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Shoot Plans, Analyse photographs and shoot Evaluations . Shoot plan – First full body shoot. What do I intend to do; - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Shoot Plans, Analyse photographs and shoot Evaluations

First studio shoot Conde nast

Shoot Plans, Analyse photographs and shoot Evaluations Shoot plan First full body shootWhat do I intend to do;What I intend to do for my first full body is to try and use some ideas from Hugo Boss Deep Red advert (to the left). I dont wan to copy it completely because I want this project to be my own, but I will use the technique with red gel lights and low-key studio set up. Throughout the shoot I will be experimenting with the lighting as its my first shoot. I aim to keep the lighting on low-key and gel light. I might need to add a reflector to defuse lighting.

Technique detail;My camera (Canon 1100D) will be set to manual (M) because this will allow me to change the shutter speed, ISO and F-stop. The things I will be keeping the same will be the ISO at 100 and shutter speed at 1/125, the reason for having the ISO at 100 is to stop noise and grain within the photograph and the reason I will be keeping the ISO at 100 is because it is fast enough to avoid any motion blur within the photograph, but not too fast to that the camera takes the photograph before the flash activates. My F-stop will depend on what the light meter measures at the time.

Equipment list;- Camera (1100D)- Flash lights- Light meter- Light tripods- Gels- Black backdrop - Reflector (White to defuse the light n my model. Giving it a natural effect)- Lens - 18-55mm

Lighting diagram to the left( it will be a black backdrop not white)

These two photographs are just testing shots to find out where and what to do with the lighting.These three photographs were also testing out the lighting, but we change the ISO to 100, F-stop to F18 and shutter speed to 1/125. Giving us the right look for the photos we begin to take the photographs for my idea.These three photographs, I believe were my best throughout the whole photo-shoot. We made the photograph more dramatic by fanning air onto my model to give a better effect. We had the ISO at 100 and the F-stop would have depended on what the light meter said, then had the shutter speed at 1/125. By using the hair line light it illuminates the hair giving it more effect.I believe these photography are quite good quality. However, to improve I would have my model looking the other direction because she is looking directly at the camera. I had the ISO on 100 and F-stop depended on what the light meter measure. The shutter speed was on 1/125 to avoid motion blur, yet not to fast that the camera took the photograph before the flash was activated.

This photograph didn't work well because I forgot to step back and zoom in. If I did this would avoid having to much backdrop in the photograph.Throughout these photographs I was changing the F-stop and lighting to get the best quality photo.3 best images

