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amul summer report vasai nallasopara survey

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  • 1. A PROJECT REPORT ON (MARKET RESEARCH&ANALYSIS OF AMUL FRESH PRODUCT ) Summer Internship Report Submitted to the University Of Mumbai In partial fulfillment for the award of degree of Master Of Management Studies (Marketing) By (Sudarshan Suresh Ambavle) (03) Batch:2012-2014 For the summer Internship at, Gujarat CO-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. VIVA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMANT AND RESEARCH (Affiliated to the University of Mumbai ,Approved By AICTE New Delhi) INDIA July 2013

2. Evaluation Report Summer Internship 2012-2013 Basic Information Name of The student: Sudarshan Suresh Amabavle Academic Year And Roll No: 2012-2014 03 Name of the company : Amul Gujarat CO-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd Name of the Designation Of the Training Supervisor :Vishal Dsouza, Sanjay Patil Area of training :Nalasopara Special Project, if any: Market Research Score card Please rate The Following Attributes On A scale Of 01-05. (01=Average ,02=good,03=Very Good ,04=excellent and 05=outstanding Sr. No. Attributes score 1 Attendance 2 Punctuality 3 Attitude 4 Performance 5 Imitative 6 Interpersonal skill 7 Diligence Level 8 Subject Knowledge 9 Personal Grooming 10 Communication skill Total Score(out of 50) Special Remarks /Appreciation ,if any,:------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------Name &signature of Training Supervisor Official Seal The Com Date : place: 3. Evaluation of Dissertation 1. Name of the candidate : Sudarshan Suresh Amabavle 2. Seat Number : 03 3. Name/Code Of Subject : 4. Title of dissertation : 5. Evaluation : Sr.No. Parameters Maximum Marks Marks Awarded 1 Introduction 05 2 Literature Review and Problem Definition 05 3 Process Description 10 4 Project Profile 10 5 Findings & Conclusion 15 6 Learning Experience 05 Total 50 6. Name & Address of Evaluation: 7. Signature Of Evaluator with date : 8. Signature of the Head Of the Institution with seal: 4. Declaration This Is Certify the Summer project titled --MARKETRESEARCH,ANDANALYSISOF AMULFRESH PRODUCT atGujaratCo-operativeMilkMarketingFederationLtd.,KalaGhoda,MumbaI is original work and being submitted in partial fulfillment for the award the degree ,Master Of Management studies of the University of Mumbai .This Summer Project Report Has been Submitted Earlier Either To this university, or to any Affiliated college of this university , or ,to any other university /institution for the fulfillment of the requirement of MMS Course i Date:---------------------- ------------------------------- (signature of student) Place:--------------------- --------------------------------- (name of the student ) 5. Acknowledgement . I am grateful to respected Mr. Prakash Aute ( Incharge- Amul Fresh Division)Sanjay Patil (jr.Sales Executive) of Mumbai and vishal dsouza (Exucative sales) in fresh product department . I am highly thankful to the Management committee for helping me in my project work by providing me all the information needed and guided me in making the report, directing and helping me which made the process very easy and educational. I would also like to thank all those people who have knowingly and unknowingly helped me in my report making. This is to acknowledge to something about those people who have cooperated me to reach at the edge of my training work. I wish to place a close profound indeptness and deep sense of gratitude to Director Dr.Harish kumar Purohit sir (Project Guide),Ms.piyushi sharma(Placement Advisor), prof . Manmeet Barve (Faculty) and prof. Lalit Patil all professors for providing and guiding me to get training in AMUL industry Date:---------------------- ------------------------------- (signature of student) Place:--------------------- --------------------------------- (name of the student 6. 6 Table of content NO. topic sign No. Topic 1 Executive summary 2. Introduction & History 3. Organization Profile 4. Objective 5. Plant 6. Capacity, Turnover 7. (Diary) Product 8. Advertising 9. Branding 10. SWOT Analysis 11. Marketing Strategies 12. Literature Review 13. Objective 14. Research Problem 15. Research Observation 16. Observation 17. Data Interpretation 18. Market Survey 19. Process Description, Distribution Channel 20. Finding Conclusion 21. Suggestion 22. Limitation 23. Reference 24. Appendix EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Need of study 7. 