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  • 1.Album Photo Shoot Plan

2. The front panel will be mostly designed on Photoshop to Album Cover 1 The image of add the title. If the face, will our superhero be the hero wears a maskin our music as part of hisvideo. This costume thenmeans that we can also this panel of shoot it in the the album photography will have to studio. be shot in the photographyThis superhero studio.logo will have tobe designed onPhotoshop,based on adrawn design ofthe superherologo. 3. The front cover willThis is anhave to be done onimage of aPhotoshop becauseits a picture of theAlbum Cover 2 galaxy, whichwill enhanceworld. It will also the sciencehave to be edited fiction themeto look like its on to our artistsfire. The title willimage. Wethen be added want to addon, again using this themePhotoshop.because it iscommonfactor in othersimilar artistalbum coversand websites.If we add thistheme to ouralbum coverthen it will linkThis is the mask that we will if we use theget for our superhero. Forscience fictionthis panel we can shoot it intheme for thethe photography 4. Album Cover 3All the faces on thisalbum design will bedesigned inPhotoshop. This waywe can manipulatethem so that theyadhere to our artistsstar image. 5. Organizing our album cover shoot We have only used a character from our music video in one ofthe designs and on one panel, this makes it easier to shootbecause we will only need the person once. We will email andtext them the day and time to be in the photography studioand because it is just a portrait shot it wont take that long.We will shoot them in the photography studio, two membersof our group do photography A Level, which means that wecan shoot it ourselves. The rest of the images will be manipulated on Photoshop. Thescience fiction theme of some of the album means that wewill not be able to physically take some of the shots, of theworld and the galaxy. Two members of our group will be ableto do this.