briggs, GMAC media relations director, at [email protected]
  • gmac.com | mba.com | gmat.com GRADUATE MANAGEMENT ADMISSION COUNCIL Connecting Talent and Aspiration with Opportunity The Graduate Management Admission Council is the not-for profit association of the worlds leading business schools and the publisher of the GMAT exam, the most widely used and respected admissions exam for graduate business and management programs around the world.