7 Amul Milk, brand of the Gujarat Co operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (GC MMF).Amul milk is the significant player in Mumbai in milk segment.The project basic objectives are to estimate demand of Amul milk or Newly introduce of AMUL DAHI ,AMUL LASSE and promoting Amul milk , AMUL DAHI ,AMUL LASSE in NAllsopara at the same time. In todays competitive world while entering in the market it is very necessary to have good knowledge of the potential of a particular market. The information regarding the activities of competitors existing in the market so that we can plan our each activity according to that. Also it is necessary to retain the existing customers apart from attracting the new customers. The Project is concern with to determine the penetration level of Amul dairy milk or AMUL DAHI ,AMUL LASSE in Nallasopara city. The project included as part of MMS Program me and the project is done during the month of May and June.The project was aimed to find out various strategies that can be implemented to increase the Sale of milk and Amul AMUL DAHI ,AMUL LASSE in Region of NAllsopara ,vasai ,virar.These strategies were suggested after a research on the milk industry or AMUL DAHI ,AMUL LASSE in Nallsopara There was questionnaire prepared for retailers. The sample size was decided on 150 retailers by dividing group members to study the various areas in Nallsopara We encountered a little problem in collecting data as the retailers were reluctant in providing any kind of information on their relationship with the distributor/company. Also to ensure that the information was accurate, the retailer had to be cross questioned on many occasions. Basic analysis was done through pie charts and bar diagram to reveal the real picture in the market in terms of percentage so that strategies could be thought upon the concrete data that had been collected. These strategies were to be sought to be of benefit to the company. Title: MARKET RESEARCH & ANALYSIS OF FRESH PRODCUT OF AMUL. INTRODUCTION OF COMPANY: Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), Anand, Gujarat. The Amul Meaning AMUL means priceless in Sanskrit . A quality control expert in Anand suggested the brand name AMUL from the Sanskrit word Amoolya variants, all meaning priceless are found in several Indian languages. Amul products have been used in millions of home since 1946 . Today Amul is a symbol of many things . of high quality products sold at reasonable prices . F triumph of indigenous technology . Of the marketing savvy of a farmers organization . And proven model for dairy development 8. 8 MOTTO: The main motto of AMUL is to help farmers. Farmers were the foundation stone of AMUL. The system works only for farmers and for consumers, not for profit. The main of AMUL is to provide quality products to the consumers at minimum cost. The goal of AMUL is to provide maximum profit in terms of money to the farmers. VISION: Vision of AMUL is to provide and vanish the problems of farmers (milk producers). The AMUL apparition was to run the organization with co-operative of four main parties, the farmers, the representatives, the marketers, and the consumers. SUMMER PROJECT PROBLEM: A. To increase the market share of Amul MILk Butter Milk or Amul Dahi or lassee in newly introduce Nallasopara ,vasai ,virar (Low Sale Of of amul Dahi Or Lassee) B. To study the existing market of Amul Milk or butter milk in various areas Like Nallasopara ,vasai ,virar C. To study the position of Amul milk or Diary product in certain established market. D. To estimate the market potential for Amul MILK Dahi or lassee in enexplored market. E. To identify the problem in various areas. F. To develop the strategies & provide suggestions to increase the sales of Amul MILk Butter Milk or Amul Dahi or lassee .OBJECTIVE i. ThePrimaryobjective: 1 .of study was to find size of retail network of Amul milk and Amul Dahi , lassi and butter milk in specific areas of Nallasopara city. 2. In the study my int ention was go through the retail network ofAmul dairy milk to know retailers view about supply chain of Amul dairy milk, to know the complaints of Amul dairy milk and to find the suggestions from retailers for more penetration of Amul dairy milk in Nallasopara region. ii. TheSecondaryobjective: was to find customer response towards Amul milk. My aim was to go through the retailer to know the interest of purchasing & using Amul milk. Basically the study was for the demand of Amul 9. 9 pouch milk or Dahi ,lassi or butter Milk among the customers through the retailer. And also to know the complaints on Amul milk. RESEARCH METHDOLOGY: Research type was descriptive. The research was done through retailers. I have collected the primary data through questionnaire which was filled by retailers, customers. Questions were both openand close ended. The secondary data was collected from various website from internet.Sampling done is non probability sampling. The type of sampling method was Judgment sampling. Findings: The finding was done in Nallsopara (W) OR (E )whole area , there are around more players in of liquid milk exist. Those are like Gokul, Amul,Warana, Mother dairy, Manali, Simla, mahananda, Chitnya and many other local brands.As per the findings mother diary he was 2nd number of market share some times he is the Market leader and having more market share. Asbut Now Amul Have Market Leadership OF Amul MILK Awareness of Amul dairy milk among the retailers as well as consumers is average but acce