The photograph above is one of the best ones I took. For this photograph I had the ISO at 100, shutter speed at 1/125 to avoid noise and F-stop depended on the what the light meter measured at the time. I like this photograph the best out of them all because the hair isnt too dramatic with the addition of wind but it has slight movement, giving the photo more effect and power. I believe adding the gel light and hair line light illuminates the model more giving a powerful, elegant and mysterious feel and look to the advert.The photograph above is my second best photo taken within this project. I like the way the hair has great volume within it from the additional wind. The red gel light illuminates the models face. Also by using a red gel light shows a feeling or emotion to the audience, red is associated with love or danger. If I was to Photoshop this photograph I would use the dodge and burn tool to bring out the light and dark within the photograph giving better quality and detailing. I believe having a black backdrop gives a photo a dark and mysterious feel, this helped give that feeling about my product.Thee photograph above was my third best because the model needed to be moved slightly to the side to bring out the detail within the upper body. As you can see I noticed this and moved my model within my two best images. Also the hair within this photograph wouldnt make, I avoided this by asking my model to move this particular piece of hair, making it move as you can see within the other photographs.First shoot evaluationWhat was the original intention of the shoot/project?My original intention of this shoot was to use ideas from Hugo Boss Deep Reds advert. This includes using the red gel lighting and lighting setup. Throughout I would have been experimenting with lighting and positions of my model. Keeping my ISO at 100 to reduce noise and grain within the photographs and having my F-stop depending on what the light meter measured. I wanted to keep my shutter speed at 1/125 of a second to avoid motion blur, but not too fast to make the camera take the photograph before the flash lights. My intention was to us low-key lighting setup with a red gel light.How did I go about completing the shoot? I went about completing the shoot by using my shoot plan so I didnt go off course, I used tips and settings. For my camera settings I kept it on manual (M) because this allow me to change my ISO, F-stop and shutter speed throughout my shoot. For my shutter speed I kept that at 1/125 to avoid motion blur and I kept my ISO at 100 to avoid grain or noise within my photographs. However for my F-stop this was depending on what the light meter measured. I used my research on Hugo Boss and their averts to create my idea for this shoot, as you can see its similar to Hugo Boss Deep Red advert. Like I was intending. My shoot plan also helped with this.Did your ideas change as you want through the process?I original idea did change throughout the project. Within my shoot plan I did use all the things I said. However, I added a hair line light behind my model to stop her hair from blending into the backdrop, this only happens when your models hair is nearly as dark as the backdrop. Anther thing I changed throughout my project was I used a fan to give the model a more effective and dramatic look within the photography. By using this I believe it gave the photography a more stylish, powerful and independent look and feel.What was successful?I believe the most successful thing about this photo shoot was I expanded on my shoot throughout the shoot. For example in the end I added an additional wind to the hair making my photographs different and more effective. Another successful thing about my shoot was I tried to keep similar to my brand advert.What could be improved?To improve my shoot I believe I could have tried to do the shoot by myself without the help of my teacher. This would have made my shoot more independent and successful.What have you learned from this process?From this doing this project I have learnt how to use different lighting and attachments within a studio room. Also I have learn how to use different editing tools on Photoshop. I will defiantly use the things have learnt in a future shoot.What are you going to do next and how does this link to your previous work? I havent done studio photography previously, however for my first time doing this project I believe my first shoot was quite successful. Next time I do another full body for this project I will look back at this evaluation and improve the mistakes I believe I made within doing this project.Shoot plan First table top shootWhat I intend to do;What I intend to do for my first table top shoot is experiment with different lighting and positions of my chose brand product. I did research table top photographs by Hugo Boss, they had a high-key lighting set up with soft boxes from what I can see. However I want to go different for my shoot and have my product on a black backdrop with a high-key light setup. The reason I am changing the ideas around is because I believe you get more detail and shadowing within the photograph. I will have soft boxes on the flash lights to defuse the light being reflected onto my product. Throughout I will be changing the lighting to get the best quality photographs.

Technical details;My camera (Canon 1100D) mode will be set to manual (M) this is so I can change the shutter speed, ISO and F-stop throughout the shoot. My ISO will be staying at 100 to avoid noise and grain within the photographs. Also my shutter speed will stay at 1/125 of a second because this will avoid any motion within the photographs. However, my F-stop will vary depending on my light set up, because I am going for a low-key light set up my F-stop should be around F8.

Equipment list;- Product (Hugo Boss Deep Red Perfume and body lotion)- Canon 1100D- Photo tent- Flash lights with soft boxes attached- Black card to get a back backdrop- Light tripods- Lens 18-55mm

Lighting diagram to the left (But with a Photo tent)

These 5 photographs are all testers as I was trying to sort out the ISO, shutter speed, lighting and F-stop. This is why these photographs are a bit dark and not in focus or positioned properly.These 3 photographs were also where I was sorting out the ISO, F-stop, shutter speed and lighting. However by the end of these images I figured out I need the ISO at 100, F-stop at F5.6-F8, shutter speed was 1/125. Finally, for the lighting I have a low-key setup with soft boxes and a black backdrop.Unfortunately these photographs are out of focus, if I had looked at the focus I believe these would have been one of my best photographs.This photograph is in focus with the zoom at 8mm, however the lighting within with photograph isnt at the right angle. If I was to do this again I would change the lighting.These three photograph I believe were the best quality throughout my shoot. The F-stop was at F5.6, the ISO was on 100 to reduce the noise within the photograph and the shutter speed stayed at 1/125 of a second to avoid motion blur. I believe I may